Powerful eruption “completely annihilated” Mount Singabung’s peak

Propels ash more than 4 miles (7 km) into the sky and blows away much of the mountain’s summit. Includes video.

Indonesia’s Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation  (PVMBG) says the explosion “completely annihilated” the mountain’s peak, it’s ‘lava dome.’ 

Images released by PVMBG show what the top of the volcano, with more than a million cubic meters shaved off, looks like. Text on top of frame reads “Before Feb. 19, 2018” and text on bottom reads “After Feb. 19, 2018.

Volcanologist Devy Kamil Syahbana said that the lava dome had a volume of at least 1.6 million cubic meters (56.5 million cubic feet).

Mount Sinabung before and after

Video of fleeing school children


Mount Sinabung before (Wikipedia)

Many photos:



Thanks to Jerry Duff and Keith Connelly for these links

“This is a major eruption,” says Jerry. “Much of Asia and Malaysia will be affected. Crop loss and possibly no summer. The ash is above both the stratosphere and troposphere. I cannot stress how serious this eruption is.”

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  1. Would love to know more about the cooling impact of this

    It looks major, like Jerry says

    Will make a great excuse for the next 6-12 months’ cooling patterns

  2. Wonder why the MSM is playing down this eruption? This Watcher News link has posted the eruption sending ash 17.4 km into the stratosphere?
    This marks the second very large and earth cooling eruption in the last 4 months.
    Get those ash hats and masks ready eh!

  3. That look like one the first of many large volcanic erruptions which throws Ash and SO2 high into the Atmosphere during the Grand Solar Minimum.

  4. In 1815, the Tambora “composite volcano’s” super-eruption on Sumbawa, Indonesia, produced a worldwide “year without a summer”. In 1883, Krakatoa’s equally powerful blow-off in the Sunda Strait likewise affected growing seasons, climaxing Earth’s 500-year Little Ice Age that effectively ended the 13,750-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch from 14,400 YBP (BC 12,400) to AD 1350 (skewed 1,500 years by the cometary/meteorite Younger Dryas “cold shock” from c. 11,950 -10,450 YBP).

    Currently in a 140-year rebound phase from 1890 – 2030, wherein alternating warm-cold regimes occur at ever-diminishing decadal intervals –50 years to 1940; 40 years to 1980; thirty years to 2010, then 20 years to 2030– Earth’s looming reversion to a 70+ year Grand Solar Minimum exhibits “amplitude compression” whereby shorter cycles incur ever more abrupt temperature extremes.

    Given deviant hysterics’ decades-long war on global energy economies, sabotaging coal-oil-nuclear facilities in favor of a despotic collectivist/Statist (“crony socialist”) political agenda, does not bode well for human populations through c. AD 2100 and beyond.

  5. One million cubic meters.
    How many cubic kilo meters is that? One cubic Km would be 1000 meters in 3 directions. Or one billion cubic meters. So one million cubic meters is one meter high by one thousand meters in 2 directions.
    That would be one thousandth of a cubic Km. Doesn’t seem like much. How much material did the volcano really erupt?

  6. It is my personal very non-scientific opinion that we are entering a new age of seismic and volcanic activity. I also believe that it is connected to the upcoming solar minimum. Add to that the in possible reversing of the poles and a new ice age without a grid is quite possible.

  7. 1.6 million cubic meters is just a bit more but over all it isn’t much.

    80 km3 gives you a Tambora sized eruption and a year without a summer. We need more data on the Sinabung eruption before considering freaking out mankind.

  8. Taupo in NZ 168 AD erupted pummice/rhyolite to 40km! up!. Ten a rhyolite wave travelled at 200km/hr 350km away from the eruption center. Thats an eruption. This was a tiddler.

  9. It might be normal for the Lava Dome to be oblitterated, though it was maybe quite sizeable. That is the question I had when I saw the eruption of Bezymianny, whether the peak itself was still there! That one might have the same or more effects, just less observers probably.

