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  1. How is it that cold in Peru in January? Isn’t it summer there?

    “Freezing temperatures in Ayacucho, located in south-central Peru, has resulted in the death of at least 180,000 alpaca. A cold weather front has also been accompanied by wide flooding.

    The animals have died of starvation as the grasslands where they normally graze have been frozen over. One of the affected communities is Wayraccasa in the district of Vinchos, province of Huamanga, located 14,763 feet above sea level, where in recent months dozens of alpacas died due to the cold. ”


  2. I enjoyed all seasons, all my life and I still think I will move north. There will always be some summer unless the big one sets in and if that happens most of us are probably done anyway.

  3. Umm, NO !

    I love EXTREME Cold, Blizzards, Frozen Crop Lands, Icebergs in Southern California, Glaciers Expanding, “No” Summers, Nuclear Winters, “No” Livestock, “No” Agriculture…

    It “don’t get better than that !!!

    Now rid the World of “all” CO2, 100%, that stuff is “lethal” to all living things, including, but not limited to, Plants and Trees and all growing things, they “hate” CO2 !!!

    World United against CO2 !

    Sincerely yours,

    Joseph Stalin

  4. Any person with a brain knows the planet has cooled and warmed since the beginning of time, people should read the book heaven and earth,it goes to great length and detail about how climate has changed over the years. a lot of people can be lead like sheep by fools who would belive anything they are told.man has no control over climate all it is , is an excuse for a green tax, and the tree huggers love it.

  5. I think most would prefer to live in a range of temperatures between 18C and 25C, with sufficient rain fall to grow crops, sufficient warmth and sun light to grow and ripen the crops and to enjoy the evening sunlight to eat the last meal of the day, with as cool night to sleep.
    The problem with the above in the real world it can’t happen 24/7/365 days of the year, as the tilt and rotation of the Earth between night and day as well as the variable orbit of the Earth over the orbital year leads to a significantly broader range of temperatures from -60C to 140+C dependent on the many different regions and climates of the earth’s surface.
    I would suggest that the region around the Ionian Sea is about as close as you can get to the optimum.
    Global Warming and Global Cooling are simply destinations on the way round a never ending climate roller coaster. What we should do is adapt to the climate conditions that we find are selves in at the time, and take action if we approaching one of the extremes of the climate range with cooling being the most destructive of the climate ranges.

  6. Sorry, but I’m rootin’ for the next Ice Age!! Think of all the real-estate we’ll gain as sea levels drop and shorelines expand.

    Man, I was born 10,000 years too late. I hate it when that happens!!

    • I seriously think we will surely lack things like food long before the oceans have dropped noticeably…

      .., now i wonder what Robert think of that

  7. I suspect most would prefer neither global warming or cooling and would be content with 4 seasons like the ones they have become accustomed to. Call it normalcy bias.

  8. Sunday – 15 / January / 2017.
    Cancellation of numerous flights in eastern Algeria because of snow
    Caused by snow falling on Algeria, in the cancellation of many flights, on Sunday, airports, cities of Setif and Constantine east of the country.
    According to local sources, that all flights to and from the city of Setif prescribed Airport this morning were canceled, and that the trip Airways »for Azure» coming from Paris was diverted to the international airport in Algiers.
    According to the sources, it was also cancel all flights to and from the city of Constantine Airport, until further notice.
    On the one hand again, heavy snow caused the falling on the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou, capital of the Kabylie region on Saturday night / Sunday, cutting a path 13, according to a statement of the National Gendarmerie, which follows the Department of Defense.

  9. Hello, I didn’t know where to post this. It’s John Casey’s latest book which is now available on AmazonUK. Just thought it would be good to spread the word. He writes about Earthquakes and Solar Activity cycles/quakes, etc. I think the folks on Ice Age Now would be interested in it. 🙂


  10. I tell ya, what ever happened to end global warming, stop it! This not the first cold winter we have had in Idaho, but let me tell ya its cold!!! This week we have had lows like -15, -8 with highs in the 20’s. The 3 foot of snow on the barn hasn’t slid and now we are going to warm up for the coming freezing rain. I am half way through my hay and now wondering if I have enough to get to April or May as the pastures at this rate wont be usable until then.

  11. I hate to admit this, I prefer the winter.
    I work outdoors for a railroad. I spend anywhere from 6 to 12 hours a day outdoors. The sun has been so hot and uncomfortable in summer here in the midwest.
    I jokingly say that I can always put more clothes on, but can only legally take so much clothes off. I think that I am practicing for the next ice age, I have lots of wool clothing, I walk for exercise, and never leave to much skin exposed for long periods of time. Any time I start to sweat, I take a layer off or open jackets.
    It might just be the older I get, the less I tolerate heat! No doubt in my mind that we are headed for an ice age….

  12. I love winter, in it’s season. I love to go out on a clear star filled morning to shovel my drive. I love the change of focus and natural inclination to hibernate. The same with the other seasons, in their order, although I have to admit, Summer is my least favorite. If I could swim and have fresh sun warmed tomatoes in January, I’d have no need of Summer.

  13. It is very personal and relative of each one.
    Here in southern Brazil is colder, but it is also hot, generally when it falls below 15ºC, the most of people think that’s a “LIA”
    I sweat too much, so I prefer fall and winter, but here is a ‘tropical’ winter.
    However, once you know a place below of -40 or -50°C (Siberia), and when you return, any -10 or – 5°C you’ll find warm.
    Note: here we don’t have air conditioning or heating, but there are 10 to 15 frosts a year.

  14. What I REALLY like… is that we have a choice of where we will live.

    I know people who like it cold… not me.
    I know people who like it hot & humid … not me.
    I can tolerate hot & dry.

    But what I personally prefer is mild weather, no snow or ice, no big storms and little humidity. (Mostly because I have medical conditions that are affected by weather and I get worse symptoms and more pain when it is too cold or too humid weather and especially before bad storms.)

    But I don’t want the entire world to live where I want to either … and I have no interest or need to tell anyone else where to live. So I hope those of you who love cold weather (as odd as that seems to me) it be able to continue to live where it suits you! And those of you who prefer it hot, the same!

  15. You can’t beat sitting outside on the warm Balmy nights back home in southern Australia when summer comes but we have had a very mixed year as far as the weather is concerned. have sat outside late at night when the temps have been 30 degree c plus & then two nights later we are wearing jackets & beanie. What gives? very bizarre weather.
    Give me the warmth any time!

    • In Yakutsk (2015), inside the Bravo Hotel the temps 29°C of heating, it’s too hot!
      I was almost walking naked inside, and to get out you must put clothes for -38°C, are 67 degrees difference. I think that bizarre.

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