Those aren’t just raindrops falling on our heads – Part 1

“The U.S. and many NATO countries are spraying in order to save the planet from runaway global warming,” says well-known geo-engineer.

Those aren’t just raindrops falling on our heads (Part 1)

By Climatologist Cliff Harris

A short time ago, a concerned reader of my column named Bob (no last name given) dropped off a DVD entitled, “What in the World are They Spraying?” It was produced by G. Edward Griffin and narrated by journalist Michael J. Murphy.

I, of course, was suspicious at first of this Truth Media tape, but actually watched it twice and took 14 pages of notes. The evidence was clear.

This DVD claims that many areas of the U.S., Canada, Europe and elsewhere are being sprayed almost on a daily basis by ‘chemtrails’ of toxic heavy metals, particularly aluminum. These are not the normal quickly dispersed jet ‘contrails’ as often seen.

These chemtrails are composed of tiny glass fibers coated with light-reflective aluminum that are intended to bounce many of the sun’s rays back into space with the express purpose of cooling the planet. The chemtrails often cover the sky from horizon-to-horizon.

Aluminum has four times the volumetric capacity of sulfur dioxide particles. It’s very inexpensive and the coagulation rate is extremely low.

David Keith, a well-known geoengineer from the University of Calgary, said recently in a San Diego Climate Seminar, “the U.S. and many NATO countries are spraying in order to save the planet from runaway global warming.”

It is the opinion of this climatologist that these reckless climate scientists, their greedy corporate sponsors and money-hungry geoengineers are PLAYING GOD. They are spending precious taxpayer dollars on these risky schemes without our permission or congressional approval for the most part. Follow the money and you’ll always find the culprits.

What they are doing is VERY DANGEROUS! Thus far, they haven’t seen success. Our weather is worse than ever. Just look at all the tornadoes, the massive floods, the choking droughts, the ‘rare’ Hawaii hailstorm last month and this month’s worst lightning storm in recorded history in San Francisco.

When asked about the possible harmful effects of dumping 10 MILLION MEGATONS of aluminum and other heavy metals on an unsuspecting population, the evasive Mr. Keith said this in a futile attempt to be humorous;

“We don’t know yet about any harmful side effects. We’re taking our chances for possible good results. One might say that we’re ‘free-riding’ on the future health of our grandkids.” (Well, Mr. Keith, the joke is apparently on these kids!)

As former State Senator from Arizona, Karen Johnson, says on the tape, “this toxic spraying in the stratosphere eventually precipitates aluminum and other heavy metals on our trees, plants, animals, humans and our critical water supplies.”

She at least partially blames the skyrocketing cases of Alzheimers, dementia and strokes on the extremely elevated levels of cadmium, mercury and aluminum in recent blood, urine and hair samples of older adults.

Senator Johnson also points out that even young children have had their hair samples showing extremely elevated levels of aluminum and other toxic heavy metals that could possibly be the cause of rapidly increasing autism.

Aluminum in high concentrations can clog arteries. It is likewise known to be a carcinogen. It has a ‘half life’ of decades. (My wife quit using aluminum cookware and other utensils many years ago due to the added risks to our health.)

Johnson also points out that “millions of trees are dying in the Far West from beetle infestations and high heavy metal concentrations that are “off the charts.”

Trees that contain high levels of aluminum literally “explode like roman candles” during forest fires which have consumed millions of acres of the Far West in recent years.

Speaking of the Far West, don’t drink the snowmelt runoff water from once pristine Mt. Shasta. It’s highly contaminated by heavy metals, especially aluminum.

According to water and solar expert, Dave Wigington, “there is a mountain of toxic material in the Shasta area resulting from the high altitude spraying and the resulting chemtrails and artificial cloud layers that precipitate heavy metals daily.”

Recent water samples have shown levels of aluminum as high as 61,000 parts per billion compared with the normal of just 1,000 parts per billion. That’s 61 times more aluminum than the government allows for safe drinking! And, that doesn’t count the 83 parts per billion of toxic barium or the 383 parts per billion of strontium. (Remember the Strontium 90 scare of the 1950s in our milk supposedly caused by China?)

Francis Mangels, a Lake Shasta biologist, claims that the Ph factors of soil samples taken recently in his part of the country have “skyrocketed to more than ten times the normal of 5.5 to 5.6!”

