Potentially life threatening weather expected in Kansas

“Impactful and potentially life threatening,” says the National Weather Service. “Travel will be difficult to impossible.”

A large and powerful WINTER storm system will bring high winds and snow to the High Plains on Friday and Saturday.

Look for snowfall totals ranging from one to three inches south of I-70 with three to six inches to the north with locally higher amounts up to eight inches.

Travel will be difficult to impossible as we head into Friday and will prevail well into Saturday.


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3 thoughts on “Potentially life threatening weather expected in Kansas”

  1. Some time ago, I travelled through Kansas from east to west. At one point, the freeways became a sheet of ice from freezing rain. I pulled over and stayed in a motel. The next morning, my full size van was covered in ice. Absolutely amazing. I had to chip my way into my van to start it and then spent 15 to 20 minutes clearing ice from as much of it as I could. Since that time, I have noticed Kansas seems to get freezing rain more often than other areas.

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