President Trump is winning Electoral College Votes

Actually on track to crush Biden in Electoral College votes.

This article by Joe Hoft in the Gateway Pundit, published today, November 13, is up-to-date.

“General Flynn Retweets Update Showing President Trump On Track to Defeat Biden In Electoral College Votes,” reads the title. (But note that the actual link includes the word “crush.”)

The article goes on to say Trump is on track to win the Electoral College votes by as much as 305-233.

Here’s a copy of Gen Flynn’s tweet

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16 thoughts on “President Trump is winning Electoral College Votes”

  1. Oddly I keep hearing that Biden is now officially President next year from all the other YT videos. I hope you’re right!!!

    Otherwise to get Freon in your AC will cost you $565 dollars and $250 for an oil change next summer!!!

    His excuse “we need to shave the planet”

  2. “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

    ― Ronald Reagan


  3. Surely this cannot be more than wishful thinking ??

    It reminds me of the Iraqi media spokesman with his broadcasts of “we’re slaughtering them in the streets” while Baghdad exploded around him and Saddam was in a hole miles away.

    While I think there has been fraud and I am sickened by the smug media idiots gloating surely the US Supreme Court is unlikely to void results without obvious irrefutable proof.

    One could say this is nothing more than conspiracy theorists at this stage despite the Pennsylvania court ruling which doesn’t affect enough votes to overturn the result at this stage as far as I can see ??

    I know I cannot expect the MSM to report this but what a major climb down they have if this is true.

  4. Good! Keep at it. Trump might not be perfect but Joe Biden and crew must not be allowed to govern. America must be made great again…. Truth and decency must prevail.

  5. Climate Crisis Activist Greta Thunberg Endorses Biden in ‘Rare Political Tweet’
    Thunberg said in a tweet that she “never engages in party politics. But the upcoming U.S. elections is above and beyond all that.”
    “From a climate perspective it’s very far from enough and many of you of course supported other candidates. But, I mean… you know… damn! Just get organized and get everyone to vote #[metoo]Biden,” she tweeted.

  6. God, we can only hope this is as good and true as claimed!! This country needs Trump, not millions of more illegals, gun control, a packed SCOTUS, and our favorite here at this site (sarcasm), “the Green New Deal”…

  7. Do you think the timing of Covid-19 in relation to the election was a coincidence? No, it was a deliberately-released virus, vastly over-inflated by the legacy media to lock down the economy. Look at the links between Fauci and the Wuhan lab.

    The release of the virus accomplished three things… first, it wrecked Trump’s historic economy due to the lock-down, in which every class experienced economic gains and most especially the lower classes.

    Second, it gauged the amount of resistance the globalists would receive against their agenda… had we resisted, they would have backed down… alas, we’re sheeple, so they pushed ahead harder than ever.

    Third, it was the impetus for widespread mail-in ballots with which the Democrats attempted to steal the election by mailing several ballots to democrat households (and none to Republican households), and outright mass-printing ballots… over 450,000 ballots only voted for Biden with no down-ballot voting, and with no fingerprints to validate each ballot… hot off the press and right into the ballot box.

    Do you think the global community of outright communists has gone to all this trouble just for the fun of it? No, the extent of the trouble that they went to over the recent past is indicative of the agenda they intend to implement… they fought hard and cheated harder because they believe now is the time to come into line with other “Build Back Better” (do a search for other countries using that phrase as an election slogan… that’s left-speak for the Great Communist Reset) globalists in other countries, one last huge push for their Agenda 21.

    In case you’re not aware of what Agenda 21 is, it advocates for the UN to take control of all countries, to do away with private property, to implement a fully locked-down Panopticon society in each country and to depopulate the planet by ~95%.

    Essentially, it would be a prison planet.

    If they fail this year, their plan is to push it out to 2030. So expect more of the same then.

  8. I hope for americas sakethe news IS true n correct
    if the legals were threatened then wheres the security detail around them?
    thats simply not good enough if real

    amused to read the blm are saying they got bidet elected…
    and they want a say as to how he runs things
    (they way they want? gotta be joking)

  9. Given Rats’ historically unprecedented, blatant and massive fraud skewing every “swing State” tally from precisely midnight on November 3rd, contested outcomes may throw Election 2020 to a highly partisan House majority with each State assigned a single vote. On this basis, given some 20 Red States to 14 Blue, splitting net eight (8) States apiece, regardless of delegation size (Rat Representatives outnumber Pachs by 232 to 197) there is no way Pelosi’s minions can certify Slow Joe.

    Foiled again, come January 20th, 2021 scuttering Rats will face long-overdue comeuppance through Trump’s second term, the first consecutive fourth 2-term President in history. However Pelosi’s Disloyal Opposition betrays, relentlessly seeks to sabotage and slander Trump’s initiatives, his term-limited political status ensures that accommodating Rats’ brownshirt/red-armband Stṻrmers is not an option.

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