Pushing a rope will not work

“The Paris fiasco is a money grab and Mann and Gore are false prophets. ”
– Earl

Pushing a rope will not work


Joe is too old to be the second coming and he wouldn’t have been when he was younger either. Joe was never a leader, always a follower especially to MBNA who was his sponsor. Joe helped them institute usury and eliminate the interest limits on credit cards. His fairy tale marriage is really that, a fairy tale. He stole the wife of the owner of the most popular night club in Newark, Delaware, the Stone Balloon. Jill is a particularly pushy person. This is a Mandarin government with the bureaucrats running the show.

Sentiment in Texas? We think we need a citizenship test to allow new out-of-state immigrants residency in the state, especially those from New York and California. While the separation clause for our state was eliminated during the Civil War, sentiment is high about seceding if Joe pushes through with his war on Oil and Gas. Since our electrical grid only serves Texas, we have the highest alternative energy % in the US. I have not done the calculations versus Germany and Australia. We still have a few coal fired units but gas is plentiful here so the move to combined cycle gas fired generation is still high. Our grid will remain stable.

I would suggest to all of those who bring up Hitler to watch Babylon Berlin and A French Village. BB is about what led to Hitler’s rise and it is very insightful with the current US political turmoil. The second one is about the German occupation of France during WWII and is also insightful about censorship and eliminating opposing viewpoints through force and intimidation. I am married to a German baby boomer whose older siblings lived through WWII and were refuges fleeing in front of the Russian Army. Family get togethers are usually spirited as the issue usually comes up about what parents knew.

Texas is very large and blessed with natural resources. This is my second stint in the State. My first was when the Democrats ran the State. It was a one party state at the time. If you did not vote in the primary, you did not get a say, so everyone was Democrat. While I was gone, the State switched and became a single party Republican state. So, when I came back as a Republican voter, I was at home. There are moves by the liberals in Austin and Houston to try and force a move back to the Democrats. We pick up 3 Representatives this year. Texas is still solidly Republican and so the gerrymandering will end up isolating the Democrats in Houston and Austin more. Hopefully, the influx will be more of the conservatives from New York and California who will realize why they left those states. We will see.

I left Delaware, where I knew all the political players, it’s a small state. I used to ride the train to Washington with Joe in the early morning hours. I admired how he lived at home and commuted. I left because I was raised as a Westerner and Texas was as close as I was going to get to my home state with my company. I have been here for 23 years. Independence and self reliance are key traits of westerners. That is not what the coastal elites want!

Manmade CO2 induced global warming is a fantasy that only brainwashed children can believe. If Joe pushes on this rope, I think that he will see that pushing a rope will not work. Since he is not a scientist and the ones he claims as his scientists are also not scientists, I don’t think he will ever understand that the Paris fiasco is a money grab and Mann and Gore are false prophets. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

Well that is one Texan’s rambling.

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  1. hmm, the ladywife was “stolen from another”?
    so she wasnt happy and was looking
    and was looking for power n position a clubwife didnt offer?
    went willingly Id bet;-))
    the calinuts n others are the LEAST of the worries coming to Texas if the borders drop and the sth american invasion proceeds
    all the obscure n nasty parasite diseases the amazonian covid and the drugs
    /gangs etc

    • Texas AG has filed a law suit against Biden over the open borders/no deportation executive order. We will see if it goes anywhere.
      And yes illegal crossings are a problem. There are also a lot of communities that are cross border and have been for centuries. So our view is a little bit different. Spanish was the language of Texas long before it was Texas.

  2. This is not a Biden government . He is only a ceremonial puppet for Obama III ,selling out the usa to its puppet-masters . Obama is for sale , a few billions and you will have him and the chicoms certainly know that .Or is he outreaching for the highest price : President of the united nations ? The great reset manifest has already been put in place , the Trump-obstacle has been removed , the us generals have been put too bad and the world is in awaitance of its new leader Barack Huseyn Obama . Who will stop him now ?

  3. Biden and Trump and most of TPTB have likely known first hand for decades already that their homo-pedo(s) pushing-a-rope-[physics]-will-not-work [anymore]… so it’s all just a ‘do what thou wilt’ [with no skin in the game] endgame ww for them. All these PTB wanna-be Klingons need to receive some seriously ‘USS Enterprise(ing)’ ballistic ‘do what thou wilt’ physics ASAP… and it’s coming.. the Klingon [Birds of Prey] Gay Left have uncloaked and now they’re vulnerable.

