Pushing “climate change” to distract attention

A “conspiracy theory” that the Gov knows very well that the next ice age is on the way.

Pushing “climate change” to distract attention

When confidence in a good future begins to fall apart, everything else will fall apart
By Ray Kraft

The US Government isn’t as stupid as it looks. For a long time the EPA had a chart up showing constant climate change during the last 10,000 years, but the Trump administration took it off line.

I have a “conspiracy theory” that the Gov knows very well that the next ice age is on the way, it just doesn’t know when, how soon, how quickly, so it pushes the “global warming / climate change” deal to distract attention, to keep people believing in the future, if we can “do something” about global warming (like going to renewable energy) we can maintain confidence.

When confidence in a good future begins to fall apart, everything else will fall apart.

If the climate is warming because of fossil fuels, we need to go to renewables to stop climate change, goes the story.

But if the next Ice Age is coming, we need to go to renewables because oil and gas are finite energy sources, they won’t last forever, they probably won’t last (at current production levels) more than a few decades.

If the human species as we know it is to survive the next Ice Age, its survivable will depend on solar and wind energy, and nuclear and hydrogen.

My guess is that by the end of the next Ice Age the small and scattered surviving tribes of humans will be foragers, hunters, gatherers, nomads, again, as they were before the last Ice Age.

There will be legends of a magical time in the distant past when there were wagons and chariots that moved themselves, without horses, and machines that flew in the sky with people in them!

And the people of 100,000 years from now will know these are just fantasies, myths, legends, campfire stories, bedtime stories, fairy tales, that such things are impossible.

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  1. Hydrogen is not fuel, it takes more energy to release it than you get from it. If we wanted to we could go to thorium fuel tomorrow. See the story on the Thorium/Mox reactor in Norway named Thor. They use Thorium pellets along with plutonium pellets in a conventional light water reactor. Essentially you can use any neutron emitting source. We could get rid of all our nuclear waste in a century or 2. Also much more efficient and safer than a conventional reactor.

  2. In Brazil most of the rivers are disappearing. Even in the Amazon Region we are diving in a sort of drought with no historical precedent. It looks as if the climate is changing abruptly.

    • Your rivers depend on the Rain forest, cut the forest down, your rain stops. In fact, in Indonesia they have cut down their rain forest for Palm oil plantations and regional temperature have gone up. But their rain is tied to El Nino and La Nina PDO variations.

    • Thank you for this. I have seen what is happening in the US where rivers and lakes are drying up but did not know it was a global problem.

  3. Ice ages don’t cover the globe in ice. Plenty of land that’s not ice covered. Plus, falling sea-level reveals more land. Civilization as we know it will be reeling for a while but won’t collapse. Of course the areas covered by ice will cease to exist as habitable places.

    • The how do you displace the humans in areas not covered in ice, By taking up their farm land and reducing the food supply for all?
      Or waiting 1000 year for the major drop in sea level to allow colonisation at the new sea level, or as the UN’s population management plan calls for, allow the Human population to crash 97% in 10 years by not planning for a Glaciation advance, or moving human heavy industry off planet and out into the Solar System.

  4. IMO. The reason behind GWA and now Climate Change was/is at least twofold… A) To put a clamp on industrialization for economic/strategic reasons… The smaller the GNP, the less Money available for Military Offense/Defense.. Both Russia and the USA initially refused to sign Kyoto for that very reason… B) Exorbitant Taxation – which we need like we need a hole in the head… Trillions in Carbon Tax Dollars to allegedly Cool Planet Earth? .. Would completely impoverish many nations and their already impoverished citizens for the conspiracy theory of paving the way for more Globalism Control….. As it was/is, Earth has NOT become noticeably warm (as was probably thought that it would be), nor have coastal cities become inundated in water, nor has the snow stopped falling… Et Cetera..

  5. Oil is infinite.

    Do some research and you will learn how and where it comes from.

    Try thinking of Calcium Carbonate under extreme temperature and pressure, as in the continents (Calcium Carbonate) being pushed under each other…….Oil is infinite.

  6. What a total load of idiocy. “Renewables” will never be remotely sufficient to ward off the ravages of a coming Ice Age. Global populations will collapse as will the civilizations of the most northern parts of Europe Eurasia, Asia and North America. Most of the major cities of these Northern regions will be swept off the face of the Earth as a glacial mass a mile deep buries them and plows them into the seas. The sooner we face this reality the sooner we can plan on where and how to live under these most severe of conditions. Face it, life is ephemeral.

