President Issues Executive Order to ‘rearrange the deck chairs’ on His Sinking Climate Ship

“…another example of a President who lives in his own bubble, untouched by the real world around him.”

President Issues Executive Order
to ‘rearrange the deck chairs’ on His Sinking Climate Ship

By John L. Casey, November 4, 2013

On November 1, 2013, President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order titled, “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change.” In the course of which, he has assembled all his climate decision making organizations and representatives from virtually all agencies of the federal government into an all-powerful, all knowing, single climate advisory body – the “Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience.”

In the process of his plowing ahead with his overall “Climate Action Plan,” and in a fit of obvious, if not disturbing White House cognitive dissonance, the President once more blatantly deceives his people and the world about the status of the Earth’s climate while reinforcing that he “The One” can change the Earth’s climate.

It was apparently not embarrassing enough for him that he spoke the unmitigated lie that global warming was “accelerating,” during his June 25, 2013 address at Georgetown University.

And perhaps no one on his staff bothered to tell him that shortly thereafter in a Senate hearing, that none of his strongest
science supporters was willing to agree with his Georgetown climate status assessment.

In fact, if one objectively looks at the President’s statements and actions on climate change, it is reasonable to conclude that he is totally divorced from reality on the subject. It looks as though he is quite willing to ‘dig his hole deeper’ on the world’s
already poor opinion of him and our country as he blindly Captain’s his sinking climate ship.

Sadly, this ‘rearranging of the deck chairs’ thru his latest executive order, will do nothing for his administration except add to his list of unforgiveable deceptions and the growing awareness by many that this is but another example of a President who lives in his own bubble, untouched by the real world around him.

It is also unlikely that any member of his new ‘Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience’ will step up during any council meetings and tell him that he and the failed greenhouse gas theory are naked for all to see. They will likely rubber stamp his continued pursuit of climate ‘unicorns’ while the rest of the world begins to go in an opposite direction, like the new Australian government has just done.

It is more probable to actually find a unicorn than to see any member of this latest climate body who will tell the President to his face the following facts:

  1. There is no global warming; it ended years ago! And Mr. President, mankind’s CO2 emissions had little or nothing to do with the warming when it did exist.
  2. There has been no effective growth in the Earth’s atmospheric temperatures for sixteen years now even though CO2 is still increasing. As we all know Mr. President, that is an impossibility if the greenhouse gas/CO2 theory really worked in the first place!
  3. The latest Physical Science, Summary for Policymakers from the UN-IPCC fifth assessment report, has become an international butt of jokes as have similar US government climate reports because of their highly exaggerated claims for temperature and sea level rise based on deeply flawed, unverifiable, science.
  4. The global climate models, using the greenhouse gas theory and mankind’s CO2 emissions that have had two decades and billions of dollars spent on them, “simply don’t work” according to those who helped write the UN-IPCC climate reports. So I guess Mr. President, all those global temperature and sea level predictions for the year 2100 are, well, not worth a plug nickel.
  5. The ‘hot spot’ required in the atmosphere above the Tropics by the greenhouse gas theory has never been found. And likewise Mr. President, the ‘sensitivity’ of the climate to CO2 that we have hung our hat on during your presidency is also a problem. That too cannot be proved to the degree we said and it’s now such a black eye that the UN-IPCC decided to just leave it out of their next climate report, all together.But Mr. President there’s more bad news about the climate:
  6. The planet’s oceans have actually been cooling for a whole ten years now.
  7. And the planet’s atmosphere has been cooling for a whole seven years now.
  8. We were really hoping that Antarctica would melt and flood New York City to prove we were right but unfortunately it is setting new records for cold temperatures and extent of sea ice.
  9. The Arctic has rebounded swiftly and now has sea ice extent within its normal thirty year range. Also, the many US and foreign government predictions for the past fifteen years, that the Arctic will be ice free have all been proven wrong.
  10. The Pacific Ocean has been getting colder for thirty years now and the Atlantic may be poised to enter a four decades long cold phase. With both the Pacific and Atlantic in cold phase together, the Northern Hemisphere is likely to become cold for decades.
  11. And unfortunately Mr. President, in a news conference in Miami on August 21, 2013, scientists from around the world said global sea levels will soon start to decline because of the oceans getting colder – back to where they were two hundred years ago! But don’t worry. Our friends in the mainstream media covered it up; well, except for Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner and Sean Hannity who had the brass to talk about it.
  12. The ability of the greenhouse gas theory using mankind’s CO2 production has been an utter failure in its ability to accurately and consistently predict climate change including global temperature and sea level increases.
  13. It now appears that climate models that use the Sun as the primary driver for climate change are routinely far more accurate in predicting climate changes than UN-IPCC and US government models that rely on the greenhouse gas theory and CO 2 emissions.
  14. Mr. President, this is really big and could scuttle all our climate plans. It seems that there are many signs recently confirmed by our own government scientists, that the Sun has entered a “solar hibernation” stage. This is when the Sun cuts back on the energy by which the Earth stays warm. As a result, we have probably entered an historic if not dangerous new cold climate that will last thirty to forty years.
  15. Also Mr. President, we should mention that scientists from Russia, you know, the country that has kicked your tail in European relations, in Chinese relations, and in the Syrian civil war, and with Edward Snowden, are now saying that a “Little Ice Age’ may start as early as next year and that our manmade climate change program is a fraud!
  16. And lastly Mr. President, because we are spending all our time and money on your man made global warming programs we will be totally unprepared for the crop damage, food shortages and social upheaval that may come because of the solar hibernation, like what happened the last time a hibernation hit two hundred years ago.

