Polls Flipping Fast In Trump’s Favor – Video

“The curtain of deceit has been withdrawn, and the true numbers are starting to be reported.”

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In just three days the polls have flipped in Trump’s favor.

In Florida, Trump now leads by two points.
In Georgia, he leads by one point.
And in Ohio, a critical state, Trump leads by three points.

This is in accordance with Democrat polls!

In less than one week, black support for Trump has nearly doubled.

Thanks to Timothy Minnich for this video

The only thing worse than COVID-19 would be BIDEN-20.

8 thoughts on “Polls Flipping Fast In Trump’s Favor – Video”

  1. I heard that somewhere else a week ago. In Florida I see allot more Trump stickers than Biden. And in AZ no one showed up for Biden’s rallies because no one likes liberals there. In SC it sort of depends in what town you’re at but plenty of people support Trump here.
    Plus it could be the cold and snow as well. Allot of people are having to turn on the heat and shovel snow very early in many states and they don’t want our energy policy destroyed by some green fanatic who will triple their heating bills.
    Biden is a lunatic!

  2. That link opens up the most anti Trump u tube pages I have never seen! From CNN and MSNBC I saw the videos slamming all of their most feared Trumps. It’s worth watching if you, as me, have never wasted our time watching the phony MSM crap! News speak (1984 , Orwell) in action! I don’t see them playing Hillary’s song,”Liar, Liar” on u tube ! It is still applicable today!

  3. abc our national govt funded broadcaster pushes Biden info and is denying the biden emails etc
    they ran an item re the poor depressed Dems in florida not being able to doorknock or canvass votes properly
    i was so sad… i was laughing a lot;-)
    that said abc also touted hillary win and have been bitching and dumping on Trump here the last 4 yrs, truly amazing seeing as they manage to screw up so effortlessly with their supposed NONbiased reporting regulations. AND its not even OUR dogfight!!

    • One of the best TV series ever! Do watch all the clips from ‘Yes, Minister’ which are shown and you’ll see how little has changed in Government over the years.

      Just hope our American friends can understand the English dialect.

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