The question is not about “Climate Change”

This is response to the article about Could questioning climate change become illegal.


The question is not about “Climate Change”

By Kenneth Lund

The question is not about “Climate Change.” Anyone who denies that the Climate Changes probably does not even know their own name. The question should be, “Is man responsible for Climate Change?”, something the Left will never say.

They have equated “Climate Change” to “Man Made Climate Change”.

They have done the same thing to Immigration – being against Illegal Immigration equates to against Immigration.

Now they are trying to do what dictators do when all else fails  “Make it Illegal to disagree.”

That is not the definition of Science; that is the definition of Inquisition, and the truth is what the inquisitor wants to hear. North Korea is a fine example of what happens when you are not allowed by law to disagree.

In my life time, the Science of how oil was/is created has changed several times and is still being questioned. Even Gravity is being questioned.

Science is never “settled,” it is always questioning the FACTS.

4 thoughts on “The question is not about “Climate Change””

  1. ‘Climate change’ is defined by the UNFCCC as caused by humans so in that case I don’t agree that there is such a thing but that we do live in a changing climate.

  2. The fable about the King having no clothes is closer to the truth today in the west than anytime in recent memory. I suspect the kids today are not even allowed access to the story…

  3. the desired goal is agenda 21 control of all land water and livelihoods regardless of private ownership tax paid etc
    and the gullible sheeple go along willingly.
    good thing some of us arent dumbed down compliant fools

    • Laurel the ones that are not dumbed down compliant fools are the ones being targeted by a proposed modern day inquisition. The dumbed down compliant fools are more or less safe and don’t matter providing that they don’t wake up and become enlightened. They will be the ones cheering when you or I are burned at the stake as heretics if we can’t defend ourselves.

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