US power plants struggle from cold

Meanwhile, Obama wants to shut down more power plants.

“UPDATE 1-Grid operator PJM says US power plants struggle from cold”

“Kormos said a large number of power plants in the region stretching from Delaware to Ohio to Tennessee were struggling to operate in the harsh sub-freezing temperatures.”

“The power grid agency for the mid-Atlantic and parts of the Midwest, took emergency steps to meet surging demand as subzero temperatures forced power plants to shut, grid officials said on Tuesday.

“The National Weather Service warned that temperatures were expected to be 25 degrees to 35 degrees Fahrenheit below normal (minus 14-19 Celsius) from the Midwest to the Southeast.

“Even with demand response programs, which pay customers to reduce use in times of high demand, the region set a winter electric use record of 138,600 MW early Tuesday, surpassing a 2007 record of 136,000 MW, officials said.”

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Meanwhile, Obama wants to shut down more power plants.
He warns that he will bankrupt our coal industry and cause electricity rates to soar.

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” says Obama.

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“Guess they should have kept those coal plants!” says Marcus. “Another big blast like this and there will be major power outages!”

9 thoughts on “US power plants struggle from cold”

  1. Washington State, run by Demodupes, has a state law that requires shut down of all of its coal fired power stations within 10 years from 2010 when the law was passed. How STUPID can they get?

    • Their “stupid disease” will do us all in if we allow it.
      Pull the power plug to Olympia and Seattle and the DC and Chicago and other stupid people areas. Boy that would be a lot of cold cities. also stop the gas and oil to those areas as well, they want to live like cave people then let them. I like the comforts of these things and without paying thru the skin do it

  2. Thanks, Robert.

    I would like to add:
    Not one word in the article about the highly tooted “Renewable Energy”. I’ll bet the solar panels are covered with snow and the wind mills are iced. Wasted billions on unreliable power!

  3. yesterday WUWT ran an article showing how MANY NEW Coalfired powerplant GERMANY intends building real soon
    some are even Lignite coal = brown dirty soft coal.
    so much for the EU and Germany green hypocrisy hey?

  4. President Obama is a terrorist ! A dangerous fanatic, with a serious psychopathic mind, who must be indefinitely sectioned, under the mental health act, before he can cause any more trouble.

  5. Remember, Obama keeps it warm and toasty in the White House. And we pay for his power usage.

    Why should he care if the little people freeze to death.

    “Though he’s spent more than 20 years in Chicago, the president was born in Hawaii. And so he “likes it warm” in the Oval Office, said Chief of Staff David Axelrod. “You could grow orchids in there,” he told the New York Times.”


  6. Here’s a conspiracy theory: The “Warmists”, “Gorists”, “Obamaists”, among others, want to reduce the surplus population of the world by letting them freeze to death when the ice age descends upon us.

    • Thanks for joining my preaching. Yes, the elitists very much intend to use “Mother Nature” as the villainous bitch that pulls off the “Psycho” role, not with a knife through the shower curtain, but with a deep freeze instigated hypothermia epidemic. And then they probably will warm themselves with the heat given off by burning the corpses.

  7. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and love the ideas of wind and solar power. Neither can provide the power we need. Windmills kill lotsa birds. Solar panels don’t work when buried in snow. Our main power should be coal and nuclear, both increasingly clean and safe. We shouldn’t let rank amateurs at home or the UN, for God’s sake, dictate anything, let alone our energy policy.

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