  7. Their is not any way a battery system is going to last longer than 10 years! and that is what a Solar system is …

  8. Quote:
    If the human species as we know it is to survive the next Ice Age, its survivable will depend on solar and wind energy, and nuclear and hydrogen.
    No it will require a much different emphasis, base load will still be Nuclear, but based on Thorium until fusion replaces it, Coal, LN Gas will play a significant role for the next several hundred years.
    However significant population reductions will be required, either though population management similar to China’s one child policy, or wait for Bird flu to reduce the human population by more historical or biblical means.

  9. Time to outlaw the term “conspiracy theory”.
    It was coined by the deep state and its media to shut down discussions and make people with something to say look like idiots and social outcasts.

  10. “But if the next Ice Age is coming, we need to go to renewable’s because oil and gas are finite energy sources, they won’t last forever, they probably won’t last (at current production levels) more than a few decades.”

    Two problems:
    1 Glaciation will damage or destroy Hydrocarbon production infrastructure.
    2 Glaciation will do the same to nuclear power production infrastructure. Is anyone working on moving reactors, fuel and nuclear waste? Thought not.

    • The glacier build up is a mass flow problem. Look at the rate of ice accumulation and you find it is volatile but on a linear slope over 100, 000 years.

      This means it does not start as a mile thick, it ends as a mile thick after 100, 000 years.

      Snow in winter will arrive rapidly over large areas, but mostly melts in summer. The unmelted joins the ice sheet which advances about 800 feet per year. If you just take a short walk south, about the length of 8 home lots, each year, you stay ahead of the ice.

      Or think of it as taking one big step south per day….

      By the time ice gets to the first reactor site it will have long ago reached the end of service life snd been removed.

  11. solar n wind are stuff al use in cold or cloudy icy cold frosty weather
    fossil fuels coal wood and nuke is going to be the way to go as i see it.
    building nukes needs water thats not frozen a the intakes too,though smarter planning could run the hot outflows to prewarm some i reckon.

  12. People often say ‘but the government can’t be that stupid’ and then it shown that they are. With our Brexit in the UK the government are being incredibly stupid but few of us are aware of it as yet. The common theme is that it will be OK in the end, something will be done, there will be a deal. But these are statements of ignorance. Some think there is a cunning plan being developed by the government but no, the government lacks the intelligence for anything cunning.

  13. Márcio,

    Some strange water losses are reportedly happening in the Mississippi also, despite an otherwise abundance of rainfall this year. Is what your describing happening due to a lack of rainfall?

  14. I don’t see how we will live in small bands. Yes Canadians will have to move south because we don’t have the energy to melt the ice in the onslaught, but there will be plenty of unfrozen land along coasts and Missouri and southward.

    As for energy if we converted entirely to coal at present levels using only known reserves we have energy for 600 years. Uranium is poorly used. Breeder reactors are twice as efficient – 120 year supply of electricity there with current known supplies. Thorium could supply us until the earth is consumed by the sun. Methane hydrates just along the US coast could supply the world 3000 years if we figure out how to harvest it. The real problem is there will be much less land for food production.

    Yeah times will be tougher – but I highly doubt we will be reduced to hunter gatherers again.

    And besides if the earth is frozen what sense does it make to put solar cells on glaciers in Canada? They won’t produce much anyway.

    • There is way more Uranium than that.

      A key point about “reserves” of a resource is that it depends on price. Uranium prices are low right now. Raise them a little, the economic reserves doubles. It is Ultimately Recoverable Resource that matters,

      For Uranium, we know how to extract it from sea water at prices well inside those needed to make cheap electricity. It is just more costly at present than land based. Still near no impact on electricity costs, though.

      Now enough U erodes into the ocean each year to power the whole planet. That means we can extract it at that rate functionally forever. We run out of U when erosion stops and we run out of planet.


      Similarly for Thorium. We throw away tons of it each year. It is considered a toxic waste product of rare earth mining. Start using it in reactors and the price rises making that waste a resource. Mountains of “waste” become reserves overnight. The are beaches from the Carolinas to Florida with Thorium monzanite sands on them. There is no shortage of fission reactor fuels (and there never will be).

