Rare snowfall in Rome – European cities shiver

Record temperatures across much of Europe.

“In Germany, certain parts have reported record low temperatures of minus 27 degrees Celsius (minus 16.6F),”  said rt.com. In Moscow, the mercury dipped to nearly -20 C (-4 F).

Temperatures in Bucharest, Romania fell as low minus 8C, with the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations calling in 5,000 officials to help people adversely affected by the cold.

Just a few centimeters (inches) of snow blanketed Rome but it was enough to paralyze the city. “Italy sends in army to combat Siberian ‘beast from the east’,” read the headline on rt.com.

Same in Croatia, which deployed some 1,000 soldiers to clear snow in the worst-affected areas which have been ground to a halt by up to 1.5 meters (5ft) of snow, reports The State.

Neighboring Bulgaria experienced snowdrifts of as much as 40cm (16 inches) in some parts.


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11 thoughts on “Rare snowfall in Rome – European cities shiver”

  1. Even though I have 2 Science based University Degrees, I still think in “F” degrees when it comes to weather.

    Can we make an agreement here? Let us write all temperature readings in BOTH F and C?

    Thank you.

  2. The temperatures are much lower than reported in this article. Most parts of Romania witnessed temperatures well below – 10 degrees Celsius. Also Southern half of Romania is experiencing severe blizzard and heavy snow. It snowed in some areas up to 15 inches in less than 24 hours.



  3. It really can’t be repeated enough that this is traditionally spring, and no one would be surprised if it were warm, like years ago.

  4. @Global Cooling:

    It could be worse. In High School Chemistry, we did everything in both K and Rankine for energy equations. At the time, the USA was all F and Europe C so our instructor made sure we could work in both systems… Yes, FOUR different scales. F an R, C and K.

    On the plus side, I no longer care WHAT scale is used…

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