His ponds are only fed by rainwater, no springs. They are ‘dangerously polluted’ by heavy metals, especially aluminum. Most of the fish and insects have died.

Mangels added, “we should remember that our government bombarded North Vietnam 40 years ago with Agent Orange and other very toxic chemicals. Now, they’re experimenting on us.” (Their eventual goal is apparently ‘to own the weather,’ in my opinion.)

It’s been often said that “the nation that controls the weather will rule the world.” The ‘race is on,’ folks.

© Copyright Cliff Harris. Posted by permission.

Climatologist Cliff Harris posted this article on his website here:

I’ll be posting Part Two tomorrow.

Note: As I mention in “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps,” spikes in strontium and other radioactive materials have occurred at many previous magnetic reversals. Those spikes also appear in the geologic record in sync with ice ages.

Why? Because our magnetosphere protects us from cosmic rays. As our magnetic-field strength declines, it allows more and more of these materials to rain onto our planet.

I’d therefore be curious to learn how much of the strontium that is now raining onto Mt. Shasta may be originating from cosmic rays rather than human activity.

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  1. Chemtrails? According to the chemtrailophiles they have been doing this since the late 50’s. The most prevelant theory as to why usually is population control.
    Despite this our life expectancy continues to lengthen, our population continues to grow, Our over all health continues to improve. When is this stuff supposed to do its damage?
    No one has ever come forward to ‘expose’ the program. No ground crew who would have loaded the planes, no air crew that would have piolted the plane no scientist that would have developed the stuff. Nothing.
    I am, needless to say very, very skeptical.

  2. Sorry but this is going way too far.

    10 MILLION MEGATONS of aluminium , to put that amount into the athmosphere by aircrafts , come on , do the math.

    • Good point!:-)
      Another point is Al is not a heavy metal.
      “… Aluminium … is a silvery white member of the boron group of chemical elements. It has the symbol Al, and its atomic number is 13…”, which is only 2 protons more than Sodium.
      But Al is very abundant,
      “… Aluminium is the third most abundant element … and the most abundant metal … in the Earth’s crust…”
      If the warmists believe that CO2 is a poison/pollutant of the atmosphere causing “climate change” then why would they add even more pollutants in the air to counterbalance the effect of the first one?
      It makes no sense, even for a warmist mind.
      I think this article is bogus to some extent, but the idea of increased amounts of some metals, like strontium as Robert said, in connection with increased bombardment of cosmic rays in recent times is something that is quite revealing of the real changes that are happening now.
      Al26 is a radioactive isotope that is said to be formed “… from argon in the atmosphere by spallation caused by cosmic-ray protons …” (wiki)
      Therefore, the increase in Al could also be connected with an increase in cosmic ray incidence.

      • listened to gates recently?
        hes all for bioengineering the planet.
        and the recent rise in POLIO is caused BY the live attenuated Vax. YOU go do some research!. and type in SV40 to help you some more.

        and the you could really take the time to learn before saying its april fools etc by reading an article that states the USA govt Approved use of aerial spraying or all of the above in the 70s and 80s.
        company now called green??(something has the contracts for similar)
        I will dig the file out and send it to Robert, its a saved file in word and I dont know how to get it to the page.

      • Thanks F Guimaraes,
        Finally somebody who understand the point that Robert was making with this article.
        People seem to be so convinced that nature is uncapable of anything bad for the planet that they completely miss the point.

    • Yeah, 10 million megatons. That would be a whole lot of aluminum in the jet fuel, or in specially designed, high altitutde, sraying airplane . . . which have never been seen or heard of by anyone . . . no leaks, no whistleblowers.

  3. I also suspect that autism rates and other abnormalities in children are due to mercury and other toxins in vaccines; kids now receive dozens of jabs loaded with poisons. And don’t forget flouride in drinking water, GMO foods, pesticides, BPA, etc., etc. This is America today.

      • We live longer only because of medical intervention. Without modern medicine/operations we wouldn’t be living any longer than people 500 years ago. Good food and plenty of it, sanitary conditions (sewers, clean water, etc.) have more to do with longer life than anything else.

        • Yes and if there really was a cabal to get rid of us they certainly would not be encouraging those things.

