Pressure building in Bárðarbunga volcano

Fresh earthquake swarms over last the three days, along with fresh hydrothermal activity.

“Iceland Met Office confirmed today that inflation has started in Bárðarbunga volcano,” writes Jon Frimann on his website “Iceland Geology.”

“According to images released by Iceland Met Office this inflation is not huge at the moment, that might change without warning if magma starts flowing into Bárðarbunga volcano magma chamber at faster rate then it currently is doing.

“The question remains how much strain the caldera can now take after the collapse and other unknown factor is that it is not known how much magma is needed before an new eruption can start or how long time this process takes.”

See earthquake locations:

Thanks to William Dugan and Andrew Stranglen for this link

4 thoughts on “Pressure building in Bárðarbunga volcano”

  1. if it does kick up again..more ash to skies and more cold follows..
    interesting times. if possibly chilly ones:-)

  2. Iceland in grips of cold snap
    Frost and snow in parts of Iceland today.
    Frost and snow in parts of Iceland today. Photo: Rax

    Anybody venturing outside in Iceland yesterday evening will have found that predictions of bitterly cold weather were not exaggerated.

    Even the most extreme forecast minimum temperature was reached – it was exactly -20°C at the Icelandic Met Office weather station at Sandbúðir in inland South-East Iceland early this morning.

    It is currently -9°C in the capital Reykjavik and temperatures will struggle to exceed -4°C at their very warmest today.

    Residents of Akureyri woke up this morning to temperatures of -10°C and a blanket of white, after heavy snowfall yesterday evening. A Primera Air jet flying a charter flight from Tenerife to Akureyri was forced to divert to Keflavík (KEF) as visibility in North Iceland was so bad.

    As can be seen from the map below, practically the entire country will be experiencing freezing temperatures all day. A brief respite is forecast for the weekend and into Monday with the mercury heading back above 0°C, before more freezing conditions arrive next week.
    This same arctric plunge is now heading for the UK and Western Europe, With light snow on English hills, Scotland will get a good start to its Ski Areas

    • LIke the way the media calls it a ‘cold snap’. We’ve had a’cold snap’ too in the UK this weekend . But ONE day of mild weather, and they’re screaming GLOBAL WARMING.

  3. Two DJI Inspire drones flies into BÁRÐARBUNGA volcano. One stays and lands on the lava flow.

    DJI Stories – Live Broadcast From a Volcano

    DJI Feats: Eruption at Bardarbunga Volcano
    (a flight into the volcano using a DJI Phantom 2)

    DJI Phantom 3 – “Fire & Ice”
    Lying dormant for over one hundred years, the Bardarbunga volcano has recently surged back to life. An open wound in the center of Iceland, the Holuhran fissure opened up in 2014 and continues to roil and cook the molten rock inside of its magma reservoirs. Our Phantom 3 does the near-impossible and travels the length of the goliath lava vent to get some of the most stunning video ever seen.

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