      It takes no special reactor to use it. Molten Salt Reactors may be better, but Thorium fuel bundles have been run in our present style light water reactors. Plus, the CANDU heavy water reactor loves the stuff too. We just don’t use it now because U is literally dirt cheap in ore on land.

      There is more Thorium than Uranium, and more acceptable cost Uranium than we can consume even if powering the whole planet.

      Fuel supply just isn’t a problem. Ever.

  15. Climate change is pushed as proof that sovereign nations cannot solve worldwide problems, thus the need for a world government.

    A government empowered with the ability to dictate all the way down to the individual level of life. Where you can live, where you can work, what you can eat, when you can have TV, what you can do on the internet, and the list goes on. It will also have the power to put whatever chemical or hormone is needed into the water, as an example, to insure that reproduction of “the lower caste” is limited to a level that merely replaces the “working parts” of the accepted social order.

    It will also have the power to decide who needs health care and who needs termination. It will be dispassionate, unreachable, unelected, and answerable only to itself. If you think that nations destroying their economic capacity and quality of life “for the greater good of GAIA makes no sense, you are not looking at the real reason it is happening, which I just described.

    • Welcome to the UN’s Agenda 2030.

      Their master plan would have the unelected UN run the planet as a socialist hegemony with national governments acting as local councils reporting to the UN. (A bit like the Roman Empire)

      Every scary distopian book or movie you have ever read or seen could be just around the corner!

  16. Actually, what US needs to do is plan for agriculture to move south, as climate will shift too, so corn growing will have to go south and SW deserts may become wetter and damper.

    What Canada should plan for, who knows…..

  17. Not so. South America has had mega droughts. As in the great Dust Bowl, modern farming magnifies the effects of drought. Many civilizations in tbe Americas have collape mega droughts. California is overdue for a mega drought as is much of North America.

    Grande Seca, the Great Drought, or the Brazilian drought of 1877–78




    Increasing population and demand for water are the main causes behind a major drought in southeastern Brazil in 2014-15, a new study finds.

  18. Fear-mongering bunk, shame on IAN, the vast majority of the world’s population will survive an ice-age, animal production for food will be greatly curtailed, a vegan diet will allow more than enough food production to occur at lower and mid latitudes, indoor food-production would expand massively, ice sheets capable of bulldozing some northern cities would take hundreds of years to form, in the mean-time, year-round snow removal in northern cities and along major travel-ways would be effective. There are thousands of years worth of coal and other natural fuels yet our disposal.

    • I have vegan family members and sometimes cook vegetarian even for myself. It is importantvto know what vegan is. Vegetarian means eating plant stuff. Vegan means eating only plant stuff never near an animal or involved in anything non-pc. No, I’m not joking.

      My niece told me where the Vegan Sugar was in the cupboard.. to the question of what makes it vegsn, I was told that it did not use animal products (gelatine) in the clarifying step. Since somewhere, someone, once, used gelatine finings, she buys “special” vegan sugar… Similarly, honey is forbidden as it was touched by bees and you are stealing their food.

      It goes like that through all food groups. Was animal derived wax used to wax your apples? Or even just the risk it could be? Then better go find certified vegan apples.

      Now, where there is some value in a plant diet in crises is in “feed conversion ratio” . A cow converts 10 dry pounds of feed to one pound of wet meat. A chicken is 3 lbs dry per pound chicken. ((Farmed trout are about 0.9 dry grain to 1 pound fish meat, but remember the meat is about 2/3 water, so “dry to dry” is more like 3:1). So for thousands of years, in famines, you eat the animals AND their feed.

      Where it is dumb to eat only vegetarian in a famine has to do with what animals can eat and we can’t. A barnyard chicken eats all kinds of small bugs and seeds we can’t find, never mind cook and eat. Ruminants (cows, sheep, goats, rabbits) can eat all sorts of plant parts we can not eat. Feeding the corn stalks and bean vines to a ruminant gives US more food. Letting the goats browse the shrubs effectively lets us eat shrubs as concentrated in goats

      This is why traditional agronomy systems include chickens, ruminants, and browsers. Because they can eat rangeland grass and shrubs when you can’t, but you can eat them.

