Ramping up the ‘Crisis’

A carefully orchestrated marketing program.

Ramping up the ‘Crisis’

Ian Campbell

The climate catastrophists have certainly ramped things up over the past few months. The title is now climate “crisis”. Little Greta/Joan of Arc is doing her tour of North America. And the Extinction Rebellion fascists as disrupting society around the World.

All of this strikes me as part of a carefully orchestrated marketing program. There is no way all of this happens without a great deal of organization and planning. I wonder who the principle players are that are running this show.


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  1. “All of this strikes me as part of a carefully orchestrated marketing program. There is no way all of this happens without a great deal of organization and planning. I wonder who the principle players are that are running this show.”

    The financial and political backing for the AGW/Climate Change movement is not coming from populist or grass-roots sources, but from the political and economic Establishment. The Bolsheviks and the Nazis were supported by the international bankers, and so is the AGW/Climate Change movement, which is a “social engineering” project designed to consolidate the power of the ruling class and make permanent serfs of the masses. The austerities and restrictions imposed by the AGW/Climate Change regime will serve to limit the opportunities and upward social mobility of the masses and legalize the integration of elitist corporations with the government.

  2. The climate alarmists are facing a cooling climate. Time for them is running out and they have a far more difficult sell. Will the average person believe them when those living in northern climes are walking through snow drifts for half the year or more?

  3. One should consider the stratospheric reaches of power within the financial system as the main culprit. Finance is a country of its own stretching around the world whose main power centers are New York and London. We are dealing here with a strata of finance that for centuries has made its living dealing with and manipulating the princes of the Earth.

    Central banking is its creature beginning with the Bank of England and extending to the Federal Reserve and beyond. The powers in the financial system have been accused of being the power behind the decisions of governments to go to war in World Wars I and II, have been manipulating recessions and booms throughout the last century and this and are the prime source of funding for the destructive social movements of our own day. Their goal is to secure and maintain world domination by mastering the governments of the countries they finance.

    The above is a really old story going back, perhaps, 1500 years. Events have not always gone the way of the money changers throughout that history but they have always been in there pitching. The last two centuries have seen their fortunes swell until today they are within reach of ultimate power.

    Think about it. The massive sums needed to finance all the various social movements, the wars without reward; where else would you think such funding could come from but from the masters of money, themselves? Who else would have the money to buy politicians not with simple bribes for specific legislation but to buy up wholesale whole careers? Who else but these bankers can, as a matter of course, finance the entire industrial system and arrange for the revolving door between government and industry. Politicians become businessmen and businessmen become politicians, sometimes elected, sometimes appointees to the highest levels of the bureaucracy.

    All the Western governments and societies are permeated with their schemes. This elephant is so vast that most observers are like the blind men examining a real elephant. They see the trunk, the tusks, the legs, the tail and each interprets the whole as a separate phenomenon. So it is here. Only the global warming, environmental support is examined here be cause of the restricted interest in climate, but the true picture is much vaster.

    The bankers stand accused of having financed the political movements of the last two centuries, socialism and fascism, as tools for their schemes of domination. Through these movements they have constructed by action and reaction much of the modern world.

    The environmental movement itself is an elitist interpretation of the world announced by the Club of Rome in 1970 and which has sought public enthusiasm from the beginning. The following is from the web page of the club of Rome and in their own words shows something of the origin of this organization.

    ‘At the invitation of Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King, some 30 European scientists, economists and industrialists gathered in Rome to discuss global problems. The meeting was a monumental flop. King had asked a colleague at the OECD, the astrophysicist Erich Jantsch, to prepare a background paper for discussion. It was a brilliant essay, but too abstract, complicated and controversial. At a dinner afterwards with a small group of participants, they agreed they had been “too foolish, naive and impatient” and simply did not understand the subject enough. They decided to spend the following year educating themselves and call this discussion circle the “Club of Rome”.’

