Portland nurse blows whistle on empty hospitals

Video – She’s furious about being laid off. She warns that “the state of Oregon is having major over reach…complete tyranny.”

At the highest surge of the Covid ‘crisis,’ her hospital had only nine – count em! only 9! – Covid patients.

“What is going on?” she asks. If the nurses don’t have jobs here in Oregon, do we really have a pandemic?”

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  1. My local hospital in Southern CA laid off 260 people of which 83 were registered nurses. If people are dying in the street from the covidz I would imagine nursing and hospital care would be growth industries.

  2. An “Overlooked” Genetic Adaptation Accounts for Many “Covid” Deaths

    Oh, my god. I’ve been looking into why so many Black people in Sweden and NYC died & trying to figure out why the statistics are so hard to come by. You wouldn’t believe what I found out:

    There is a genetic adaptation to the presence of malaria in about 30% of those descended from West Africa– men being more affected than women. It makes them more likely to survive malaria, but intolerant of malarial drugs like hydroxychloroquine. They need oxygen, not necessarily a ventilator, and NO antimalarial drugs, which may cause severe or fatal illness.

    This G6PD deficiency trait is also genetically present in other populations– Northern Italy and Spain (Originally from Sicily & Sardinia). Also “large parts of Asia, South and Central America, Arabia and the Mediterranean region.”

    And of course Sweden’s high Black immigrant deaths becomes even more understandable. In NYC when they saw the increased Black death-rate the media just prattled about inequality– instead of seeking the actual cause.

    My source, an article published today, characterizes the NYC death rate as ” In New York and other cities in the USA, it was reported that the vast majority of fatalities were African Americans – twice as many as could be expected based on the proportion of the population.” NYC Blacks comprise 25% of NYC.

    England: 35% of 2000 serious illnesses were minority (not necessarily Black).
    Italy & Spain: As many as 71% of those testing positive for the virus were prophylactically given hydroxychloroquine– both patients & staff.

    And the very worst– US military knew about G6PD deficiency (lot of Black servicemen) and tested for it before proceeding with hydroxychloroquine trials. But this was somehow omitted from the other trials. And it’s been used pretty widely clinicly.

    The author asks why doesn’t the CDC warn doctors??
    Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg was among the very first to blow the whistle on the exaggerated reporting of the severity of covid. He now asks if G6PD is being purposely overlooked in order to continue the fear-peddling.

    • Just imagine what’s about to happen to the 3rd world. Check out the 3rd world food riots of 2007 ‘coincidentally’ after 1st world bio-fuel mandates, and imagine it exponentially worse. Our current 1st world covid-caused shut-down is causing millions in the 3rd world to become food insecure already. A significant percentage of the world population could starve this year, statistically the poorest and darkest. One of the biggest killers in Africa is lung disease caused by cooking with dung or charcoal, and therefore lack of access to fossil fuel due to eco-colonial green-ism is already statistically a main killer of poor, black women and children in the world. This current shut-down is likely to indirectly starve much of Africa, and it makes me wonder if this was all planned.

  3. “On April 14 New York City Health Commissioner added 3,778 C-19 deaths. These people had died in previous weeks, often at home. None were tested. In making this pronouncement the Commissioner described her marching orders as:

    “We are focussed on ensuring that every New Yorker who dies because of Covid-19 gets counted.”
    –Global Research

  4. The original reason we were told that lockdown was necessary back in March was so we would not overwhelm the hospitals with Covid patients. It never happened. Remember when ‘Ice Age’ featured the undercover videos around the country – back in March?
    Hospitals have been bleeding money ever since – so big G had to spend taxpayers (future) money to give them massive green IV’s.
    And still no real opening up!

  5. However, it is raining for at least 2 weeks in Portland. Also an inch of rain in San Francisco (mountains) after the rainy season with more on the way.

  6. Whatever we will find the real nature of Covid to be in terms of contagiousness and severity, it has been blown all out of proportion by corporate media with a concerted narrative.

