Power bills jump $100k – Business forced into liquidation

Electricity bills increased from $80,000 to $180,000 over the past 18 months.


South Australia’s sky-high electricity prices have forced an Adelaide plastics recycler to shut its doors,” says this article on abc.net.au. The shut-down will cost 35 workers their jobs.

Plastics Granulating Services managing director Stephen Scherer said the high cost of power had crippled his business of 38 years and  had led to his company being placed in liquidation.

Den Tucker, the managing director of a company that had been using Mr Scherer’s plastics recycling services, said, “The price of our power has gone through similar numbers and we employ 45 people.”

“There is no solution being put forward at the present time,” said Tucker. “Our government is asleep at the wheel.”


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“This is direct evidence of why renewables harm the environment,” says Suyltanaman.

Reader Rosco Mac explains the situation thusly:

South Australia’s madness affects the rest of eastern Australia because 2 other state governments privatized their electricity supply totally.

Hence when demand is high in South Australia and the big bad wolf isn’t “a-huffin and a-puffin” they import electricity through their grid connection to Victoria and the rest of eastern Australia.

The “spot” price escalates to many many times what suppliers normally get so they all line up to try to sell to South Australia.

If the South Australian government weren’t able to buy electricity from the rest of us who still have reliable coal fired power stations we’d be better of and the people of South Australia would be “lynching all their parliamentarians.

Only one state in eastern Australia did not sell their electricity generation companies – Queensland.

And guess who has the cheapest electricity (despite joining in the ridiculous solar program where solar panels used to get paid double the retail price for electricity subsidized by all the suckers who can’t afford solar panels) – Queensland !

Other states electricity prices rise by up 20% tomorrow – July 1.

Queensland – less than 3% !

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  1. Those Aussies must be the most crazy people in the world. This is the Australian weather now, Friday, 30 June 2017:
    Snow forecast in South Australia. Severe frost in the Aussie capital Canberra and NSW.
    “Bitterly cold temperatures are expected for much of the country this weekend, with rain, hail, and even snow forecast for parts of Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia.
    A cold snap will dump snow as low as 200 metres across Hobart, where the first flakes have already fallen.
    Canberrans are also being warned to rug up, with severe frost there and across much of inland New South Wales.”

  2. And on the very day (July 1st) that South Australian Power prices become the most expensive in the world – primarily due to the push to renewables and closing down of our only coal fired power station last year – there is no mention of this on the MSM. Instead we told that June was the second driest on record!!

  3. I missed this story – can’t wait for the shysters on ABC programs like Insiders to tell us it is all the fault of the repeal of the carbon tax and how the price of renewables would be cheaper if only we shut down those nasty reliable power stations.

    I’m inviting some Irish friends around so I might have a chance of capturing a Leprechaun in my back garden and claiming the reward for freeing him/her.

    If we listened to these idiots Australia would shut down all coal power stations and stop mining and exporting coal and we’d very soon make every little tin pot banana republic look like paradise.

    Remove coal export revenue and the latte sipping mindless GHG acolytes couldn’t fulfill their cravings anyway – Australia would be significantly poorer and we’d have no electricity for the espresso machines, that they’d no longer be able to import anyway as the national accounts couldn’t support such non-essentials as we got rid of nearly all of our manufacturing capability.

    We now rely on mining – which these idiots think we can run on renewables – and some sort of “services industry” such as Universities and other consultancy think tank BS.

    Imagine what will happen when the country goes belly up because of escalating power prices, reduced export revenue and blackouts.

    Would you attend a University or hire a consultant from a nation that destroyed itself to prevent an unmeasurable amount of global warming – I think they’d be too busy laughing and thinking how the hell did we ever think those idiots had anything of value for us to ever consider employing them?

    • It is amazing that people can argue with a straight face that something will be cheaper if only we make something else more expensive first.