        • Dude some people on this rapidly detriorating world live well into the 100s n some folk don’t even know how old they aee…many of the healthiest communities on the planet are being exterminated by monsanto n the banks so to say that we know how old n healthy people we’re across the whole planet 500 years ago is a farce n communities still go to see real shaman n are healed…

      • The baby boomer generation are going to increase the life expectancy rate. However the generations after then will cause it to fall back again.
        The obesity ratio and the amount of Junk/chemical/processed foods are already affecting the younger generations. “Old peoples” diseases such as type II diabetes are now infiltrating the young at alarming proportions.

        On topic. This alarmist aluminum chemtrail conspiracy has been doing the rounds for a number of years already.

        • You mean the baby boomers that smoked, drank and snorted their way through the 60’s 70’s and 80’s? Their going to cause a statistical blimp in life expectancy? Not the kids now days that wouldn’t smoke a cigarette if their life depended on it? Hmmm interesting theory.

      • klonger maybe..however the average 50+ person and many younger as well seems to be taking at least 5!! prescribed meds, usually told for bloodpressure, statins(though they manage to kill a few off with them every year) diabetes, as the main ones and then of course meds to deal with the side effects of them.
        the incidence of Autism HAS gone from something like ONE in 10k kids to 100 per thousand? whatever the correct figure it staggered me to read it recently.
        babies from less than 48! hrs cop a Hep B jab and some 60+ others before teenage.
        that, simply, is insane.!

        • Yes. You are correct about the meds. The big pharma companies make a lot of money on them so they get pushed hard. But and this is a big but, I am not sure you can have one without the other.
          As far as autism I do not believe that there has been an increase in the number that have it, I believe there is an increase in the number that are diagnosied with it. Big difference.
          As far as vaccines go in the US alone we used to lose hundreds of thousands of children yearly with out them. Compare that to today and even if there are side effects to them(which there aren’t) the number affected is infinitesimal
          compared to the deaths that used to occur.

      • Thanks Pat. Now I am hooked on these Penn and Teller BS videos. As if I didn’t have enough distractions.

  4. “… As I mention in “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps,” spikes in strontium and other radioactive materials have occurred at many previous magnetic reversals. Those spikes also appear in the geologic record in sync with ice ages… ”
    Therefore, you saying, Robert, that the weakening that we’re presently experiencing in Earth’s Magnetosphere also happened at the beginning of previous Ice Ages?
    In my mind this would make perfect sense if it’s true.
    I have this impression that all the phenomena that we’re observing now in connection with the weather and solar cycles is being essentially determined by alterations of the magnetic fields of Earth and the Sun, all of it!

    • Yes I am.

      Here’s what I say in “Not by Fire but by Ice” (p. 198)

      Look at the number of catastrophes that have befallen our planet in almost perfect sync with equinoctial precession during the last 127,000 years alone:

      127 kya – Barbados and other islands rise. Ice age ends abruptly. A period of warmth similar to today’s begins Broecker). Homo sapiens neanderthalis suddenly appears (Hoyle).

      115 kya – Blake magnetic reversal. Carbon-14 and strontium peaks. Ice age begins abruptly following a period of warmth similar to today’s. Sea levels surge 20 feet, then plunge at least 50 feet, all in less than a century.

      103 kya – Ice age ends. Barbados, other islands rise during a major earthquake. Beryllium spike.

      91 kya – Ice age begins catastrophically (in less than a hundred years) from a climate even warmer than today (Dansgaard & Duplessey). Beryllium spoke. Heavy volcanism (Kennett & Huddleston).

      80 kya – Ice age ends. Barbados, other islands rise during a major earthquake. Lake Missoula flood.

      69 kya – Yellowstone lava flow (Christiansen). Ice age begins abruptly. Rising reefs (Bloom). Beryllium spike.

      58 kya – Mass extinction (40%). Giant pigs, giant baboons, three- toed horses . . . all gone. Beryllium spike. Rising reefs. Major volcanism (Dawson). Ice age ends.

      47 kya – Laschamps magnetic excursion. Ice age begins abruptly. Homo sapiens suddenly appears (Royal Tyrrell Museum). Rising reefs. Arizona’s Meteor Crater forms. (A deep source magnetic minimum, perhaps “unrelated to a meteor” underlies Meteor Crater.) (Regan and Hinze)

      34 kya – Lake Mungo (Australia) magnetic excursion. Extinction. Short-term ice build-up, then ice age ends abruptly. Lake Missoula flood. Lake Bonneville flood. Beryllium spike. Intensive volcanism. Neanderthal disappears (Eldredge).

