President Trump’s Excellent Speech to Congress – Video

Since the mainstream media seems to be ignoring this, I thought you might want to see if for yourself


1 thought on “President Trump’s Excellent Speech to Congress – Video”

  1. I only wish that if he believes in individual nations having sovereignty and the right to self determination, he would stop talking war against other nations. I agree that mercenary terrorism, paid for by elitists should be destroyed, but I am tired of hearing war against Iran or North Korea or any other nation.

    He wants to spend more money on “defense,” but if it was money WELL SPENT on “defense” instead of war making, I still believe you can lower the cost of defense and have better. Look at how little, by comparison, the Russians spend and where their capacity to defend is now. Defending our “sovereign” nation should be our goal, not greater ability to destroy other sovereign nations.

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