Rationing vegetables in Europe due to snow and cold

Two weeks ago, I warned that the Price of veggies in northern Europe could skyrocket. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. Well, that’s if you consider a tripling in price a problem.

European consumers have been plunged into crisis by a severe vegetable shortage, warns an article today on heatst.com.

Last month, a blast of snow and cold swept across large parts of southern Europe.

As a result, shops across the continent have seen their shelves stripped of green produce like lettuce, broccoli and spinach.

Courgettes (zucchinis), aubergines (eggplant) and peppers have also been badly affected.

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In order to obtain these now-rare commodities, importers say they must pay more than triple the usual price.

Some stores have actually started rationing sales.

The problem is particularly acute in the U.K.

“We had snow covering the Greek Islands, we had snow in Italy and we saw that pushing into Spain,” said  BBC weather forecaster Nick Miller.




Thanks to Ben Vorlich,  Dean Koehler, David Johnson  and Phil Salmon for these links

“Is this an I-told-you-so-moment?” asks Phil.

Don’t say I haven’t been warning you (says Robert).  The day will come when we will be fighting in the streets for food.

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  1. This has been an emerging issue in Northern Canada for a few years now, and it is getting worse. Not just the far north where food prices are insane, but from anywhere in Central Canada going North everybody is feeling the pain, esp when buying fruits and veggies of any kind. In West Central BC I pay at least 5 times what I paid in Vancouver. Here are just 2 examples out of hundreds:


  2. The olive price will go up, and the Italian Mafia will make loads of dosh legally. Try Greek Olives, they are far better, particularly those from Lesbos and the other islands.
    Italian Olive trees have also been affected with a virus/fungus attack, this might account for the smaller olives being used in the canning process.
    South Italian date palms have also been affected by a virus/fungus attack this has been spread by birds to the Greek western coast as well. The infections kill the growing tips of the palms causing it to die off.
    The infected tip must then be burnt and the trunk used as wood fuel for cooking etc.

  3. Interesting.

    and the Euro Nannycrats in Brussels want to micromanage the entire ag-space, continent wide?

    the E.U. will be global cooling’s first political fatality

    • I hope so. And I hope it results in the downfall of every single government, television and media companies and all the universities that promoted the global warming /climate change agenda. I have been fighting this climate change bullshit for twenty years now and I love hearing from my kids who were torn between believing their Mum or their teachers ‘Mum, you were right!’

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