25 thoughts on “Pretending to believe in the Mayan apocalypse

  1. Sorry no can do. I have allready told everyone that this is just the galactic version of newyears.
    The only reason the maya did not extend the calendar is the spanish killed off all the priests who did the work.
    12,21,12 equals age 1 (of 5)
    B’aktun 0,katun 0,tun 0, Uinal 0, kin 0, 4 Ahau, 0 Pop. I’m going to get flack on the last one, but I’m right. the Haab is a seasonal calendar and in order to keep the dates aligned with the year you anchor the start date to the winter solstice. The Iranians have the same type of calendar but tie theirs to the spring equinox.

    • It’s a lot more complicated then what I am saying but this is the gist of it.

      In the 1980s programming language would end in the lines 99 which means to stop reading the data no matter what you punched.

      Some people knew in the late 80s/early 90s when computers reach that number in their clock the computer would not understand what to do though mostly main frames were at risk.

      Home computers were not affected by this problem.

      A lot of people fixed the problem with newer software that didn’t use *99* over time and pretty much ended the threat on their own.

      • that’s a good one – my dad was a programmer for 25 years and told me something similar. In the 80’s it was mostly Cobol, Basic and then SQL and Visual Basic in the 90’s if I’m not mistaken. I believe they became more advanced over time and the problem with the numerical digits was solved. I remember a course I took in Visual Basic in ’99 – it was much easier to use than previous programming languages.

  2. I know a guy, a well educated, high paid executive who is the former CEO of a company that employs hundreds of people, no less, who is genuinely worried about the Mayan Apocalypse. I’ll send him a link to this page. The day AFTER, of course!

    • It’s actually not about death. That’s Hollywood BS. It’s suppose to be earth going thru a major *change* which the outcome depends on us if we work towards unity and peace or divide ourselves with war and ignorance like most (actually all) of these posts above me.

    • So far I see us leaning towards the latter which I hope to God I am wrong but I plan to head to the mountains if and when the SHTF.

  3. I never believed 2012 doom same as that planet X how believe in must be on drugs its the as global warming total rubbish Robert keep up the good work at least some people who speaks the truth about we are heading in global climate terms and all the precursors to the next iceage

  4. My theory, (“Which is mine.”)-Monty Python reference– Is that they ran out of space on their
    stone on which they chiseled their calendar. 🙂

    • I believe they had a “perception” of the changes in the magnetic fields of Earth and the Sun that are happening now and predicted these changes in their calendar.
      They say that a new “Sun-world” is beginning, 4 worlds have passed and we’re entering a new one now.
      There is no necessary connection with any catastrophes of any kind, but it’s related with our perception of the Universe, in particular,
      they say that our bodies could change.
      All this is NOT supposed to happen instantly, in one day, but it’s a process that has already began and will continue.
      I believe what they say makes sense in good part of it.

  5. Real trick is, if you are going to bet on it, go for it not ending. If it does end, then you haven’t really lost anything.
    Back on topic now; a good cheapskate trick for xmas is to change religion just for the month of December

  6. Why worry about the end of the world happening today? It’s already tomorrow in Australia!

    We should all worry about what the AGW people are trying to steal from us in higher taxes.

  7. The Mayan’s do not control the end of the world, Jesus does. The world as we know it will not end until after He returns for his church. Once that happens, the anti-christ will rule for 7 years and then the end time events will start to occur.

  8. I think the problem was (outside of Hollywood) that EVEN if some suspected a magnetic reversal in late December this year 2012, there was insufficient evidence to suggest a reversal this year due to the fact that the magnetic field normally begins to fluctuate or wobble some time prior to an excursion or full reversal – and earthquake and volcanic activity normally increases dramatically before a reversal. Even though they are picking up, the rate of increase and magnitude of the earth changes is not sufficient to warrant a reversal this month just yet. Even a slight unexpected variation in the field strength can delay the onset of a potential reversal for some time. There is a margin of error in all predictions – just like forecasting weather. There are just too many variables to consider.
    Then again, a reversal could certainly occur anytime within the next 20 years. The problem is NOBODY can predict what year or what month that will be.

  9. After the world ends and I emerge from my drunken party hangover next Sat morning in Heaven the 1st thing I’ll do is update my status on Facebook “And so the world ended LOL. Now, I wonder how good the beer is in Heaven LOL.”

  10. Some of these posts are incredible. Okay, here’s mine. The Mayan’s never said the end of the calendar marks the end of time or the end of the world. It marks, according to the elders, the return of the black rift. Lot of possibilities still lie in that, but it probably marks the passage of the solar system through the plane of the galaxy, thus the dust in the accretion plane shows up as a black rift in the Milky Way. And, as far as I know, the end of the calendar is followed by the beginning of the next cycle of the calendar, just like December 31 “ends” our calendar and January 1 starts the next cycle of 12 months.

    No one has ever said that the Mayans controlled the end of the world, and I am not at all sure that event is going to be in the hands of Jesus Christ, either. The way things are going, it looks more to be in the hands of Tel Aviv and Washington.

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