      So in a famine, you don’t slaughter all your animals. Only those being fed grains or other human food. The stock eating browse, grazing on grasses, or chasing bugs in the bushes are kept as breeding stock and excess production is eaten until things improve.

      From a total food and energetics POV, eating vegetarian is a loser and vegan a bad joke. But since we feed 1/3 or so of corn to cars and chemicals, and way more to animals, we’ve got a LOT more grain than needed to feed people in a famine. So it would be a reasonable move to use most of that grain for people food if needed, and keep cows on rangeland.

      Useful rule of thumb:

      It takes about one dry pound to feed a person for one day. Cook up a pound of rice, or a pound of dry beans. It would take some effort to eat all that in a day (but easier if working hard or cold). So want a 100 day emergency food ration? Bug 50 lbs each of beans and rice…

      One ton feeds a person for 2000 days, or 6 people for a year if some are children. Now look up our tons of grain and legume production. We feed massive amounts, high percentages, to cows, pigs, chickens, fish, cars, etc. They are the ones who will lose in a famine, not us.

  19. Sigh, Mr. Kraft, why don’t you educate yourself before you post an article like this one. You keep talking about the “Next Ice Age” as if there is another one around the corner.

    Earth to Ray Kraft,….we’re already smack dab in the middle of a major ice age. Its known as the Pleistocene, and we’ve been in it for over 2.5 million years now. It is the next Glaciation you mean, and its only the next chapter in this current ice age journal.

    Come on fellow, study up on a little Quaternary Science, and educate thyself. Mr. Felix, shame on you for allowing this unedited misinformation.

  20. Colder means drier. Hotter means wetter.
    The colder the climate gets, the more water is captured and tied up in the various forms of ice.
    The warmer the climate gets the more water is released from those forms of ice.
    Yes I know that’s an over simplification but it holds true for the most part.

  21. So much wrong with this article. Very surprised you published it Mr. Felix. More like conspiracy bunkum than real science, or even an exercise in critical thinking.

  22. I read the comments with increasing disbelief.
    There seems to be very little comprehension that we are standing on the edge of a cliff and that most of us are going to be pushed over it soon.
    This coming winter will be drastic and next years far worse, crop loses will accelerate to the point that people cannot afford to eat.
    The average family in the USA has $100 in savings. That won’t pay the food bills next year and there will be riots and looting.
    FEMA already has the camps built , hundreds of them to lock up such people and their families but do they have the food to feed them ?
    Seriously we are looking at all hell breaking loose, have you seen the reports of the giant hailstorm in Argentina ? Their crops are blended in the field, totally pulped literally liquid fertiliser.
    There will be lots more such events.
    I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture already.
    We don’t need a fully blown ice age to destroy us just a solar minimum, it will make things that little bit colder and that’s all that’s needed. Plus it has shifted the jet stream and that will have catastrphic results.

  23. People will adapt in one form or another to what’s in front of them. Eventually there will be no question as to what direction the climate is headed and what needs to be done. I’m of the belief that it is going to take a minimum of 4 or 5 really harsh winters consecutively for people to say, “Wait aren’t we supposed to be warming it’s certainly not doing that.” Farmers are already beginning to adapt in some aspects like the big corporate ones have smartphone apps for example that measures soil temperatures and moisture. They control irrigation essentially with a push of a button and water conservation too this reduces waste. Up north here in Minnesota farmers actually purchase human waste from water treatment plants and use it as fertilizer here locally. Trucks carry it from the plant to the local farms enriching the soil because we do have a short growing season. In some areas you are beginning to see the steel container farms as well and people using vertical growing techniques. Agriculture will always adapt and because information moves so much faster than it did in the past humans are more equipped to deal with whatever comes up. Energy well on a small residential scale solar can work as long as you have barltteries to store power that you will need at night and cloudy days remember due to cosmic ray flux there will be more cloudy days than clear so solar does need to be more efficient than it is. I’m sure people are already working on that right now though. Long term Thorium reactors for energy seem to be the way to go. It will be hundreds of years if not thousands of years before we have continental ice problems outside of the mountains. If I was living at elevations though between 5000- 10000 ft like a lot of communities in the Rockies I’d consider leaving because that’s really the canary in the coal mine whatever change is going to happen it will probably happen there first (besides the Arctic and Antarctic which don’t have much people as it is).

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