    Is this not interesting? A few important people around a dinner table after having their message rejected in a pubic forum, launch a movement that threatens to destroy the world by saving it. One must consider who financed their efforts and where their backer’s money came from as they pushed their new doctrine upon the world.

    I simply cannot do justice to this long and sordid history here. Extensive reading is necessary across many fields. If you have time for it please take it up. The world runs on money and those who possess it and control it have built a world they see to their advantage. There is nothing of democracy or even good sense in this ambition.

    • The economist Michael Hudson writes extensively about the F.I.R.E. sector–i.e. Finance, Insurance, Real Estate. He describes these as the rentiers–whose income is unearned. With the U.S. Government response to the 2008 financial collapse, the financiers were put in total control.

      The best analogy I can imagine is to see society and the productive economy as a healthy organism, with finance existing as a metastisizing tumor sucking the lifeblood out of society.

  4. “I wonder who the principle players are that are running this show.”
    Ultimately it’s the power hungry UN elites and it’s crony profiteers of doom. Follow the money!

  5. The real question is: How cold/snowy does it have to get or how many times do these Machiavellian SOB’s have to change their narrative before 51% of the public actually wake up and realize they are being totally scammed?

    A certain percentage can be fooled all of the time. If only we could get them all in one place and let them collectively shoot themselves in the foot…oh yeah, it’s called California…

  6. I saw a report that the UN was almost apparently broke including reports that staff may not be paid in December as many countries including the US hadn’t yet paid their 2019 “dues”.

    Bet ya that has zero impact on the climate boondoggle though – that will always go ahead come hell or high water.

    Kinda says a lot about the UN priorities – throw everything out with the bath water – except the IPCC of course.

  7. Well that would be orchestrated by the worlds elite who want their NWO global government to kick in (paid for by carbon money ofcourse). See Bilderbergers (who meet in secret every year to plan our society). Their motto is: (their) Order out of (their) Chaos. You will not be voting in these global leaders ofcourse, but you will have to abide by their rules. It will be a cashless society so they can track you, and there will be microchipping(which you dare not take!!)

  8. The frontmen:

    Banksters in the carbon trade: Carbon ring consortium by Rothschild, Blended Finance Taskforce, Ford, Toyota, British Airways, Unilever, BP, HSBC, JP Morgan.

    Then you have the smaller fish like the “King of Wind” from Italy. Getting contracts and funneling them back to the organizers of the sham.

    The even smaller fish (personal experience) like different “secret” groups getting the rights to buy windmill shares first (promised output 90% whatever the wind).

    We are in the “chaos phase” now as Yuri Bezmenov described it.

  9. lil grumpy was in Denver i gather for another perfomance
    hope she copped the cold bigtime
    as for whos funding it?
    her PR co mates and the idiots donating to them
    george soros as always, anything to disrupt society and grab investments cheap etc is always his gig
    exreb mobs pulled many thousands of pounds last few days
    so much they can PAY their “special protestors/members” a weekly income.
    the morons downunder who took 2 weeks off work to protest UNpaid? well maybe not so unpaid??? wont be as happy if they werent offered the same i bet

  10. You cannot argue facts and figures with these people. The people that understand them don’t care because they have another agenda, and the people that don’t understand them will only get confused and default to what feels good.
    Emotional arguments are the only way to approach alarmists. Fight fire with fire.
    Fight irrational, unscientific, knee jerk responses with emotional arguments from the opposite side.
    Speak their language.

  11. Who is Ramping up the ‘Crisis’ ? Read the great bestseller book by Ellen White called “The Great Controversy” (especially chapter 35) and you will find out the answer about who is ramping or trying to take over the world and is behind every major evil agenda. ( Also read “The Secret Terrorists” and “The enemy unmasked” by Bill Hughes and see YouTube: Bill Hughes; Behind the Door (part 1) at minute 14:40 and see comment .)

    “No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the knowledge of the Vatican’s part in it. And no significant world political situation exists in which the Vatican does not play an important explicit or implicit part.” – Guy Emery Shipler.

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