Questioning Climate Hysteria – Video

“We question it, because science does not support the claims.”
“It is NOT true that there is a consensus. Not at all.”

Good news on Climate Change from Friends of Science!
We’re Safe. We’re Adaptable.

Is there a climate crisis? Is there a 97% ‘consensus’ on this? Friends of Science offers six points for your consideration and discussion.

1) Climate cycles between warm and cold

2) Warming benefits northern countries

3) CO2 enhances plant growth and crops

4) Sea levels change due to many factors

5) Warm climatic periods have more stable weather

6) Warming has economic benefits; “Climate Action” would cost more than doing nothing

Originally published on Mar 7, 2019

Thanks to Clive Schaupmeyer for this video

8 thoughts on “Questioning Climate Hysteria – Video”

  1. i am very sorrym this seaker s a blthering idiot. She sounds like such a nice calm voice of reason.

    Fact is she is not looking at cycles. She is only speaking about linear data. Without considering cycles one could easilyagre but ths is not just about data. Its about solar cycles abd what those cycles in ice trees soil and various radioactve materials found in soils and rocks.

    Soft reasonable voices will not address what we are seeing today, A reality check is necessary. The sun is producing less radiation Clouds are becoming more prevalent. The ice caps are growing, the great lakes are growing more ice and much deeper ice, glaciers are gaining millions upon millions of tons of ice, parts of the globe that havent seen snow in the lifetimes of their populations are seeing feet of snow, and thre can be no argument that people who think his change will simply be a atter of hundreds of years are missing what the total evidence reveals.


    • I find it intriguing that you would find this video a danger to us all. You speak of all sorts of climate disaster heading our way because of global cooling, yet you find a video that stands as calm reasoning AGAINST global warming, and all its attendant problems which will only make global cooling a worse event, as a danger. The truth is, it is a calm appeal to moderation, something necessary before you can reverse the trend.

      What you seem to want is for the challenge to global warming be done by “Chicken Little,” running around screaming “the temperature is falling, the temperature is falling!” In the face of the MSM saying otherwise, your “Chicken Little” would be laughed out of town, if not tarred and feathered.

      This video should have been welcomed by you, not blasted. You have to slow the train first, before you can avoid the train wreck waiting in the wings.

  2. There cannot be any “civil debate” on anything in western society when academia and the SJWs term any difference of opinion as hate speech or denialism.

    • An appeal to civil debate is still not a bad approach. I agree, listen to Mann, there is no civil debate – neither civil, nor debate. It seems rather obvious that this video is aimed at people that still think to some degree.

      And the obvious appeal to debate, when severely blocked by those you refer to, will only raise greater questions in the minds that still think. This fiasco will not be reversed by trying to pound sense into the minds of those that are wholly committed to killing civilization as we know it – except for that tier above all the rest that will not give up the niceties of modern civilization. It will be reversed by slowly changing the minds of those that still think, and are capable of making the right choices.

  3. “i am very sorry this seeker is a blithering idiot. ”

    I don’t think that someone who could actually write a ten word sentence containing four mistakes has any standing to call anybody an idiot.
    Nice, calm, reasonable vid, Robert; thanks!

    • My sentiments exactly. To say nothing of the fact that here point #1 was to look at climate cycles.

      My guess is that comment was coming from a young person who hates anyone older than themselves and won’t listen to experience.

      • Which unfortunately seems to par for most millennials, they have absorbed the propaganda and are politically active in support of it. It will take another 10 years before they find out the politicians kiss babies with their Mums permission and then steal their lollypops as well as the contents of Mums purse. The UK currently has 400 remoaners disobeying a people directive, they the MP are disabusing UK millennials that democracy only works for the powerful and they the rest don’t count.

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