Potential MONSTER snowstorm for D.C area

“BIG heads-Up, says reader. “MONSTER of a storm. Historic. Massive – I am sure there are a few more superlatives – on the way for the east coast and mid-Atlantic.”

“How does 4 ft of snow for the WV Eastern Panhandle through DC sound?” asks reader Caroline Snyder.

“Check THIS out.. we are in the 3-4 ft area of central West Virginia and this is NOT going to be nice, starting Friday..”


This could definitely be true!

Yes, there is the potential for a “significant” snow event later this week in the DC region,” says Accuweather.com.

However, although the European model calls for possible snow totals across the region of 1 to 2 feet (30 to 60 cm), Accuweather is maintaining a wait-and-see attitude.

The system is still five days away, says Accuweather, so it’s too soon to tell how much snow, if any, may materialize.

If the European model is correct, Accuweather continues, areas north and west of DC could see up to a foot (30 cm) of snow.

“If the storm develops to its full potential and takes a track just off the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts, then a blizzard can unfold,” says accuweather.com. “The storm could shut down highways and perhaps cause airports to close.”



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“The mainstream forecasters use the GFS, but it is a disaster.. and unless you ALL get ready, you could be a victim of severe weather/heavy snow/outages, food shortages etc.

“He was one of ONLY two forecasters who got Superstorm Sandy predictions a WEEK out.. this gave us adequate time to prepare at Shady Grove Farm.. others, disbelieving, were not so lucky..

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  1. Definitely a wait and see. Here in eastern Ohio we normally get snow in inches, not feet, but ever since this coming Friday and Saturday showed up on the 10 day forecast, it has changed daily. Four days ago it was 3 to 5 inches on Friday, 1 to 3 on Saturday. The next day it was 1 to 3 total for both days, Yesterday it was 5 to 8 inches for Friday, 3 to 5 for Saturday. Today it’s back to 1 to 3 total for both. One thing I’ve learned, they can not predict precipitation from day to day. They are fairly good about temperature predictions though.

  2. Explosive Submarine Volcanoes a feature of Snowball Earth
    This speculative article raises some questions as it attempts to answer others. If CO2 always follows Temperature, then this theory could be wrong, or perhaps only misinterpreted. We know that CO2 is readily absorbed by cold seawater. In that case it has Zero atmospheric effect, but may likely promote Carbonate formation on seafloor sediments.
    Related: Mid-ocean ridge eruptions as a climate valve

    • Well so far Andrew it has produced the warmest, wettest December on record in the UK and Ireland and though it has been colder in January it is way warmer than the severe winters of 2008-11. Eastern Europe and the Balkans have had a frigid time of it.

      • I have lived in Belfast, N. Ireland, all of my 65 years. My view is that, with a few notable exceptions, overall snow amounts have declined here in the past 30 years compared to the previous 30 years. So far this winter I have recorded 0.4 cm of snow with no immediate prospects of any more.

        • Belfast has never been famous for snow. The climate there is milder than locations at a similar latitude, because of the Gulf Stream. Consider yourself lucky, when the LIA really kicks in, Belfast may not be so cold. 🙂

      • They’re always going on about the hottest this and the hottest that, Ron. It’s very convenient that the records only go back to 1880. And, of course, they’re trying their best to erase the Medieval Warm Period from the books, as they know it was far hotter then than it is today. And CO2 levels were lower then. Go figure that one!

  3. Joe Bastardi is forecasting one to two feet of snow for that entire region. I would seriously listen to him as Weather Bell’s record is extremely on these predictions. The European Model predicitions are pretty good too.

  4. I find it interesting that GFS models are so often incorrect relative to European models, or those of for-profit companies such as WeatherBell Analytics (Joe Bastardi’s entity). This is true whether discussing Atlantic hurricane formation and tracks, or winter storm genesis, or the like. Why then are NASA and NOAA at GISS being taken as the de facto “experts” on all things climate? These are weather models less than two weeks out — but climate models 100 years forward are supposed to be ACCURATE??

    • Nailed it H.B. , I always tell to AGWers, -you can’t tell me what the weathers gonna do 3 days from now and now you’re telling me what its gonna be 100 yrs from now . And then lol, which usually triggers subject change. I have known since a kid, snow is hard to call, most of the time they do pretty good the day before but the most accurate totals are the day after. just talking local weather.

  5. Seriously – Snowball Earth ?

    Like most of the ridiculous analogies I see climate scientists sprout “Snowball Earth” is, in my opinion, one of the most ridiculous.

    It is based on the cold Earth, cold Sun fallacy and is just an absurd attempt to “support” the hypothesis that “greenhouse gases” keep Earth warm – not the Sun.

    My other favourite stupid analogy is the “frigid space” one used to scare us into thinking this cold Earth, cold Sun fallacy is real – which it isn’t.

    Deep space, where the CMBR may be low and the only source of radiation, may be incorrectly characterised as having a low temperature – although a vacuum cannot really have a temperature.

    But to assert this apples to the space within hundreds of millions of kilometres of Earth in any direction is simply plain stupidity.

    NASA says the solar radiation at Mars’ orbit is 589.2 watts per square metre. Mars is about 227.9 million kilometres from the Sun. Even at Jupiter, 778.5 million kilometres out the radiation level is of the order of 50.0 watts per square metre – a factor of more than 10 times the CMBR.

