Potential blizzard for parts of the Plains and Upper Midwest

Expected to hit during the middle of next week.

Whether this becomes a major snowstorm or blizzard depends on the track of the storm and how strong it gets, says AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams.

“A storm of this nature has the potential to deliver 1-2 inches of rain,” Abrams said. “Where that falls as snow there could be 1-2 feet.”


4 thoughts on “Potential blizzard for parts of the Plains and Upper Midwest”

  1. 3 nice days with 3 good frost’s in a row and here it comes again. I like the old sayings, they still work ,no its not your local 10 day although sometimes I think it’s as good if you know it for your area, it gave them an insight of things to come. Last week before the Indiana storm we got 70 mph. gust’s , blew shingles & roof vents off some places & got 2 calls from people w/ trees on house. Seems like winds are increasing with all storms nowadays.

  2. Can’t find a place to report this. Yesterday, there was a very strong quake in the West Indian Antarctic Ridge, M6.

  3. Current forecast for Chicago from Intellicast says 1 to 3 inches of Ice pellets and snow for Tues, clear and 37F Wed, and 1 inch snow on Thurs. Yesterday I saw that my Snowdrops are beginning to bloom, that’s not unusual for late February.

  4. Here in Québec, The meteorological services are forecasting half a METER of fresh snow during The next three days, with a potential for some freezing rain and rain in The south shore of The fleuve saint Laurent tomorow…
    This is what..? À foot and an half?
    Its a luck, realy, that We are in an el niño year, and i realy begin to suspect that We are in for a not- So -funny- anymore- ride up here in The next decades…

    Since i discovered ice age now, i pass on The word, for i lost completly The trust in The agw thing… Keep up The good work !

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