Powerful earthquake hammers Hokkaido

The magnitude 6.7 quake struck 70 miles south of Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

The temblor triggered a large landslide in the town of Atsuma, covering homes trapping residents inside, according to public broadcaster NHK.

“There are risks of landslides and homes collapsing. Please don’t go near anywhere deemed dangerous,” said an official at the Japan Meteorological Agency.

The quake triggered a blackout across a wide swath of Hokkaido leaving about 3 million households without power, NHK reported. It also affected telephone service and television broadcasting in Sapporo.

The city of Abashiri asked residents to conserve water while the power was out.

Japanese bullet train operations in Hokkaido were suspended due to the blackout, according to NHK.

The earthquake also caused buildings to collapse, according to Agence France-Presse, though it was unclear how severe the damage was.

Both Tohoku Electric Power Co. and Hokkaido Electric Power Co. said that no abnormalities were detected at the Higashidori or Tomari nuclear power plants.




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3 thoughts on “Powerful earthquake hammers Hokkaido”

  1. A new earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 occurred on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.
    This is reported by the US Geological Survey.
    The center of the tremors was at a depth of 36 km.
    The earthquake was recorded at 21:11 UTC (00:11 MSK).
    Earlier it became known that an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 occurred on the Japanese island of Hokkaido . According to the latest information, as a result of tremors , 10 people were injured.

  2. since stories of Atlantis we havent “lost” a decent sized island or larger land chunk
    Im NOT wishing harm to Japan, but hell it would be an amazing and interesting event should such happen in our lifetimes. might even manage a few cm ocean rise too from it.

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