    IMO, this is all politically driven, as there are trillions at stake given the threat that has been posed to continued uniparty control. They (DC) will all cover for each other. So ultimately, this appears to be deliberate global economic sabotage (in large part, directed at independent small businesses). Covid is the perfect weapon, as most of us rely on experts to guide our actions in this area, and there are no higher authorities than WHO, NIH, CDC and perhaps FDA and their leadership. (But how did these leaders make it to the top? Were they vetted via political considerations and promises, back room agreements on supportive agendas? I have no doubt.)

    But what we are seeing (directly and via censorship) is challenges to the views coming from “on high”. We KNOW that huge pharma has an enormous vested stake … and their power can be seen on commercial airwaves and the relentless onslaught of ads for more pill popping and other perpetual management meds. The idea of strengthening your immune systems is never given any real support. Its all about $$$ and the establishment is pressing on all fronts. Unfortunately, rational reasoning seems to be impossible for many. So the sheep remain safely ‘inside their pens’.

  7. Ok. What is the average deplorable to to expect, knowing more than the majority of the masses of sheeple by virtue of being on this website. How can we affect change for the benefit of all? We can be the butterfly causing a hurricane. Support and defend your Constitutionally grounded school boards, local judges, state reps, county and city candidates. That is how they did it to us. Remember what happens when good people do nothing. Just look around, it is our fault!

  8. I bet she has voted Commiecrat her entire life and will continue to do so. Your choices have consequences darling, even your vote. H.L. Mencken said it best “In a Democracy the people know what they want and they deserve to get it good and hard”.

  9. Down here in Australia our Government have wrecked our economy and society, millions have lost their jobs and countless small and medium sized businesses have either closed down or been forced to downsize, all for less that 100 corvid deaths, virtually all elderly people with previous serious health conditions. The normal flu kills for more every year without it making a ripple in the water. Something is happening.

    • i agree the flu kills 6000 a year in Australia the same thing is happening world wide our hospitals half empty people to afraid to go to hospital they think they will get corvid19 and they die at home with heart attacks and strokes etc

  10. I Wear My Face Mask in the Car

    “The first day was really hard”: Life as a contact tracer

    Contact Tracer Covid-2019 = Blade Runner 2019

    Blade Runner is a 1982 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, and written by Hampton Fancher and David Peoples. Starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Sean Young, it is loosely based on Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968). The film is set in a dystopian future Los Angeles of 2019, in which synthetic humans known as replicants are bio-engineered by the powerful Tyrell Corporation to work at space colonies.

    • Roy,
      I spent a few hours yesterday bingwatching those Youtube corona parody thing and I Wear My Face Mask in the Car has to be the BEST… thanks for the link.

  11. The reason for all of this in the States is so democrat governors can create massive unemployment and prolong it to the election in November so they can get their really weak and possibly senile candidate for President elected. The democrat party is corrupt, power crazed and run by ruthless sociopaths. Their 3 year coup attempt failed so now they are using COVID-19 fears to wreak the economy and spread misery everywhere.

  12. And meanwhile, the numbers keep climbing. We are only 4.5 months into this thing. That leaves 7.5 months worth of statistics to reach just one year.

    Regardless of what the CDC is doing in the US, the worldwide numbers are still climbing, with China most assuredly *under*reporting all the way.

    • But can one believe those numbers.( Italian MP Scarbi denounces statistical fraud on Covid-19)

  13. Pieter, I don’t think this is merely for stealing more profits. It looks actually to be the entering upon the tyranny of the NWO. Please see an article written by Vanessa Beeley. She’s researched what steps are being taken: They are actually proceeding with the contracts to produce the nano chips, the surveillance & tracking, etc. The article’s 2 parts, but I’m giving you the link to Part two.

    https://off-guardian.org/2020/05/10/covid19-the-big-pharma-players-behind-uk-government-lockdown/ Vanessa Beeley Pt 2

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