Why is President Obama ‘anti-science’!?

Obama loses to Perry — on science! President wrong on alleged AGW Texas droughts: U.S. Gov’t Scientist: ‘This is not a climate change drought’

Climate Depot’s round up of the latest science on droughts rebukes Obama’s claims.

Rising CO2 causes unprecedented DECREASE in worldwide drought: ‘There has been an unprecedented decrease in world drought severity over the past 30 years’

‘Severe drought in 1934 covered 80% of the country, compared with 25% in 2011’ (See http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/noaa-now-begins-time-in-1999/)

See much more at Climate Depot:

Thanks to Marc Morano for this link

4 thoughts on “Why is President Obama ‘anti-science’!?”

  1. Global warming is just one more of many subjects of which Obama is ignorant & is blowing smoke about. Fiddlin’

  2. mr sotero does as his bankers tell him, they want the trades and ability to milk the average joe till he is dry -not just anaemic.

  3. I personally think the president is fully aware of what is going on with the climate. I also think he is fully aware of what is expected of him by those that bought his candidacy in the first place, and is more then willing to “fiddle” while humanity burns in the push to depopulate the world. And let’s face it, in the face of the onset of an ice age, pushing AGW programs sets the world up better for depopulation then does preparing for an ice age would. “We the people” are only worth while as long as we generate more “profit” then we cost, and apparently, we are not generating enough wealth for the upper 3%.

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