Potential for double eruption north of El Hierro

Both underwater and on land.

11 Nov 11 – In a press conference today, the director of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) in the Canary Islands, José María Blanco, explained that crustal deformation and seismic data from the last four days point to a possible submarine eruption north of El Hierro, and perhaps an eruption on land.

Earthquakes to the north of the island, “far from diminishing, continue to grow in magnitude,” said Blanco. This implies that something could be about to happen.

As to the underwater eruption of La Restinga “the scenario remains the same.” That eruption continues to broadcast material and maintains a constant amplitude tremor, although there is no bubble on the sea surface or thermal anomalies.

(We were advised yesterday that ocean temperatures in the area had risen to 95F, so I’m not sure how Blanco can say there are no thermal anomalies.)

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6 thoughts on “Potential for double eruption north of El Hierro

  1. There appear to be two potentially eruption sites at El Hierro. The one that has been making the news, for the most part, is the one south of El Hierro, and it is at that position that the thermal anomaly of 95 degrees was recorded. The north site, in the El Golffo area, I believe has only been the site of many earthquakes, and no volcanism at this time. This is the area that supposedly collapsed thousands of years ago and created a tsunami, and is the one to which I believe he is referring.

  2. Gee and all this scientists are wondering why are oceans are warming i did a science fair project on this and the outcome was ocean warming occurs more rapidly then greenhouse gases and is much stronger and one of the judges comment said NEEDS A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT HAPPENS IN ATMOSPHERE AND OCEANS and frankly that really peed me off.

  3. I live on the US East Coast and all i can say is that we are quite ill-prepared for a mega-tsunami generated by a volcanic landslide. Though the odds are very slim, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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