      23 kya – Mono Lake magnetic excursion. Extinction. Ice age begins abruptly. European elephant disappears. Mammoths clobbered. Carbon-14 spike. Beryllium spike. Major volcanism. The Mono Lake event actually straddles a layer of ash (Liddicoat).

      11 kya – Gothenburg magnetic excursion. Extinction; 72% of large mammal species go extinct, only 10% of small mammal species disappear. Rapid and severe ice build-up, then ice age ends in less than 20 years (Dansgaard). Today’s warm period begins. Spikes in carbon-14, beryllium, and many other elements. Earthquakes in Scotland, Canada, and Scandinavia (Ringrose). Tectonic uplift along Nile, possibly worldwide (Dawson). Exposed beds south of Göteburg uplift. Sea temperatures rise 10oF to 18oF. Gulf of Mexico flood. Lake Bonneville flood. Alberta’s badlands flood. Connecticut River flood. Lake Missoula flood. St. Lawrence River flood. Nile River flood (Fairbridge). Many other superfloods. Worldwide volcanism (Lamb). Mexican volcanism “firmly” dated at 11,580  70 years (Street-Perrott). Germany’s West Eiffel fields erupt (Lamb). Mount St. Helens ash interlayered with Lake Missoula flood deposits, indicating simultaneous events (Chernicoff). Glacier Peak, Washington, erupts (Dawson). Alaskan volcanism of tremendous proportions. In Alaska and Siberia, ash lies interspersed through the piles of mammoth bones themselves. (Hibben). Mt. Katla, Iceland, erupts (Dawson).

      0 kya – And that brings us to today, a period of rising sea levels, rising lake levels, rising sea temperatures, rising seismic activity, rising volcanic activity, and the worst floods in more than 500 years.

    • Mr. Lewis. I am not an idiot and neither are the other folks who regularly post on this site.
      If the goal is to murder us than why do we continue to enjoy increasingly healthful and ever longer lives? Why do we continue to see new and ever improved treatments for the maladies that have plagued mankind for ever?
      Why do we continue to increase crop yields? Enjoy food prices that are a pittance of our incomes as compared with the prices our grandparents paid?
      The air we breath is cleaner, the cars we drive are safer, the roads are better.
      Why is all this effort to improve our lives being put forth? Is perhaps that there is no conspiracy? There is no desire to kill us all off or reduce the population dramatically? Is it just possible that reasonable people really are running the show and not megalomaniacal ideologues?

  5. If this is true?!? Wouldn’t it be something if this purported activity caused Runaway Global Cooling????

    Maybe this stuff is being sneaked into the fuel, unbeknownst to personnel. Stranger things have happened.

  6. About 2014, if predictions of a couple of solar physics and Ice Age experts are right, the climate is going cold. Duration may be from decades to 70,000 years depending on which one has the cycles figured right. I would not want to be Mr. David Keith when that happens.

    • No it isn’t for years now I’ve been documenting n making videos of the chemtrailing scum murdering nature n everything…there are always chemplanes in airspace with no authorized civilian flight paths n last Sunday near 60 planes came over in just over an hour spraying n then just the odd one as per usual…it’s so obvious it’s a joke n everybodies getting sick…Adgenda 21 anyone? Hope you don’t have any children to worry about as they’ll soon be living n dying on a hell world…maybe you could try o help them instead of your incredibly lazy n mindlessly unsubstantiated reply?

    • Cloud seeding is well documented. Not sure about aluminum use but silver iodide was used in beiging olympics,propane and various other compounds they say…in experiments around the world for cloud precipitation experiments.

      You have control of most of it, although
      God has the final word. Keep in close
      contact with Him and you won’t have to worry so much!!

    • To Bob Ramar: With all due respect, all you have to do is Google the terms “Aluminum Oxide nanoparticle Toxicology” or Aluminum Oxide np Combustion study and you will find a wealth of DOD, DARPA and USAF studies (conducted with your tax dollars) that not only show the logic of “why” these materials are used, but what the hazards are as well. In one study of the effect of Aluminum Oxide np on rats, it was found to undermine the immune system of these lab animals by suppressing the ability of Machrophages (white blood cells) to engulf bacteria through the process known as “phagocytosis”. Want to guess why this is bad for you? Or can you figure it out all by yourself? Anyone who uses the right search terms, will find the scientific papers (including the Welsbach weather engineering patents) that call for the use of precisely the same powdered metals for cloud seeding that are turning up in water supplies world-wide. Even in areas with little to no natural deposits of these metals in the geography. There is no other way to explain it.

