Propeller-aided skiing in Spain – Video

While Europe struggles with freezing temperatures and blizzards even to its south, one man from the city of Lleida in Catalonia took it to another level, attaching a large propeller to his back to shove him along city streets.

Lleida, located about 60 miles north of the Mediterranean Sea, stands at an elevation of only 155 m (509 ft).

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6 thoughts on “Propeller-aided skiing in Spain – Video

  1. Good for him – I hope he enjoys some cross country racing these days in the new ice age!

  2. Wind Power of a different kind. Pity it produces so much of that naughty CO2. They’ll be banning those next. Does that turn the guy into a motorised vehicle? Public liability or third party insurance maybe??

  3. This will sell well when the Thames River ( London) and Hudson River (New York City) freeze, since there will be no way cars and trucks will work north of the Mason Dixie line.

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