Pope condemns poor to even more poverty and deprivation

“Pope Francis has it Exactly Backwards on Climate Change,” reads the headline.

“This pope has a long history of supporting the notion of catastrophic man-made global warming, writes Gregory Wrightstone. “In 2015 he wrote his encyclical Laudato Si, on climate change and man’s responsibilities to the planet as a warning to his flock of the dangers of our “sins of emission” through our use of fossil fuels and in praise of renewable energy and living a more spartan existence.” 

“…in truth, it will be the poor that will bear the brunt of the very policies the Pope endorses. Pope Francis’ endorsement of climate agreements like the Paris Climate Accord will necessarily limit and reduce the availability of inexpensive, reliable energy that can help lift the billions of the poorest out of staggering poverty.

“Nearly a billion people do not have the benefit of electricity and another 2 billion have very limited access to the energy standards we expect in the western world,” Wrightstone points out.

It’s a shame that the Pope wants to condemn his followers to grinding poverty based on what I see as a total fraud.

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11 thoughts on “Pope condemns poor to even more poverty and deprivation”

  1. This Pope is surrounded by deep Vatican state elitists who keep him from hearing anything they disagree with.

    And since he leaned left in the first place, his inclination is to believe these falsehoods, even when it is obvious that the poor will suffer.

    • “Keep” your “Eye” on this Pope !

      THIS-POPE !!

      This guy is dastardly, forming AntiChrist (Actually False-Prophet would be a better description…) tendencies all on his own with virtually no outside help needed !!!

      This guy is dastardly !

      God help the Catholics, they “NEED” it…

  2. I quote this part of the post –

    “In 2015 he wrote his encyclical Laudato Si, on climate change and man’s responsibilities to the planet as a warning to his flock of the dangers of our “sins of emission” through our use of fossil fuels and in praise of renewable energy and living a more spartan existence.”

    My response to the pope would be “when you live the life you want me to live, I’ll join you. As long as you ride in armor plated vehicles, and private jets, and live in a palatial estate, I’ll keep my Kia and gas furnace in my 2 bedroom house..

  3. How did this Peronist, i.e. Fascist, Kook ever get elected to the office in the first place?! Thank heavens for Henery VIII, that I am an Anglican Catholic, and not a Roman Catholic.

  4. Wonder how many of the “blessed” that live in the Vatican City or occupy other elevated positions in any church will live the type of life they condemn billions to – cooking over fires fueled by dried animal dung in huts etc etc.

    Actually I do know the answer to that – NOT ONE !

  5. agw true believer and religious have the same in common so its not hard to see why hes on the warmist banwagon
    power control and “faith” in some guys word over reality
    religios sects and the men behind them have screwed the globe over repeatedly*as well as the altar boys n others )
    theyre not worth airtime.

  6. This PapalAss lives high. Greasy fat pig has private maids, chefs, jet, cars. I’m sure his Vatican crib has the best A/C in Italy.

    This PapaAss told TRUMP that walls are racists, etc, while he lives behind HUGE CONCRETE walls guarded by White men with machine guns.

    This PapalAss has nothing to say to me.

  7. I was never a fan of the Catholic (despite having ancestors that were Catholic)… but this Pope is indeed the worse one in my lifetime (I am 67).

  8. So the pope throws in his lot with the anti-capitalists? It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle etc..

    Recently I’ve been reading Yuval Noah Hariri’s excellent book “Sapiens”. He explains in an incisive way the bases of human society and when and how they emerged. One of these was money. Initially there was just barter of goods then financial tokens like coins. The amount of wealth in society was however more or less fixed. One person getting richer – like a king – meant others getting poorer – such as taxed peasants.

    Then in medieval Europe and the Netherlands the idea of credit arose. A loan could be advanced based on the expectation of future repayment with interest. Suddenly wealth could grow, not having to be tied to coins or presently existing goods. It could be tied to goods that were expected to multiply in the future. Economics stopped being a zero sum game. Hariri showed that the succession of dominant powers in Europe was explainable by something as straightforward as credit-worthiness. First the Netherlands shook of Catholic Spanish rule since the more punctilious credit-worthy Dutch could attract more international investment for building warships and hiring mercenary armies, than the financially indisciplined Spanish. Later France and Britain would fight for global domination. France looked the stronger pick at first, but Britain won the financial war of attracting capital investment for warmaking. France, compromised by fiascos such as the Mississippi bubble, lost credit-worthiness, became bankrupted by global conflict and slid toward revolution.

    So capital ruled, even back then. The central and brilliantly simple point that Hariri made was that money or credit is the hope of a better future.

    Empires such as China, India, Persia, the Muslim world, were until the 17-18th centuries wealthier than Europe. But they lacked the capital system to energise world exploration and development of colonies, that led ultimately to global economic development.

    Credit, capital and capitalism are built of optimism. The belief in, and banking on, and thus (this is the bit that the anti-capitalists don’t get) the creation of a better world; which then makes it happen.

    Reading Hariri’s insight made it suddenly obvious to me why anti-capitalists have to be dystopian. Prophecies of doom such as harmful global warming, ecological decline, sea level rise etc., erode the basis of money and credit/capital. So it’s obvious why they are irresistibly and continually drawn to one dystopic fiction after another. Global cooling; global dimming; acid rain; global warming; sea level rise; the Great Barrier Reef like mythical Prometheus dying and reviving again and again; the sea turning to plastic.

    They have to kill hope in the future. They need to uproot hope from the human heart. They passionately desire a return to feudal times, with their self-appointed elite inside castle walls raising wealth to sustain narcissistic extravagance by impoverishing bonded, land-bound, energy deprived peasants.

    Let’s keep hope alive and keep on demolishing the fictions of eco-doom. Global warming is beneficial, as is CO2 fertilisation. All dismal stories of climate doom remain firmly in a computer modelled fantasy future.

    A previous pope Jean-Paul the second grasped this much better than the socialist Francis. His book “Crossing the threshold of Hope” showed the way – hope is our future, keep eco-feudalism in the past.

    “Who so beset him round
    With dismal stories
    Do but themselves confound
    Hope’s strength the more is”…

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