  7. Deniers of this article are most likely the same ones who will vote for MORE OF THE SAME this coming November 2012 elections!
    Now tell me one thing; while this time bomb is ticking, whom are you going to believe when it explodes?
    Your “lovely and protective government”, or you will believe us, the whistle-blowers?
    Just curious.

  8. A couple of points, aluminium is classed as a heavy metal for medical effect on the body, and the annual world production of aluminium is ~40 million tons. 10 billion tons would take a long time to produce at that rate.
    The recent photo of the interior of a purported spray plane has been analysed digitally and found to be suspicious, (Rense dot com)

    On the other hand there is good evidence that various cities have been sprayed with experimental substances, and I wouldn’t trust the military – industrial complex not to compromise the population at large.

  9. “dumping 10 MILLION MEGATONS of aluminum” Think about this. Payload of 747 cargo plane is 29000kg. Assuming that tis started 40 years ago, it will have used 8,620,690 plane trips every year for that period. Global Al. production in 2006 ( was 50 mln ton. This assumption uses 5 times global Al. production over the last 40 year every year ! Rubbish, this crap is bad for the credibility of your site!

  10. With regards our life span has lengthened, I say, have you really ever walked through the old parts of the average cemetery? If you have, you will see that many people lived to be into their 80s, just like we do now. Has that changed? Not really.

    I admit that the amount being stated as being sprayed sounds ludicrously high, but the results would be exactly what this article is saying – overall cooling. As for not knowing the results, I say bullshit. They know exactly what they are doing, and it isn’t to save the planet from runaway heating, it is to save the planet from runaway population – at least in their minds.

    It is sad that the author chose to use such a ridiculously high amount of aluminum as it obviously was intended to shock you into thinking “Oh my God!” but instead makes you blow off the article as bullshit. Wake up. The article isn’t wrong other than the amount being sprayed. We are all expendable to those that control events through touch screen voting machines and the media. Sadly, revolution, in its most ugly form, seems to be the only way the majority can take back planet Earth from those that control the apparent wealth.

    • I have walked through many old cemeteries. I took rubbings from many of the old cemeteries in the Boston area in the early 1980’s. I have placed flags on head stones at 3 National cemeteries. Most people did not make it to their 80’s.
      Life expectancy in 1900 for a male in the US was 46 years old. A serious cut or case of pneumonia was almost a death sentence.
      You can rationalize all you want but the fact is we live longer healthier lives now than we ever did. That is in large part because of govt sponsored programs in immunization, hygiene, nutrition, industrial safety, etc etc. If Uncle Sam or Mr. Mao or John Bull or whomever wanted us dead we would be dead. Count on it.

  11. Sure thing Bob,

    These ‘sky wide’ CON trails are only present where there is a ABUNDANT MOISTURE in the upper TROPOSPHERE (the Stratosphere, right, only military flies that high which is generally over 55,000 feet, well above any private or commerical ceiling, except the now defunct Concorde)…on dry days con trails are short if they can be seen at all.

    Besides, wouldn’t burning AL in jet fuel cause some sort of engine malfunction?

    • As someone who has worked on military aircraft, flown military aircraft and helped to design them, I can say unequivocally that the “trails” that persist all day are not con-trail (condensation trails). And there is an Air Force study that can be found on the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) website where nanoparticles of Aluminum Oxide were added to jet fuel (up to 40% by weight and it enhanced engine combustion. Why? For the same reason that this material is used in Thermite and Super Thermite explosives: Aluminum Oxide is two atoms of Aluminum combined with three atoms of Oxygen. During combustion the Oxygen is consumed in the reaction, and because of the ability of Aluminum to easily cast off and then recombine with Oxygen, a reaction using Al2O3 nanoparticles creates its own Oxygen supply. This is why forest fires in Arizona and Colorado, where the chemtrailing fallout is so high have been true conflagrations consuming thousands of square miles of forest. And it also enables military aircraft to fly at much higher altitudes because the Oxygen needed for combustion is sitting right there, in the fuel, albeit completely inert until combustion occurs. Another aspect of this practice that is so insidious, is that Aluminum Oxide is a terrific conductor of electricity, and as such, it enables much more powerful lightning strikes to occur in clouds that are generated as moisture condenses on the Aluminum nuclei. More powerful lightning strikes occurring more often means more forest fires. And yes, this component of geo-engineering does allow for “steering” weather systems, particularly if one knows the radio frequency resonance of these microscopic-sized nanoparticles. Remember that, because these particles are all the same size, they all have the same frequency. That means that if the area of the sky where the spraying has occurred is painted with a powerful radar frequency that matches this resonance, these particles all heat up as one tremendous air mass, and rise to a higher altitude by convection. This creates a powerful low pressure system, and the ability to generate even more powerful tornadoes, storms and yes– even hurricanes. Do this process several times across a given region in sequence and you can in fact steer a storm system. To validate the RF resonance idea, see “John Kanzius cancer cure” on YouTube. This is the same principle. BTW, whose stupid idea was it to have a comment window the size of a postage stamp? Not very user-friendly!

