Prairies – Temperatures plummet as heavy snow continues

“Daytime highs could be close to 20°C below their seasonal normals.”

14 Mar 2020 – Winter storm and snowfall warnings issued in parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan as some areas could see +30 cm (more than a foot) of snow through Sunday morning.

Accompanying the snow will be the bitter temperatures, with wind chills making them feel like the minus 20s across much of Alberta and parts of central Saskatchewan Saturday. Daytime highs could be close to 20°C below their seasonal normals.

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  1. It snowed overnight and it’s snowing this morning in Portland, Oregon, with a couple of inches of accumulation in low-lying areas, and more in the hills. The snow is unusual because spring normally comes early in Portland, but not this year. The forecast says the sun will come out this afternoon, so the snow is expected to melt off later in the day.

  2. A couple of days bitter cold. We had a big helping of that in January and although getting it in the middle of March is not common it isn’t unheard of either. Seen it lots in my 40 years here. Monday is back to above freezing.

    Cover the skin. Wind chill is the big concern. At -20 a slight breeze can make it -30 on your skin.

    Take care everyone.

  3. Cows in AB is focusin’ on stayin’ just “one” tonight – be a rude intro to a cold cruel world for a young ‘un to suddenly go from a warm wet comfy +98 deg F calf piss sensory deprivation tank out into a -25 deg F snow drift or even a cold bed of hay. Enjoy the central heating, full bellies and well stocked pantries full of T.P. and hand sanitizer while “we” still can.

  4. 4 hrs ago – fyi – whether it happens or not … nothing new from my perspective but it is a recent article… sources have been correct before… Caution: end times pestilence glurge included:

    On Monday night, computer scientist Mark Handley, Professor of Networked Systems and part-time Roboticist at UCL in London, tweeted a graph showing how growth figures in other infected countries compare to Italy’s.

    ‘Everyone else will be Italy in 9-14 days time,’ Handley tweeted along with the data.

    Stay up-to-date with the latest developments at Pandemic.News.

    Sources include: HNewsWire

    At this moment, the entire nation of Italy has been locked down. If Handley is correct, we should expect to see this happen in a bunch of other countries before two more weeks are gone.

    Of course, Handley is not the only one making these sorts of projections. Dr. John Crane of the University of Buffalo says that the U.S. is “on the exact same trajectory” as Italy…

    He told in an interview that the world had never seen anything like the outbreak and that the US seemed to be watching how Italy responded before making any drastic decisions of its own.

    ‘It looks like they’re on the exact same trajectory. Italy had an 11.5 day head start,’ he said, referring to the data.

    We definitely do not want what is happening in Italy to happen here.

    There are now more than 10,000 confirmed cases in Italy, the death toll is up to 631, and their healthcare system is being absolutely overwhelmed…

    Italian hospitals are so ‘overwhelmed’ by coronavirus that strokes are going untreated and elderly patients are not even being assessed, a doctor at the centre of the crisis has said – while another medic said people in the UK and US should be panicking more.

    Doctors in Italy have been forced into life-or-death decisions over who should receive intensive care, with virus cases piling up around the country.

    • less lethal than flu – gov hype like 911 is still gov hype and military will use as cover that they believe all is “true woo” and significant

  5. The cervasa chicken heart show will be over as fast as cosbys’s dad pulling the plug on the radio – a media “war of the worlds”/”contagion” movie….. when…. whenever they want

  6. Mainstream media mocks preppers, tells people to STOP buying supplies even as global supply chain crisis looms
    03/14/2020 / By JD Heyes

    New York Gov. Cuomo becomes first to deploy National Guard for coronavirus; troops to assistance in maintenance of “containment area”
    03/14/2020 / By JD Heyes

    gone already

  7. Whilst North America has been having some very cold winter weather in 2019/20, Europe has had one of the mildest winters on record.

    It would be interesting to know if these opposite extremes also occur when Europe has a really cold one.

    1981/2? 1984/5? 2010/11?

  8. Well,, that was a rather mild storm for Nome. Expect Ice Miners to lose some ice when the next northerly hits. Might lose their equipment. King Crab didn’t even open due to poor ice ! I was shoveling most of the night, think break-up around the corner. Iditarod needed a little more snow . Expecting some some broken records.

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