Record snowfall across Europe, Asia and USA – Video

Oceans cooling in every hemisphere. Storm after storm after storm to pound the United States. 

More than double normal snowfalls.

Multiple feet of snow already fell in November!

Almost 3 feet (almost a meter) of snow in New York, 2 feet (60 cm) in Vermont, a foot (30 cm) or more in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Thanks to Don Brown for this video



9 thoughts on “Record snowfall across Europe, Asia and USA – Video”

  1. we had record warm temperatures in the UK today, but last week we were down at -10C. Standard models predict mild weather with no major snow falls before the 20th December. Some of this stuff above is out of date

    • Record UK temperatures due to a strong Meridional Atlantic Jet Stream bringing very warm, wet air up from the still Tropical mid Atlantic, the position of that Jet Stream depends on the position of European Block High pressure.
      That high pressure system is currently centred over Finland. However, the High presure system is forecast to build strongly over the next 10 days to cover much of Western Europe with -3C average temperatures.
      This weather pattern will drive a significant number of vigorous storms between Iceland and Green land, and on into the Arctic ocean on its track around the Scandinavian blocking High. In the process dump trillions more tons of snow onto the Greenland and Iceland icecaps over the next 10 days.
      I would suggest that this is a normal pattern for a European NAO winter, deep cold stretching from the Urals to Germany, with the west coastal region of Europe just above 0C with rain though November and much of December. Followed by Deep snow and freezing weather for much of January and February affecting Europe and the British Isles. For examples, in the modern era look at 1947, 1953, 1963, and 2010.
      For a list of significant NAO winters, with the majority occurring during periods of reduced solar output, check out this WIKI:
      In the majority of cases the freeze start toward the end of December and in the most extreme last for 13 weeks (during the Sporer and Maunder Solar Grand Minimums)

  2. And all in the ‘warmest year evah’! The Weather Channel seems to be in denial of the falling temperatures with a laughable claim that the sharp drop doesn’t exist.

  3. Magnetism weak and strong internally. Could this be affecting the warm and cold temperatures of the water? And could the reversals actually be not aborted reversals or full reversal;.but atemted reversals ? And the last full reversal happed 200 thousand years ago, And not over due . A attempted reversal would be the similar one during the sinking of platos Atlantis. We all may be wrong, and a different type of avent it going on.

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