      • So, would you say that HAARP is a part of this unbelievable deception?

        “That means that if the area of the sky where the spraying has occurred is painted with a powerful radar frequency that matches this resonance, these particles all heat up as one tremendous air mass, and rise to a higher altitude by convection.”-Mark M.

        What you say re: Aluminum Oxide in jet fuel is both interesting and disturbing simultaneously.

  12. This was brought to my attention by a friend about a year ago who sent me a link to this geoengineering website and told me about the movie “What In the World Are They Spraying.” So I bought the DVD and saw the interviews with former State Senator Karen Johnson and Mr. Mangels, the very credible biologist in the Mt. Shasta area. Being a meteorologist, having a substantial background in toxicology, knowing one of the AGW professors who was interviewed on camera during a geoengineering conference near the beginning of the DVD, I was profoundly disturbed by this movie. Truth be told, it shook me to the core. I conclude that if this is true, it is the single greatest threat facing us. This is because aluminum is so very toxic and bioaccumulates in the brain and there would be no escaping it.

    But I seem to recall that GMO (genetically modified organisms) food proponents were also behind this as they had developed strains of crops resistant to high levels of aluminum in the soil.

    I’m just hoping against hope that this is not real, because if it is, God help us all. Anyone who has an inside track to an elected official please buy the movie and judge this for yourself.

    Robert Felix – Thank you for your decision to post this and please continue to keep this subject in the forefront. I can see how AGW extremists could actually support this thinking this is the lesser of the two evils.

  13. People lived longer in the past than they do today. The only reason why the life expectancy increased from 40 to 78 is due to the saving of lives of babies and children through antibiotics. Half of the children died from infections prior to World War 2. People who made it past childhood usually made it to 90 in perfect health. BLAME WOMEN WHO CANT COOK AND THE DAMAGED FOOD SUPPLY.

  14. It is difficult enough to get people with a bit of skepticism about AGW to read this site without getting into into lunatic territory. Chemtrails are nothing but the paranoid rantings of people who do not understand what it is they are proposing. Please, Robert, don’t undermine the credibility of the site with this nonsense.

    • I agree with you Jeremy, at least to some extent. This is why Robert has introduced the Cosmic Ray angle as re. increased Strontium 90 and other heavy metals allegedly detected in the atmosphere. Robert is not endorsing this story. It’s good to be aware of even the nuttiest theories that are being put forth. It was once thought that the Earth was flat!

      I also agree with John T below, as he points out the persistence of contrails has much to do with temperature, humidity, and dewpoint levels in the altitudes where these contrails occur.

      Other comments about lack of whistle-blowers/secrecy cast further doubt on the credibility of this sensational news item. It is reminiscent of the many extraterrestrial ufo claims.

  15. Dear Robert,
    much as I like you and appreciate the valuable contribution you have made to human knowledge you really let yourself down when you say ”
    toxic heavy metals, particularly aluminum.”
    Aluminium as I would call it is not a “heavy” metal.
    Quite the reverse in fact it is a very light metal.
    Please don’t take my word for it and check with someone who knows about these things.
    Best regards

  16. Welcome to the Cold War only this time it will be with WEATHER!

    Thankfully they haven’t reached the stage where they can make hurricanes race up the West Coast.