We should not expect anyone on the President’s new Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience to tell him the truth about the climate. Even if one had the courage to do so, it’s a near certainty that he would not even hear it. The chairs will be tragically moved around once more and the band will strike up for another final performance as our ‘Captain’ goes on as before, pretending all will be right with the world so long as we do his bidding.

Mr. Casey is a former White House space program advisor, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer. He is one of America’s most successful climate change researchers and climate prediction experts. Mr. Casey is best known as the leading advocate in the US for a national and international plan to prepare for the next climate change which he has predicted

to be one of a dangerous cold climate era. He is also the Editor of the Global Climate Status Report© and is the author of the internationally acclaimed climate book, “Cold Sun.” Mr. Casey is currently the President of a climate research company, the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), in Orlando, Florida. In March 2013, he was named “America’s best climate prediction expert,” by


Space and Science Research Corporation


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6 thoughts on “President Issues Executive Order to ‘rearrange the deck chairs’ on His Sinking Climate Ship”

  1. All that clear cogent thought and all that writing misses the point.

    All the president wants is the power to make everyone bow to his will and he will use every possible threat to take out power away and give It to himself.

    Why is it so hard for everyone, even the smart and caring best of the best to see that he doesn’t give a rip about anything except his power and his power and his power…

    I cannot believe the unmitigated naiveté of the population to think that he cares that they are hurting and in dangers and losing everything.

  2. Mr President only sees and hears what his advisors show and tell him, I expect.
    Show da prez the Moon is made of green cheese and he will probably believe it…
    Who knows, he might chuck a load of money into the American dairy industry to replace your old milk-floats for a spanking-new fleet of cheez-ships!
    Cheddar-mines on da moon!!

  3. Where are the maps of NOAA with the recent ice-cover in the arctic and antartic ? Why have not been updated correctly after the government closure
    in the USA ? Anyway it smells heavily and the steng is polluting the complete environment of climate – rocording in the USA. Did Obama , the real American bastard , order his staff to manipulate the recordings in order to have some support for his climate-nonsense ? Well his handling of obamacare proved that no lie is dirty enough for him , when it promotes his agenda .
    He is proving to be a good student of Joseph Goebbels who emphasized that any lie will be believed by the general public , when it is repeated again and again regularly . Good luck Americans with your dictator !

  4. With the possible exception of Australia the Nations are being led by leaders who believe in CO2 warming and we can say that these folks are not quite the wise thinkers we would hope to have. Therefore if there should come to pass some kind of Worldwide emergency like say, an energy crisis or a global food crisis due to cold weather then surely we would be only one house vote away from something approaching Marshall law where quite naturally elections would be somehow deferred to some later date leaving said leaders in place indefinitely. They would surely have every reason to want to stay in power because that way they would not have to face the consequences of any glaring past failure. This could all get out of hand very quickly….the writing is on the wall.

  5. No cognitive dissonance in the White House. He is not a stupid person – very smart and very arrogant.

    Between Obamacare controlling your health and global warming policies controlling your energy supplies, food production, etc., he will achieve almost absolute power – which has always been the goal.

    And speeches on global warming are wonderful cover when irritating matters like Benghazi, IRS scandals, etc. pop up in the news.

  6. The claim – “based on deeply flawed, unverifiable, science” – is clearly wrong !

    There is absolutely no “science” in the greenhouse gas theory – none at all.

    The fundamental model showing how 2 or more sources of radiation combine to cause heating greater than either alone is total BS – it does not happen in reality.

    The “greenhouse” effect as taught in Universities has 2 sources of radiation at levels of power less than that of ice cubes combining to cause a resultant temperature of 30 degrees C.

    Take 2 by cubic metre blocks of ice and place them near each other and the temperature in the middle will exceed 30 degrees C – really !

    But that is what they teach in University climate “science” – it really is !

    That proposition is so laughable I am completely gobsmacked anyone has the effrontery to call it “science” !!

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