    Can you even imagine the volume of a sphere mapped out by Mars’ orbit with a volume of 49,581,719,587,414,916,568,750,231 cubic kilometres continuously full of radiation with a minimum power of 589 Watts per square metre and yet still be stupid enough to call that “frigid space”?

    49.5 X 10^24 cubic kilometres !!!

    And yet many people with a PhD assert the night sky has a “temperature” equivalent to the CMBR – how stupid is that ?

    Just because the radiation is travelling away from the Sun doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

    If you think the Earth shields a huge area of space from the Sun’s radiation you should think again.

    During a solar eclipse the Moon’s shadow where it totally blocks the Sun is a mere 160 or so kilometres wide on Earth’s surfaces. Or look at how insignificant Venus transiting the Sun is – Venus looks tiny.

    I don’t know if people making assertions like that are stupid beyond belief or lying.

    I hope they’re lying because if that level of intelligence is supposedly the “cream” of science today then heaven help us.

    • “Snowball Earth” is a term applied to the Sturtian Ice Age of the Cryogenian Period. It was an extensive glaciation which lasted some 60 million years, and left glacial striations and tillites on continents that were at the time very close to the Equator. It is not known with much certainty whether there was Ice from pole to pole. Some prefer the term slushball Earth, or mudball Earth. Evidence suggests the Sturtian was one of, if not the most severe of the many ice ages to have ever occurred.

      • I’m not doubting periods of major glaciation and I think the research Robert has done is amazing.

        I have however lived in tropical northern Australia in areas remote from the ocean as well as on the coast.

        I simply cannot believe that areas such as this could possibly ever have been cold enough to allow for glaciation.

        Weipa – 12 degrees South in north Queensland has an average maximum of 32.7 and average minimum of 21.9 Celsius.

        Alice Springs has an average maximum of 28.6 and average minimum of 12.8 Celsius.

        I simply cannot believe that areas such as these could possibly ever have been cold enough to allow for glaciation – perhaps continental drift explains the evidence unless the Sun’s output declined by a huge amount.

        After all ice has a large emissivity of almost unity.

    • I can cofirm Venus does appear tiny on the face of the Sun during transit, I saw it with the naked eye, how? Impossible? No it was during a huge bushfire where the Sun was screened, right place right time.

  6. Orange Weather Alert as Moscow Prepares for More Snowfall
    The Moscow Times Jan. 19 2016
    Russia’s weather center issued an orange weather warning on Tuesday as heavy snowfall threatened to disrupt traffic in Moscow. Warning of rising wind speeds as a weather front moved into central Russia from the south, the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia said 12-15 centimeters of snow was expected to fall on Tuesday, the TASS news agency reported. The new alert follows a week of heavy snowfall in Moscow. Since the start of the month 77 centimeters of snow has fallen in the capital — more than twice the average for January, TASS said. The storm follows an outlandishly warm start to the Russian winter, with temperatures in the capital dropping below zero only in late December. More than 18,000 machines and 60,000 people have been deployed in the city to clear snow, according to TASS.

  7. Snowfall Wreaks Havoc: At least two homeless people have died after a snowstorm in Odesa. Ukraine Today 19 Jan 2016.
    (with video).
    Heavy snowfall is wreaking havoc in Ukraine’s port city of Odesa. At least two homeless people have died after a snowstorm hit the southern city. Three others are in the hospital after suffering from hypothermia and frostbite.
    Local authorities are now deploying tents that provide heating for the homeless and those caught up in the snowstorms. The freezing weather saw heavy snowfall forcing the international airport to cancel over a dozen flights this week.

  8. While not specific to the snowstorm at hand, I have uncovered a very interesting site that might interest others.
    I initially found value in the site as the brilliant author cleared up issues I have long had with tidal bulges and what’s at the other focus of our elliptical earth’s orbit. Most topics are math intense, but this one is NOT:

    …This ice core chart is telling us that things have changed in the past half million years. What happened before didn’t happen this time, and our job is to find out why. Are the periods getting longer because Jupiter’s inclination cycle is getting longer, or are we entering a period of no ice, like the Triassic, because the Sun is tilting more? Or is the Sun moving closer to the plane of the galaxy, or further away? These are the real causes of long-term temperature here on Earth, not global warming or anything else humans may do. We can only react in small ways to these changes. Burning all the fuel in the world can only delay a temperature change for a few years. If the ice age is coming, we may have delayed it for a couple of decades, but we cannot have delayed it for 20,000 years. According to the ice core statistics, it should have happened thousands of years ago, and we weren’t doing anything then to delay it. From that alone we should infer our own unimportance.

    • The fact that an ice age is this late means the scientists studying ice cores are wrong about cycles. They see in ice cores those things that conform to their expectations.

  9. Not worried about DC – I’m just trying to go far enough North to see a good 8 inches – that’s all you need. Winterstorm watch as far south as Spartanburg and western SC – so if enough snow falls I wouldn’t have to travel too far north (just 3 hours) to see a good snow by Sunday afternoon. Then I wait till the roads are plowed Sunday night and then check out the rest of the scenery into NC. They should be plowed by then.

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