Portland – Abandoned vehicles litter streets after rare snow storm

Oregon’s largest city brought to a halt. School classes canceled.

It was only 1-to-3 inches of snow, but streets were clogged with traffic. Cars fish-tailed, spun out and collided, semi-trucks littered Interstate 5 and school buses were trapped on the roads.

“Some motorists abandoned their vehicles and started walking,” says this AP article.

“The Portland area does not use rock salt, for environmental reasons, and because snow is rare here.”

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13 thoughts on “Portland – Abandoned vehicles litter streets after rare snow storm”

  1. Quote:
    “The Portland area does not use rock salt, for environmental reasons, and because snow is rare here.”

    Comment :
    Perhaps they might have to change thier view point and get used to it for the next 30 years.

    • admit i was always wondering what a hefty dose of salt was doing later on verges n runoff spots
      guess it would beat poison sprays killing weeds later?
      why dont they use charcoal or some other waste that would improve soils as its deposited later in meltwater ?
      it would give grip?
      and be ground fine , by traffic and also encourage melting by being darker?
      being from a place where we do not see snow excuse my ignorance n musings;-)

    • Environmental Reasons? What asswipes. If they care so much about the F’n environment, why don’t these eco-freaks in Portland stop buying cars. In fact, make CARS illegal in Portland and all these metro-males and “feminist” can ride their bikes and get some of that fat off their asses, especially the womyn.

      Or better, let all these lover of equality, and diversity, ride the local buses. Then these womny can sit next to arabs, asian and african men while they grop them and make loving suggestions….before these womyn scream and run out the buses looking for a White man to save their liberal fatasses.

    • The Oregon schools do not teach earth science any more or else someone would know that rock salt a/k/a halite is a naturally forming mineral that is abundant in much of the northern US. Tell mother nature to stop creating environmental hazards.

      But then if CO2 is a “pollutant”, I guess rock salt is one too!!

  2. If the global warming threat is to be believed, then the “experts” have to scientifically explain some things. How, for example, after more tham 20 years of alarmism, is it possible for the NH to be experiencing such a rapid return to such cold and stormy winter conditions? Everyone should be asking this question.

      • Potland, Oregon dropped the ball on this one. Everyone knew it was gonna hit at 2:00PM so the sanding truck with gravel where were they should of been graveling at 1:00PM ! Once this traffic is backed up and
        cars are skidding out and wheels are spinning it is impossible for these trucks to start graveling it is was so dumb and could of easily be avoided i. Thousands of abandoned cars some in the middle of the road!
        It took three hours to cross the bridge. We just stopped downtown had a dinner and a beer . We waited for awhile downtown and then we drove home not on the freeway it still took us an hour. Our SUV Lexus that has winter tires had no issues whatsoever, People need tire cable in the car for emergencies, flares. we have gloves hats, shoes down coat and ski pants water and protein bars, in our car just in case . Hey you just never know .

  3. portland does get snow.
    They choose to use volcanic gravel.
    I think this just goes to show people’s driving skills these days.

    We used to have many years of black-ice in OK during the 80’s, but not so much these days. People lose that skill. Esp people who already are not patient drivers.

  4. I live in Portland and it does snow most winters but usually not much. One of the big reasons for the horrible traffic problems when it snows is because not many drivers use snow tires or chains.

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