Poll shows Trump approval rating at 45 percent

This despite massive media attacks.


Thursday, October 05, 2017

Today’s Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that 45% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty-four percent (54%) disapprove.

When you consider that you can’t turn around without seeing or hearing some new media attack on the man, this is an amazing accomplishment.


10 thoughts on “Poll shows Trump approval rating at 45 percent”

  1. The head has cleaved off the snake; the snake is writhing and squirming in disillusionment; screaming and looking for leadership to control the entities of Bush, Clinton’s and Obama! As I pray for the lost dictators, again I pray for Mr. Trump, that he may as well protect us against the fallen entities that have possessed the past administrations! The sword has been given to the righteous, the quakes and volcanoes have been signaled for the evil entities and their followers.
    The harvest is ripe and the nations will look toward the USA once again to lead them into a new era saving them from domination against the dark legends of Satanist, hoping we may deliver!

    May God bless Mr. Trump and the power of the USA which is again in reliable talons to screech upon her enemies and circle the camp of the righteous leading them into the cleansing of her land!

    SO BE IT

  2. The real numbers are much higher. Around %75. America dodged a massive bullet by defeating hillary/soros. They have gone to war with America now. They will continue to lose.

  3. Polls, especially political polls, remind me of the story of the Ford Edsel. When Ford was getting ready to bring the car out they hired a pollster to gauge how successful it would be. He came back and told Ford it would be a flop, and Ford asked how many people he’d polled to come to that conclusion. He told them “six”, so the fired him and hired another pollster who came back with a glowing report of how successful the Edsel would be. Well history tells a different story, and when the first pollster was asked about this he said, “it’s not the number you poll, it’s who you select to poll that makes the difference.”

  4. I don’t believe any deep state polls. They are cultured by the same people who try to keep the Co2 myth alive and probably partake in some way to cause mass murder for gun control. Terrorist’s indeed.

  5. I recall when I was in elementary school, the dream job was to be the President of the USA. Having seen these men from the late 1950’s forward…I don’t think it is a job many of should want….it is a very stressful 24/7 position. Take a look at their portraits from the beginning to the end of their terms….the weariness in the face and eyes, the receding hairlines, and the color of the hair.
    If, IF he can get any of his objectives through congress, America will be the better for it. However, like Bush Jr., I believe national emergencies will detract from his goals.

  6. Corporate-controlled Polls: We saw how precise and unbiased they are on Nov 8, 2016.
    In the real world Trump is probably at a solid 60%+ approval rating.

    Peace from Canada

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