I am in such a predicament, says reader

“Expect more blizzards moving forward,” says reader Lee Holsen, quoting a recent article on this site. “This is just a taste.”

“I am in such a predicament,” Holsen continues.

“As a snowskier, I want more snow. As a current resident of Houston where it’s still hitting 90 in October, I want below average temps all the time. And as a “climate denier”, I want to have a real cooling period start and show all the alarmists that man isn’t squat compared to the sun.

“BUT I know if a real cooling period starts; it’s going to wreck growing seasons for food so bad that worldwide starvations and wars over food could start.

“Luckily, I do believe the sun is in charge and it really doesn’t matter what I want; it’s going to be the decider and my wants are not going to be at fault.”

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  1. Star growing cole crops and get use to eating the stuff. There are a few root crops that do well in cooler temps. Will need green house to produse cole crop seeds as many only go to seed in their second year.

  2. Welcome to Spring in New Zealand. The last 3 big ski areas remaining open have all closed today due to [catastrophic heat and no snow, you say?] sub-zero blizzard conditions, 1 to 2 feet of snow and in the case of Mt Hutt (link below) avalanche danger:

    “Unfortunately we have to close today due to a high avalanche risk. We have received 20cm of new snow over the past 24 hours and with further accumulation likely today… we expect to see significant wet-slide avalanche activity above and onto the last section of our access road… The road is closed to all traffic due to a high risk of wet-slide avalanches in the Bluffs.”


    As a snowboarder this is great news; as a surfer as well… I want my globull warming NOW!

  3. Exactly Lee Holsen. I’m sure no-one wants an iceage, mini or otherwise, but if the sun’s cycle ensures that is what is on the books for the near future there is nothing we can do to stop it.

    Human’s despite all our technology can not make the sun shine any more or any less. We could however at least start to prepare ourselves for the worst of it because thus far governments are not. Food, potable water, and power will be in short supply so be prepared.

  4. I also feel that way all the time and applaud you for your honesty. I am old enough to remember a time in my youth ,in the sixties,when weather was just weather and it was accepted without any thoughts of humankind being involved at all. People sweated in the fields in August and September,,people swam in the creeks in July with innocent abandon. And I remember sled riding on evenings and nights when it was so cold my nose hairs froze.And I would ‘remember’ all my youthfull winters as being as being equally as cold all through the winter except for one memory ,,which was of Christmass in about 1966 when i got a bb gun. The only reason I remember the weather was that Christmass day I was outside shooting the bb gun and it was about 60 degrees and foggy. Only that single memory looked back on was enough to convince me that that perhaps the winters were not all frigid and snowy and equally so perhaps all the summers were not as I remembered. You see memory is selective and consists of events that are imprinted upon memory. Later in the 70’s and the 80’s came the ever increasing drumbeat of propaganda about humankinds supposed role in weather and climate. But only a few selective events pop out of an individuals memory. We do not have total recall of past years but rather see isolated events that are memory imprinted. And if that is so how can we hope to guess what the weather was like in the 50’s 40’s and 30’s ? So that leads me to look at the data,,to believe the data if from a trusted source and go from there.

  5. as a wanna be successful..even if its just ONE damned year! farmer..cold is the last thing i want right now;-(
    2 years new block and its flooded both yrs
    still boggy with frogs ducks n ibis on it for 1/4 of the total area still.
    i do have chestnuts sprouting and eventually theyll be an income but… a long wait 5yrs or so
    might be time to look at Persimmons again too at this rate;-/
    the only crop that might grow will be rice!
    and horses n others dont like that much;-(

  6. You know, you can always move from Houston and all your wishes, accept living in Houston, would be fulfilled, and it would only affect you, not the world! See? You don’t have to wait for the Sun to control events, you can take them into your own hands! Try northern New Mexico, perhaps. Or Utah. Like the button they used to have at Staples stores says, “That was easy.”

  7. Also a longtime resident in the Houston area. I find it difficult to explain to friends that global cooling will affect the northern regions more. I use the example of Mammoth Mountain CA. getting 60 feet of snow last season and skiing was open thru July. While here it was hotter than hell 90+!
    Also, the rainfall in California seriously compromised a dam and had to evacuate a town 3 times.
    Global cooling is also about the disruption of our infastructures that we depend on for our comfort, if not our lives.

    • I believe the big El Nino has delayed the cooling but the effects of that have now gone so we should see it start to show. Of course the main surface temp series are fiddled so look at the UAH satellite series.

    • It started in mid 2015. There had been repeated miserable summers and cold winters in the Northern hemisphere for about three years before this date. In mid 2015 first Australia reported record cold, then here in NZ and also South America. And so it has gone since often reported on this excellent website. These record cold reports have become such a concern to the warmist that they now deliberately conceal them, In Australia by the Met office programming temp recoding devices not to record below a certain amount. They got caught doing it. The NOAA does the same by altering data and again have been caught.
      It is striking how reports of record cold have dried up in the 5 eye’s countries. AU, NZ, USA, Canada and the UK. They all conspire together and have done for years.
      Unfortunately for them nothing anyone says, writes, graph’s, manipulates or whatever, makes any difference.
      Many respectable scientist have been warning us for years that the cooling was coming and they are being proven right.

  8. Two points of interest in the following good news article.

    A false colour ground water map, using blues to indicate wetness, to a first look lay person, it looks as if San Jose is sitting in a small sea.
    The second is an assertion Conservation, and man’s geo-interference play a much greater role than the heavy rain fall breaking of drought in 2016 and last winter’s snows and rain.
    Satellites See Silicon Valley’s Quick Drought Recovery
    Yet similar satellite information regarding temperature from NASA’s own fleet of satellites is discounted by the thumb on the thermometer managers of NOOA and NASA preferring the disturbed surface water engine intakes of ships sailing between the US and Europe in a mainly warm sea of the Gulf Stream or in the warm over turning current from Indonesia to Europe. Other route via the Red Sea and Med are even warmer.

  9. Tutto arriva per chi sa aspettare, everything comes for who can wait, we say in Italy. Obviously the only thing can arrive is cold. Just wait.

  10. A period of cold winters, cold springs and barely warm summers are needed to kill off global warming and climate change, and the taxes that are making electricity expensive. Everybody who comes here must know that cold is far worse for humans than the warm periods where we have thrived but it is the only way to end the scam.

    • The term “Climate Change” needs to return to its original meaning of natural climate change of hot, cold and a variable benign in between, matching the phases of energy production of our Sun, rather than “human induced climate change” beloved of the IPCC to hide its blushes over being caught with its hands on NOOA modified data and its warming predictions being out of touch with the reality on the ground two years after making them.

  11. Electric cars for everyone!! No using your vehicles climate control unless you anticipate that you do not need the full range out of your charge. Shelter in place.

    This all makes so much sense if carbon fuels fall into short supply, save the fuel for the private jet fleets and ocean going yachts.

  12. Please….Please:

    Al Gore proved, through his research (that earned him a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Poetry and Shadow Boxing), that Global Warming is 100% for sure, and is 100% caused by YOU.

    So, stop. Those who deny it are nothing but Racist Nazis. There.!!!

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