Potential record lows for southern US this weekend

Freezing temperatures as far south at Birmingham, Alabama. We’re talking about the Deep South here!

Little Rock, Arkansas, could see temperatures dip into the 30s on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings, says Accuweather.com.

By Sunday morning, the mercury could plunge to 30 degrees (-1.1C) as far south as Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, and Montgomery, Alabama.

We’re talking about the Deep South here! In October!

These low temperatures could challenge the record books in some areas, Accuweather warns.


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6 thoughts on “Potential record lows for southern US this weekend”

  1. So.. what used to be referred to as an Arctic or Polar Express is now called a Blue Norther? For those that would have us believe Blue is North, and not South. The subliminal chill denial will become harder to deny and water down when we plunge headlong into November.

  2. Many years ago I had a dream that I was a ice age refugee and I came to the gulf of Mexico on the south coast of the united states and the sky was dark and cloudy, the gulf of mexico looked cold and black and it was snowing.
    Just a dream.

    I don’t think the ice age weather will stop at the edge of any ice sheet that might terminate at the Ohio river. I think it will go to the gulf and down there spring ,summer and fall will be June , July and August or close to it.

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