  10. Steven Rowlandson,

    Thanks for the facts.

    I have never understood how something as airy as sunshine can have an effect as massive as earthquakes and volcanoes, but “there is a weak but statistically significant link between decreased solar output and an increase in volcanism.”


    It seems to take a while for the effect to manifest. The Dalton minimum began around 1795, and it was after fifteen years that the flurry of volcanic activity began occur, including two eruptions of a magnitude we haven’t seen since. While you mention the Tambora event (1815) there was also a “Mystery event”, which shows up as ash in the Greenland and Antarctica ice-cores, which occurred five years earlier. (1810) This “Mystery event” occurred in an unknown location, perhaps South America, and apparently was a monster like Tambora.

    Besides the gigantic eruptions, there were also lesser but still significant events. As we are roughly 15 years into the start of the current “Quiet Sun” (if you say it started with the decrease at the end of cycle 23), we are at a time where we are testing the theoretical connection between sunspots and volcanic activity. Perhaps mankind ought not “freak out”, but it might be wise to be wary.

  11. This eruption A. Didn’t destroy the summit, it destroyed a lava dome that has been building and exploding during the current eruption phase. B. It wasn’t a very large eruption. Just into vei 3 range.

  12. Yes, seriously, if reported as only 4 miles (20,000′) that’s nothing. The stratosphere in the tropics does not even begin until at least 40,000′. Piñatubo was more like 20 miles high. Whatever came out will be quickly rained out.

    • Just a throat clearing exercise.
      The lava dome has been building for months. It got so large it eventually semi blocked the crater output. Pressure underneath grew and consequently blew the dome away.
      Even Singapore received a light dusting of ash
      Expect a bunch of lahars (Cold mud flows) around the area in the coming months.
      Heavy ash rose around 7 kilometers, lighter stuff went up to near 12 kilometers.
      No comparison to Pinatubo.
      Having said all that. Sinabung has been erupting for years and is not finished. We will wait to see the eventual outcome.

      In 2013 the Indonesian VSI did and exhaustive study into Sinabung and its recent eruptive history. They found that Sinabung is part of the Northern Toba field. This does not mean that Sinabung will eventually turn into a Mega eruption – just another active dome on the field. There is a large magma chamber underneath Sinabung feeding a slow continuous stream of lava up and out of the crater.

  13. @Caleb Shaw
    >I have never understood how something as airy as sunshine can have an effect as massive as earthquakes and volcanoes, but “there is a weak but statistically significant link between decreased solar output and an increase in volcanism.”

    No one said the correlation is due to sunlight. There’s some other cause. What it is, is unknown (in current standard science.)

    But, you may care to google ‘variation of isotope decay rates with solar periods’
    Interesting, huh? Last I heard the effect does NOT involve the Sun’s neutrino flux. Still a mystery. I love a good mystery.

    Bear in mind that the Earth’s core is a cycling natural nuclear reactor, that generates heat in slow pulses. Nuclear decay process rates depend critically on several nuclear physics parameters. And if something from the Sun is influencing nuclear parameters, even ever so slightly, that would affect the heat output from the Earth’s core as well.

    Personally, considering what may be causing the effect, I favor the ‘weird science’ theory of Scalar Waves. These are not electromagnetism, nor gravity waves. They are (hand waving described) as variations in the energy density of the underlying space-time matrix. A good candidate for being able to make some of the atomic ‘constants’ actually turn out to be variables.
    And the Sun does things (too much to describe in this post) that would be likely to radiate Scalar Waves, if they exist.

    Anyway, the apparent correlation of Earth volcanism variations with the Solar minimums, is very interesting.

  14. Not to many months ago I sent a comment to this forum about a unknown volcanic event that tied together mass graves found in England – (pre black death). Go look up the Samalas volcanic event.
    Public Broadcasting / Nova also did a show. This eruption makes all the other known events trivial.

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