  17. I’m not a scientist – but how light/heavy is this stuff? How long would it take to get from where it’s sparayed back down to earth? Years? or millenium? As far as contrails are concerned, is it possible that the air has cooled closer to the ground, leading to contrails that don’t dissolve but linger and spread across the sky? Perhaps it’s better to stick to science. All we have is an hypothesis regarding chemtrails….and there’s always the possibility of a deliberate muddying of the waters, if only to get people at each others throats, thereby losing sight of the bigger picture…

  18. Malthusian theory states mans population depends on his success in agriculture,ability to feed everybody in a country. I’ve heard the phrase”useless eaters”but not everyone in the world goes to bed at night with a full stomach,these days. My opinion is mans suppressing mother nature for a longtime with vaccines,possibly weakening immune systems. In a near by city here…news was “paramedics refuse flu vaccine”even though their contract stated they must because of their contact with the flu on a yearly basis. One of the cemeterys I drove thru ,I seen a monument memorial marking the citys 1920s spanish flu virus outbreak…the huge area or mass grave tells the tale,size of a football field. As pathogens keep morphing, how long can science suppress these invisible grim reapers,there’s a long history of world pandemics…black plague,typhoid,small pox,flues etc.

  19. Is this web site dedicated to countering the absurd nonsense of Algore and other fools, or is it dedicated to pubishing absurd nonsense? If you are all about pushing absurd nonsense I’ll leave now.

  20. So many “scientists”, so little knowledge of the fundamentals of physics, chemistry, biology and other sciences.

    Carbon dioxide is entirely required for the growth of green plants. More would be better for our ecosystem.

    During the 1940s and 1950s, there were much lower levels of CO2. A harvest of corn of 60 bushels per acre was called a “bumper crop”. Because of higher levels of CO2 as of now, a yield of 145 bushels per acre is common.

  21. I dont know if this is disinfo,but anyone heard of project cloverleaf?If not it would not hurt to listen to whats being said on talk radio(THE POWER HOUR)talks with AC Griffith about these so called chemtrails,this radio interview was done a few years back,it should still be on youtube. We live in the age of deception so we need to pay attention and not have a it sounds crazy so it doesnt exist attitude.And thank you robert for having the guts to bring up this topic because it needs to be addressed.

  22. Those aren’t rain drops. It’s Obama peeing down our necks and telling us it’s raining..!

  23. Several years ago, scientists at the Big Bear Solar Observatory (Big Bear, CA) decided to take a new measurement of the earth’s albedo after a hiatus of five years. They took the measurement by measuring the amount of ‘earthshine’ bouncing off the crescent moon. They were stunned to discover that in the intervening five years, the earth’s albedo had increased by some 200%! (Google ‘earth’s albedo, big bear, 200%’)And they were at a complete loss to explain this incredible change. When I read of their confusion I thought to myself, “Open the damned window and look up at the sky.” The chemtrail program – perhaps more accurately described as the Persistent Aerosol Program – has been underway ON A GLOBAL BASIS at least since 1999. Since countries of every possible political persuasion seem to be involved it must have something to do wi th the global climate – in other words, a top-secret atmospheric terraforming project is going on in plain sight directly over our heads. I can’t help but wonder if the main impetus behind this program is to prevent an imminent ice age from once again taking hold. (This time around the northern hemisphere is highly industrialized.) The problem is that the ingestion of highly reflective heavy metal partticulate such as aluminum, barium and others is not good for plants, animals and US! (Since these highly anomalous ‘contrails’ are sprayed continuously, it seems safe to infer that the particulate makes it way to ground level fairly rapidly.)

  24. I am the man that asked David Kieth the question refered to by Robert. What Mr. Keith said was 20 million tones. Yes, to the math and the math works. Just because Robert made mistake on saying megatons, does not negate this issue. Skeptics simply have not done any investigation and probably won’t. More comfortable that way. For the record, respiratory mortality in the US has gone from 8th on the list of death to 3rd in five years. Happy breathing. All the denial in the world will not change the fact that we are all being exposed to lethal amounts of completely toxic particulates. Really want to learn about this? See “”

  25. There are so many holes in the “chemtrail” concept I don’t know where to begin but it’s obvious believers know little about meteorology and aviation. There are no flights above 18,000′ that are not on an IFR flightplan and controlled by ATC. None. That includes military planes. Also, no aircraft can be modified without FAA approval. So for all of this to be going on, the FAA, the military, the airlines and all personel that have any contact with planes including air and ground crews must be in on the conspiracy. Do you seriously believe something on this scope is possible?

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