      And if in making it more expensive it disappears, taking the grid back up with it, because for private companies it is no longer economic. Then presumably the state will step in to run a loss making industry. And yet some claim that there is no political element to global warming pointing to some on the so called right that have also signed up to it, but this is socialism at work. From the UK view our once right wing Conservative party are now centre-left and have been for years. And the US people’s choice of Trump as Republican candidate suggests the same disease is afflicting the Republican party.

  4. Variable power pricing means that my local coal unit (Mt Piper NSW) is often put into idle mode when cheaper power from the new Queensland gas fields is on line. It takes thousands of litres of diesel and 72 hours to do a cold start of Piper so they rarely turn it off but keep it warm while producing zero electricity. This defeats the object of the exercise if we are trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We actually produce more CO2 but if the objective is to cripple Australian business it’s doing a fine job and this I fear, was the globalist objective from the out-set.
    Au imagines that it reduces its coal consumption by some squitsy little bit and its green blob pats itself on the back but then we sell gargantuan quantities of coal and gas to Asia where they burn it and release the CO2 into the atmosphere (but that doesn’t matter apparently).
    Is this mindless moronics or have I missed something ?

  5. Their plan was simple, shut down the “dirty plants” first (that’s brown coal).

    So first to go was Morwell, then playford and now Hazelwood. Next on the list is Lot Yang A & B then Yallourn.

    We have shutdown over 5 GW of coal plants in the last 5 years and replaced it with wind mills.

    Some might say the plan is working beautifully, its actually working too well. The finkel report wants coal operators to now give 3 years notice before closure WTF!!!!!!

    It will get a lot worse before it gets better.

    • Update…..in response to the in your face evidence that shows we (SA) will have state wide blackouts this summer the incompetent state government have ordered 200MW of diesel generation to be brought in at a cost of $100 odd million (oz dollars).

      To think they could have spent 8 million a year to keep playford (540MW) granted this was dearer then the purchase price of the dynamite they used to blow it up.

      • yeah pity wetherall wasnt tied TO the stack when she came down
        what the present and prior govts have done to my old home state is criminal.
        govt stuffed the state bank sold public utilies to cover their asses
        gee wasnt that smart
        fast cash bailout and ongoing decades of misery n debt for the actual residents
        i see so many have left SA now that theyre losing a seat in parliament?/state
        I would like to see the majority seatless so we could aim well targeted boots to their butts!

  6. All around the world the bankers and ultrawealth pushed and manourved governments to sell all utlitlies.

    Plus let investment banks own normal banks and insurance companies.

    It’s a worldwide con and Australia went for it big time after the Cambpel report.

    We keep on voting in the trash ( both major parties) have added to this.

    The banking system needs a huge rev up worldwide.

  7. The majority is asleep at the wheel, we voted them in.

    If we don’t think enough we get trash in government.

    In ancient Greece Socrates said people get the government they deserve. The price of freedom is constant vigilance

    The sheep will take us to hell.

    I will give you an example a small party the CEC only got 570 sentate votes, mine was one fo them.

    Have a look at their youtube channel and watch 10-15 news bulltetins. Thye are more enlightened than most of the major parties and certainly more than One Nation, but people dont try and think for themslevs and look widely.

    yotube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/CECAustralia/videos

    Last year in Feb they put a full page advert in the age about derivatives.

    If they had 1 seat in the Senate thye would have changed our entrie system,. Just one as thye would have been heard.

  8. The big mistake we are all making is to assume the environment is the main factor behind our experience of austerity. No no 1000 times no. The geezers at the top of the major banks, corporations and government influence keep paying themselves ever greater obscene bonuses. We have the technology to produce cheap electricity but are we using our common sense? No because a structure has been set up to legally steal all our worldly wealth away from us and put it into the hands of the already richest 1% . This has never been seen before in history.

