Puking Snow in the Aussie Alps

“In the words of one tracker, it’s PUKING snow right now.”

“That means it’s coming down fast and fluffy across the Australian Alps in places like Thredbo and Perisher — right down to Great Lake in Tasmania.

A cold front moved over eastern parts of NSW on Saturday, bringing blizzard conditions across the state’s alpine region.

Snowfalls at Thredbo ski resort reached 67cm (more than 2 ft) yesterday afternoon as temperatures peaked at minus five degrees.

Blizzard conditions haven’t stopped all day at Perisher, where almost one meter of snow fell this week.

Similar conditions were felt in southern and mountain Victoria, bringing locally heavy snowfalls to Mt Hotham, Mt Buller and Falls Creek.



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8 thoughts on “Puking Snow in the Aussie Alps”

  1. I just checked the Ventusky website. It looks like the whole dam Southern Hemisphere is getting snowed on right now — ocean, land, everything.

  2. I don’t know where, or how, Aussies manage to come up with some of the craziest words to describe things. I fail to see where snow falling is the same thing as “upchucking”(puking), LOL.

  3. the rest of Vic isnt real warm today either..we have one lost foriegn worker, stormed off in a tizz and hasnt been seen for some days in icycold n wet high areas
    and a lost Victorian hiker in Tasmania along with a few others needing rescue from cold/snow or some flooded spots.
    a young child and probably grandfather killed by a treefalling as they drove along due to winds wetsoils etc.
    generally nasty you could say.

  4. Aussie ski areas have been giving the huge snowstorm different names, some going for “Polar Express” others “The Godzilla Snow Storm.”

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