‘Rare’ early freeze in Russia

In Magadan such frosts usually do not begin earlier than the third week of August.

The first frosts are expected in the Magadan Region-Meteonovosti-RU.

“In the central regions of the Magadan region, such early frosts are rare.”

Expected to freeze to -3°C

In the central areas on July 31 … In the daytime the temperature will rise to 14..19°C, at night +2 .. + 7, with a clearing expected to freeze to -3°C (26.6°F).

In the central regions of the Magadan region, such early frosts are rare. And in Magadan itself, the frosts begin not earlier than the third decade of August. (I assume this means the third week.)

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Magadan Oblast outlined in red

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Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

7 thoughts on “‘Rare’ early freeze in Russia”

  1. Last year the weather experts said to watch how fast this region cools and it will be a good predictor of how cold it will be in N. America months later. Hopefully this is not the beginning of a cooling trend and is just an anomaly.

    • I think this is finally the predicted cooling getting under way now that the El Nino has gone. Difficult to ignore the second freezing winter in S America as just a blip. And on other sites there is evidence that they are fiddling away a cooling across the US this month.

  2. just by visiting your site daily, you can see we are going thru cooling and you are just reporting the news; something the “news media” will not do. if “the news” would report just half of your stories, the threat of “global warming” would be over and the real threat would be taken seriously of global cooling from a minimum and the real efforts would change from throwing money out of the window, windmills; to being able to maximize agriculture production during a cooling period to be able to support feeding the world’s population.

    but no, let’s ignore what is staring us in the face. I hope the world is ready to see worldwide starvation because another degree of cooling and it will have it.

  3. New England has been cool this summer…and rainy. Lots and lots of rain. No significant heat waves. Even tonight, what is typically the warmest period of the summer, they are predicting low temps in the 40s and even high 30s in the colder hollows. My sixth sense and anecdotal observation tells me we entering a transition into colder annual average temps.

  4. In the Benelux,summer is definitely on it’s way out,and it’s not even August yet,the cooling has set in and it scares me,this is only the beginning.

  5. The mainstream media are only interested in reporting the weather if it is unusually hot, as it was in England around the summer solstice, and as it has been in much of southern Europe during July and into August. They simply ignore the many unusually examples of unseasonably cold weather when they occur, or, if they do report them, because they are just too obvious to the citizens who are experiencing them, they never make a connection between them and the possibility of a cooling planet or incipient Ice Age (Little or otherwise.)

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