So much rain that salmon are swimming across the road – Video

So much rain that salmon are swimming across the road – Video

More than 3 inches of rain is predicted for Seattle by many computer forecast models between now and Thanksgiving.

Computer forecast models are predicting up to 3 inches or more rainfall for the Puget Sound lowlands with as much as 4-10″ of rain in the Olympics and southern Cascade Mountains.

Meanwhile, Interstate 90 across Snoqualmie Pass remained temporarily closed as crews carried out avalanche control.

14 thoughts on “So much rain that salmon are swimming across the road – Video”

  1. Robert,

    Can’t say I did not warn that massive precipitation is on the way and why.
    6mm of sea level decline in one year is 3 times of what was rising.
    This generates a great deal of water vapor in the atmosphere.

    Food supplies will be the next to be effected.

    • We don’t need to worry about food or energy for heat because Obama, CIA director, all those working in the gov’t, the elite universities and institutions who pushed Global Warming will gladly share their food with us once it becomes obvious the world is cooling. We all know how honorable, caring and selfless the above are.

      So, no need to worry. The government of the United States will take good care of us after realizing its’ boo boo! After all that is why they make so much more than the private sector and recieve all those Great retirments. They are really good at what they do.

  2. Good for you Robert ! At least you can enjoy some flooding in and around Seattle. Better than SC – which is under a dry spell this fall. Enjoy the Salmon fishing !

  3. and I see the fish are smart enough to watch out for vehicles before crossing, smart fishies! grab some and smoke them robert, a little dried fish goes a long way with rice etc.

  4. So sad to see that beautiful fish hung up on the tar with its gills out of water and no one with enough brains to push it back in to the deeper water so it can get its strength back.

  5. The Salmon are swimming across the road? Heck, I’d get out there and start collecting them! Fresh, wild King Salmon were $8.99 per pound at the Pike Place Market when I was there in August.

  6. Big deal. Here in Florida the walking catfish stroll across the road every time there’s a thunderstorm. Slimy, slithery, hard to grab, with needle-sharp barbs loaded with bacteria that will make you sick if they poke you. And not even good eating. They taste like swamp mud and every dead thing they ever ate.

  7. I live about 6 miles from where this video is shot & I’m laughing about the hu-bu-balu! This happens every year. What I can say about this area (lived here about 30 years/get approx. 60″-75″+ precip. a year), we’ve definitely seen more extreme rain events over the past few years. Yes, I believe Mr. Felix’s hypothesis has merit….No, I don’t believe in “global warming”. BTW, if you haven’t already bought a turkey…. stuffed salmon (wild rice, bacon, lemon,thyme, garlic, butter….etc!) is a great substitute!

  8. Increased precipitation in the form of rain is not the cause of this 6mm decline in sea level. It is the increase in the amount of snow and ice accumulating and then not melting in the summer that brings on such changes. Although Europe is in the grip of a warmer and drier than normal autumn unfortunately the same cannot be said about the North America where the snow and ice that afell last winter is still yet to melt and probably is not going to melt. There has been extra amounts of snow falling in the interior of Antactica and in Greenland. 6mm per year seems little but over extended period of time becomes very huge.

  9. With all the rain in the Seattle area I’m not at all surprised that this is happening. It doesn’t help that the drains can’t handle the abnormally high rain fall. I’m seeing streets that have never flooded before flood. I wouldn’t be surprised if new communities began building storm drains if this keeps up. Normally the curved streets and drains can handle the rain water.

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