Pumpkin shortage could lead to frightful Halloween and pieless Thanksgiving

A canned pumpkin shortage could hit store shelves this fall, experts warned Wednesday.

Summer rainfall obliterated a chunk of the crop in Illinois, the country’s top pumpkin-producing state.

Libby, the country’s largest canned-pumpkin manufacturer, lost more than a third of their pumpkin stock this year.

Meanwhile, drought-stricken farmers in Washington are trucking in pumpkins for Halloween.



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12 thoughts on “Pumpkin shortage could lead to frightful Halloween and pieless Thanksgiving”

    • Agreed. Not sure the name of the gourd but by family used some strange looking gourd instead of pumpkin for over 100 years to make the pumpkin pie. Don’t tell me there’s a shortage of Cool Whip!

  1. canned pumpkin?
    oh thats downright weird.
    I dont get that he couldnt grow even a smaller crop in drought
    plant into a well/bowl shaped depression with manure n mulch over that and theyll grow on a fill up of the pit every 2 or 3 days max.
    and bloody well WEED around where theyre growing and use the damn weeds as mulch as well
    they attract condensation that helps drip onto plants at night
    and off the oceans the airs gotta be moist.
    have to admit the outright waste of either stock food or human food using pumpkins to stick a candle in has always had me shaking my head..good market for ceramic tin or plastic ones isnt there?
    or there should be

  2. Egg prices up because of a chicken disease in Iowa which miraculously is the source of most of our chickens. We don’t hear to much about just en the complaints get to high on the prices. Now I’m sure we can easily remedy that by having chickens raises somewhere else or multiple places and not rely to heavily on Iowa. Same with Illinois, I know you can pretty much grow pumpkins under your feet, and the poor state of Illinois who was having a hard time because of the weather another more “productive” state could have grabbed the money they didn’t make a profit in time for the holidays.

    Coffee prices were going out of sight in price because of a little reported drought in Brazil. But if you switch to tea, the heavens open up and that ungrown, fathom coffee makes it to market and the prices come down like now.

    If you look stories it’s like they are trying to make prices go up. NAH.

    • It would have been nice if all my edits took as it was submitted correctly. Please have an edit button, thanks, I vcan’t make what I wrote flow the way it was submitted.

    • There is no shortage of eggs or chicken in Arizona. Egg prices went up for a while, but they are starting to come down in stores carrying local sources. The problem with those claims is that a new crop of chickens is raised to market every six weeks. Laying hens take a while longer. There are a dozen major producers in Arizona and Southern California going full blast. The only store having problems continuously supplying eggs was Walmart.

  3. Eggs and coffee shortage is very worrisome.If very anti-oxidant rich and protein rich.Hell no to tea.Yes to tea paty.Pumpkin? Really?Who cares?

  4. I have planted pumpkins up to the mid to late July and still got a decent crop here in north/central ILL. , but this grower is a long way from ILL. , just a little smaller. Much of central ILL . & south is small rolling clay hills so pumpkins are a good crop on the poor soils before they dry up in mid summer. I noticed the older leaves on his plants looked like they were all white with powdery mildew, this killed the rest of mine what that 15 to 20 inches of rain in 5 weeks had not already drown. some of the winter wheat around me went down & started turning black. the soy and corn crops are the worst I have seen since the drought of 88. there are hundreds of acres within a thirty mile radius of me that did not get planted the first time. never saw that before. I think the 10 &15 k acre government paid ethanol growers are about to take a big hit, I just wonder who will farm the land when it has to be planted fast and not over the course of a two month period?

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