Rare snowfall in WA’s south

2 July 2017 –  Hikers taking the 6km round-trip trek up to Bluff Knoll, in Western Australia’s Great Southern region, found the peak of the Stirling Range snow-capped on Sunday morning.

Bluff Knoll, the third highest peak in WA, stands 1095m (3592 ft) above sea level. It is one of the few places in the state where it can actually snow on the rare occasion.

Visitors built a snowman and even partook in the tradition of being photographed “in the buff on the bluff”.




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  1. Throughout the week in wet, windy and cool (Moscow) ‘Summed’
    The coolest is the day (on the week) July 7. On Friday, the minimum temperature in the region only 5..10°C, which is close to an absolute minimum (to Moscow of 4.9°C in 1894).
    And by day in the capital, about 15°C. The average daily temperature will be below the normal about 6°C and it’s seems more like the first decade of May or mid-September.
    -More Cosmic rays = More clouds or rain = Hottest year ever! That’s our Contemporary Science.

  2. It snowed in Mt. Pleasant, a suburb of Perth in 1956. I know as I was there. Our front lawn at 44 Ullapool Rd. turned white. Didn’t last more than a few hours, but it happened.

  3. Meanwhile in the ice free summer arctic……

  4. http://www.landscheidt.info/?q=node/50
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