Rare Pelicans starving – Can’t reach fish in frozen Caspian Sea

Rare Pelicans starving – Can’t reach fish in frozen Caspian Sea

With an average wingspan of more than 10-feet (3-m) and a mean weight of 25 lbs (11.5 kg), the threatened Dalmatian pelican is the world’s heaviest flying bird … and it’s dying from the cold.

Dalmation pelican - Courtesy Wikipedia

“Rare Dalmatian pelicans, a threatened species, are dying of cold and hunger amid freezing weather in Russia’s usually warm Dagestan, where the birds are currently wintering,” says this article RiaNovosti.

The birds flew to Makhachkala last week from the frozen deltas of the Volga and Terek rivers up north.

Unfortunately, temperatures of minus 20-30C (-4 to -22 F) have swept Russia’s southern latitudes, leaving the Caspian Sea coated in a thick layer of ice.

An adult Dalmatian pelican requires at least 5 pounds (2.5 kg) of fish daily, which it scoops along with great masses of water out of the surface of the water, but the ice-covered sea prevents them from feeding.

About 20 birds have died of hunger despite hundreds of pounds of fish that Dagestan’s Nature Protection Ministry is buying each day to feed them, spokesman Arslan Dydymov said.

Fears are that their current number of about 500 (in this particular area) could shrink by half by the end of winter.

The current freeze in Europe is causing great damage to the environment,animals and birds. Imagine the uproar in the mainstream media if they were being killed by a record heat wave rather than by record cold.


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“These birds are not just rare, they are threatened,” says Stephanie. “There are only 1,400 of them living in southern Russia, which is critically low … and they’re dying from the cold.”

10 thoughts on “Rare Pelicans starving – Can’t reach fish in frozen Caspian Sea

  1. As much as I like the “where is Al Gore?” joke, I am saddened by the wildlife losses. The bible speaks of God taking care of the birds of the air and we are to be stewards of His world.
    We have alot of room for improvement….

    • “We” did not create the cold. Neither did “We” cause the Caspian to freeze over. “We” did not cause these amazing birds to go down an evolutionary dead end. “We” also did not cause the extinction of 99% of everything that has ever lived on this big blue marble.
      “We” are providing these magnificent birds with hundreds of pounds of food daily in a (misguided) effort to help them.
      “We” have brought back many species from the edge of extinction.
      As far as out deal with God, “We” were kicked out of the garden, so I say that’s breech of contract and “We” are off the hook.

    • Yes, the “warmists” are saying the major cooling due to the grand solar minimum won’t happen, but it *is* starting right now, before our very eyes.
      We may start to improve ourselves by paying more attention to Mother Nature.

  2. I clicked to read this article for the first time scroll down about your relation to the Al Gore joke D-Man. Then I look to the left of the red ‘Leave a Reply” and under the “Click for full size” link I see Al Gore buried in snow… I also clicked refresh a few times to make sure it was not triggered somehow, but its not so what are the chances? I don’t believe in signs but this would be one if I did 😉


  3. …and yet, all we hear about is alleged warming. Again I read today of a study here in Oz about ocean sea currents and how the new data they found (an undersea waterfall in the Tasman) will help them study “the effects” of global warming.

    The inmates, it seems, are running the asylum. The only warming visible is coming from friction from the mints printing AGW research grants.

  4. Id like to see some PETA or other folks out there doing their bit to save these really truly endangered species.
    will we?
    dont bet your house on it.
    in fact bet nothing at all cos thats what they are doing to put money or bodies where their mouths are!
    nice their govt IS trying.

  5. Robert – you could not have said it better:

    “Imagine the UPROAR in the mainstream media if they were being killed by a record heat wave rather than by record COLD.”

    I mean, this is not some non-descript little brown insect, lizard, rodent. This is THE LARGEST FLYING BIRD IN THE WORLD (competing with male bustards).

    And it’s SO CUTE – with all of those fluffy feathers around it’s head.

    That 20 pelicans have died, even with people feeding them, is a travesty that should be on ALL NEWS CHANNELS.

    And winter is not over yet! (in these areas)

  6. (sarcastically) bias you think the gov would step in and do something about that.

    truly a tradgey for the birds they should move further south. .

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