Possible heavy snow, even blizzard conditions into Wednesday

“Snowfall could reach a foot.”

Accuweather meteorologists warn of possible heavy snow and damaging winds, even blizzard conditions, from southeastern Montana to Colorado from Tuesday into Wednesday. They warn that snowfall could “reach or exceed a foot across either the northern or central Plains, depending on the track of the storm.”

Snow may also streak along a narrow swath into the Great Lakes, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Randy Adkins.

The storm “is likely to cause severe travel problems in the heartland.”

See maps of possible storm track:

4 thoughts on “Possible heavy snow, even blizzard conditions into Wednesday”

  1. Storms like the one being predicted will keep the fields soaked and could further delay planting.

  2. When I was young, snow up to Apr 15 was normal. GW is over. We’re going back to normal from 50s and 60s

  3. Yesterday here in the mountains of Japan it snowed all day. We got avout 15cm of snow settled, which for April is actually quite a lot.
    After a mild winter (By our standard) April has been way below average most days and has snowed 3 times.

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