  9. What amuses me NOT, about this power price hike, is we among many are going to cut back on our power usage, we have already.
    In my husbands case heart failure patient, is he needs to have warmth in the winter, and dry in the summer, therefore a reverse cycle air-conditioner and the expense of running it are essential, without the financial ability to pay for the power, he will be in the heart hospital, paid for by the govt in australia, admittance, $3500.00, and then $1000.00 a day to keep him there, and I will be encouraging my fellow heart failure support group to take no chances, take your husband partner to the hospital to sort out his issues at the most minor issue, I am not taking chances with his health, but the power bill becoming prohibitive might make a difference to the number of times he spends in hospital and the costs to the govt.
    To give an example this week a Dr gave him some anti-inflammatory drops after minor eye surgery, 12 hours later in congestive heart failure, 24 hours in the hospital to stablise him and withdraw the drops, that seems to be the implicated in his heart playing up once more.

    • lyn , drop Cory Bernardi an email, hes pretty genuine and does read ALL his mails.
      and re the meds
      i allow nothing script wise or offered BY a doc until ive gone n got the complete adverse events and warnings lists personally. they seriously just do NOT know or read that themselves 99.9% or the time.
      Doc handed me a sample inhaler recently..i read the full details and was horrified at contra indications for a huge amt of other meds and health issues with it, if you werent well before? youre quite likely worse off after using it.
      pharmas did a great job flogging it as ever so good
      it got PBS subsidies.
      ditto Yervoy anticancer melanoma drug
      the trials results and adverse events are a horror story
      its on pbs too.

      • Laurel – I got caught with this one. I am usually very careful with my husband. I made a very careful point to the surgeon and anesthetist, about his heart failure and that he was very close to congestive heart failure at all times, we live with that, and obviously they took no notice at all, when I read through the contra indications every drop had a note about heart failure, and the one implicated clearly said do not administer to patient with congestive heart failure. DUHHHH.

        • My grandfather was 86 in the 70’s and he rode a bicycle from Lytton to Adelaide Street in central Brisbane, caught a tram to Ashgrove and cycled to our place in the Gap. He always wore a suit coat because this was what you did on an outing if you were of his generation. He’ then turn around and head home.

          He did this in summer and winter.

          One day a motorist hit him and he had a minor fracture of his hip. He went to hospital, was administered medication he shouldn’t have been and died a few days later.

          I regarded him as a superman but medical incompetence can’t be overcome no matter who you are.

          My partner almost died from peritonitis due to a ruptured diverticular ulcer which had been identified and ignored. Keyhole surgery could have removed this with a few days in hospital – instead she spent 4 months fighting for her life and has never fully recovered from this even 8 years later.

          According to hospital defence lawyers this wasn’t negligence but if i slip on a wet floor which isn’t identified at Woolies I can sue.

          You have to learn all you can about any diagnosed condition you have – doctors aren’t able to help you – they’re all too busy to really notice even if they care.

  10. Your businesses can make their own electricity from natural gas or LPG. Just call if “cogeneration” and you get green credit for it too.

    Honda has 1 kW units (electric, plus a lot of water and house heat) while Capstone Turbine has units of 30 kW, 60 KW. and 200 KW that can be ganged to any size.


    My kid’s school replaced their swimming pool heater with one from Capstone, the electricity is essentially free of fuel cost as they were burning the gas to heat the pool anyway. Been running for years now.


    They also have marine ruggedized versions used on offshore oil platforms…

    Don’t go out of business, just leave the politically driven electricity scam…

  11. >>>>>Only one state in eastern Australia did not sell their electricity generation companies – Queensland.<<<<<

    Nor did Tasmania – but it hasn't escaped poor management.
    Tasmanian 'managers' drained their hydro electric dams last year to keep selling power to the mainland states, then had to import diesel generators when they ran low on water!

    Selling our'service' assets has been a monumental disaster.

  12. All due respect to Mr Tucker, but your government is not “asleep at the wheel”. They are in fact aggressively driving to put you out of business, pedal to the metal. They despise you, and all private businesses and properties (except their own of course). What was yours will soon be theirs. It’s deliberate. Its the plan.

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