  4. quote; “Manmade CO2 induced global warming is a fantasy that only brainwashed children can believe.”

    I agree with that and I would say the Covid-19 crisis is exactly the same, a psychological phenomenon – not a scientific one. Both are being used by the state to push agenda.

    But what concerns me is how the belief in Climate Change/Covid are becoming fascist, where the dominant group caught up in “groupthink” are mandating it as the only thought. They literally want to criminalize non-believers as heretics or terrorists.

    Where I live in Southern Oregon they say there is a pandemic when there is no pandemic and the hospitals are empty. But all the talking heads who are on TV say there is. That is really scary, and people are wearing masks like there is some threat, when there is no threat, no more than the common cold.

    I really think our society has “lost it”.

  5. Gee, I was born in Denton, TX. Should I move back there?

    I kind of like the upper Midwest, where I am now. Of course, if the ice sheets start forming and slowly pushing southward, I can always pack up the house and move, if I have to. I hear Alpine is a pleasant place to live, and not too far from the McDonald Observatory. And they have dark sky nights down there for the astronomy crowd.

    The whole thing with forking money over to the pundits who have those “climate conferences” is that it is nothing but a scam. That money could be put to better use here by using it to build more non-polluting nuclear reactors, AMONG other things. The one near me supplied most of the northeastern part of my (current) state, but had a malfunction and had to shut down. North of the state line, there was a coal-fired power plant that was replaced a couple of years ago with a nuclear power plant. I don’t know what the objection is to that, other than the scare tactics and sensationalism the media mavens use to deceive the gullible public.

    In regard to so-called “green resources” for utilities like electricity, until the “alternative” sources were put into effect (no choice for us about it), there had been zero power outages. Switched us over to renewables/green sources 7 (seven) years ago and there have been repeated outages every confounded summer and 2 in the winter, so how am I to run the furnace in winter if the power goes out? Ask those idealistic twits a question like that – how do you heat your home/apt/whatever – in the winter when the power goes out?

    If a severe straight-line wind (derecho) last summer could not only do severe damage to an entire neighborhood in a nearby city, but also shut off the power for 10+ days, that’s bad enough. Try going that long in the winter with an outage and no fireplace to cook in, no heat at all, and no lights unless you have a few oil lamps as an emergency substitute.

    And don’t think we aren’t facing that kind of thing if this greenbeaner stuff is forced on us.

    So should I move back to Texas, where I was born, or wait and see what the clowns do? I’m willing to wait and see….

  6. I have to laugh. To say that out of all the states in the USA that Texans are the sanest ones really sets people off. They are called rednecks, racists and everything else but you know what all the name callers miss? Common sense. It seems to be strong in Texas.

    If you spouse is cheating on you, in FRONT of you and tells you to go get them some drinks you’d have to be insane to not end that relationship.

    That is the equivalent of this last election. I hope Texas does leave. I’d move there. Sure they have rednecks (and black necks, brown necks, yellow necks and white necks) but at least they have common sense and seem to “live and let live” which is all I ask for.

    Does Texas allow Steeler fans to move there? Show some sympathy, we just lost to Cleveland. 🙂

    • KY minus Louisville and Lexington are just as Conservative as Texas. KY, TN, TX, AR and other states would make a great New America that follows the US Constitution to the letter. Keep your powder dry and yours eyes bright Sir!

  7. Earl, that’s an excellent article, thank you. Very good comments too.

    “Manmade CO2 induced global warming is a fantasy that only brainwashed children can believe.” Well said, except it’s not just children. More than 90% of humans unthinkingly accept the ‘Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming’ (AGW) dogma, indoctrinated since birth and unwilling or unable to question and analyse what they are told.

    The corrupt globalist United Nations, via its WHO and IPCC agencies, is the driver of both the covid scam and the man-made-warming hoax …


    Who really controls the United Nations?

    Dr Roger Higgs (independent UK geologist & wannabe Texan)

    • Thank you. I’ve been dealing with these folks for over 40 years. And the comment about the brainwashed children was meant to include the adults who still believe the propaganda. We (Texas) are open for business and would welcome another geologist. There are lots of them here.

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