President Trump tweets video from Walter Reed Medical Center

Says “I’m starting to feel good. You don’t know over the period of a few days – I guess that’s the real test.” See video.

“I came here, wasn’t feeling so well. I’m feeling much better now,” Trump said.

“We’ll be seeing what happens over the next couple of days.”

He added that he’ll “be back soon” and will “finish the campaign.”

The video was sent out last night.

7 thoughts on “President Trump tweets video from Walter Reed Medical Center”

  1. hes doin ok to be speaking so long n no sign of breathlessness
    damn good news as the alternatives are truly scary
    Pence seems a nice guy but wouldnt have the oomph to really flatten the puppets campaign i fear.
    n pelosi has the knives out

  2. I am delighted to hear the President is doing so well. God bless America and so say most of us from the other side of the pond.
    Raise another glass!

  3. So this pandemic is supposed to be the worst ever and , Trump, is within the age group most effected , average age of death – 81 years old – oh and with 2-3 other serious diseases, but here he is back on his feet in a couple of days. Hell, flu knocks you out for a month.

    Here back in the UK, flu has been killing more than covid since June.

  4. Donald Trump: An American Jehu
    This is a speculative look at Donald Trump’s [engineered] prophetic connections to an obscure Israelite king who destroyed a corrupt dynasty and restored a people’s greatness under God. (An intriguing episode in the on-going fall of the globalist Saturn Death Cult brought about by a most unexpected destroyer of the American ‘deep state’ establishment.)

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