Putin does not believe in the global warming hoax

“While climate change does exists, it is cyclical and man’s role is very limited…evidence for the need to ‘fight global warming’ is unfounded.” – Andrey Illarionov, former Senior Advisor to Putin

“Speaking before an international ‘Climate Change Conference”, Putin stated that Russia would only sign on to climate agreements after it thoroughly studies the issue. The New York Slimes has attacked him as a ‘climate denier’.”


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  1. How dare he attack the holy religion of human-caused climate change. He’s a heretic. But seriously, how can anyone who really studies climate and the climate history of the Earth and the cycles of the Sun believe in human-caused climate change unless they blindly adopt it like people do religions?

  2. It is ironic that those in countries famed for state propaganda machines and control of the media don’t believe the global warming rubbish but ‘free’ nations do. I would believe Russian and Chinese scientists over western ones on climate.

  3. Russian scientists are some of the best on the planet. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss their views on global warming and climate change if I was a warmist junkie.

  4. There has been more legitimate and genuine climate SCIENCE carried out in Russia since 2000 than anywhere in the West…..apart from anything else, Russia’s climate is such that generating energy from windmills and solar panels isn’t going to keep them warm. They will use oil, gas, coal, hydro, nuclear, wood first…….

    • One is a former intelligence officer, the other is a former community organizer. Putin is playing 3D chess, Barry is learning checkers.

  5. Over the last two years Putin has been very direct about his understanding of climate change. He has a staunch believer in the fact that climate operates in cycles and has variations with many factors having influence in intensity and duration. Putin is informed and does seem to believe his own scientists who have in several of the sciences advanced the idea that we are headed to a Maunder type ice age.

    I would rather have our scientists express a more dangerous cold period like the Maunder than the Dalton because it would give us cause to prepare more effectively. Perhaps we would over prepare if we had the right Leadership how ever it must be recognized the Russian scientists have been very clear on their research and findings while NASA and NOAA have been caught fudging the science being Govt/Obama shills.

    Can’t believe I’m typing this but it appears Putin/Russia is more interested in protecting people from the coming disaster than the American Govt & Obama.

  6. Argentina, Spetember 8, 2016: Grave panorama in La Rioja after the last snowfall.
    From Carpa they indicated that, after retiring snow, found the vine crops, walnut and olive trees with a “complicated and grim” picture.
    The Chamber of Agricultural Producers of La Rioja (Carp) reported yesterday that the withdrawal of the snow, found the vine crops, walnut and olive trees, which are the strong local production of the field, with a “complicated and grim” outlook for the heavy losses they present.
    Snow fall this week for the fourth time so far this year in the producing area it has been as a “herbicide” and left a “complicated and grim” outlook for producers.
    The most affected area is mountainous in the provincial west, which basically includes the departments of Chilecito, Famatina and Felipe Varela, but also fell in the northern region, comprising the departments Castro Barros, Arauco and San Blas de los Sauces.
    Mario Gonzalez, president of carp, said “the situation is complicated and devastating. This freeze will bring rigged production will be much lower. The primary buds that are best performance have burned “.
    What was celebrated as a feast for the eyes, with all the snow-capped mountain ranges in the province again, was a blow to the riojana agricultural production.
    Gonzalez said that “elongating olive trees that were already flowering vine in which they were buds with clusters, nut trees where it was already sprouted variety of Creole. It is really very serious situation in the sector, losses are important. ”
    For the first shoots, snow acted “as if he had thrown them a herbicide or he would cut the water for a month. They were dry. ”

  7. Any intelligent un indoctrinated person knows that Globull Warming is the greatest hoax for money ever portrayed on humanity.

  8. Lenin, Stalin, et al regarded Marxism as a tool to cynically use to wield power.
    American leftists, sad;y are always the greater fools, falling for this Bovine Scat hook, line and sinker.
    That, my friends, is the difference!

  9. With this new planet nine and what swarm satilites are seeing internally of the earth proves other things are going on.

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