Reader writes to Senator warning of imminent ice age

Little Ice Age in 13 years! Big ice age coming soon, in geological time.

Reader Jimmy Walter sent this letter to U.S. Senator Rand Paul:

This scientific paper describes a model that is 97% accurate going back thousands and thousands of year. It predicts the beginning of a little ice age (Marauder Minimum) in 13 years! The attachment is the full scientific paper.

The alarmists are lying and trying to make changes for what will not happen, and those changes will kill people in the little ice age, not to mention a million times worse during the coming full ice age.

We need to plan for crops that will survive the coming cold. We need much more energy which solar panels will probably not supply due to increased clouding.

Robert Felix’s book, “Not by Fire, but by ICE” gives some details on what crops will survive and a good, full ice age history. His current blog is

The attached paper by Joshua Pearce at MTU in Minnesota has more detailed what to do.

Please let me know it the honorable Senator actually reads this. I know you have thousands, if not millions of emails. This one can turn the tide on the alarmists.

With respect,
Jimmy Walter


Mr. Walter attached these studies to his letter:

Heartbeat of the Sun from Principal Component Analysis and prediction of solar activity on a millenium timescale

Irregular heartbeat of the Sun driven by double dynamo

Feeding everyone if the sun is obscured and industry is disabled


10 thoughts on “Reader writes to Senator warning of imminent ice age”

  1. Quote:
    “It predicts the beginning of a little ice age (Marauder Minimum) in 13 years! The attachment is the full scientific paper”.
    Many of the peer review papers which investigated previous Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) and the abrupt interface between the Grand Solar Maximum (GSMax 140 years) and its abrupt decent into a GSM of 32 years can be seen though the various gas proxy records and in Europe fresh water shell fish records, again fully peer reviewed scientist paper.
    For example the LALIA GSM showed a 10 year lag between the Warm and Cold phase and the change over from benign, to cold, very wet, windy, and long NH winters as identified in the European fossil record for the 600 AD period.
    The point I’m making is that Sun entered a GSM with the start of this SC24 during 2008, we are now nearly 10 years into the decent lag period, and even now the changes identified in the LALIA period are being locked into the modern fissile record.
    Cold and Wet means exactly that on a world-wide basis, It doesn’t mean iceberg floating on the Thames, it might do within 1200 years from now, but not yet!
    Jimmy Walter is unfortunately 13 years out, the Solar Energy Cool Period has already begun, SC25 will be even lower in energy output than the deepest cycle during Dalton, and a Gleissberg mutil-cycle cool period is to follow. It might warm up again after 2056.
    However, full marks to Jimmy for socking it to em!

    • We may have “entered” the solar cool period, but the warning is about the Maunder Minimum, not “entering” it. There may well be a 13 year slide into its depths. I doubt that the world temperature is going to drop 5 degrees overnight, but 13 years isn’t an unreasonably long time to see cold build towards the minimum.

      • I agree, but my point was just when, did the cooling train leave the station. In my view it has already left.
        Leaving making the changes to various Government edicts such as the UK AGW Climate Change Act until we are neck deep in snow and ice may be too late for many living in the UK on benefits, or the minimum wage, to survive the cold to come, and having to survie without electrical or gas energy as they have run out.

  2. I’m sure Jimmy Walter will get a response to his letter that thanks him for his letter and research and assures him that the government will give it due consideration. That of course will be the end of the matter. It isn’t Jimmy’s fault. The problem is institutional resistance to change, the truth and anything that interferes with politicians and civil servants agenda’s , salaries and pensions. That is part of the reason the world is in such a mess.

  3. What if the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts during the sun decrease its solar output? The consequences are the longer ice age than just from the reduced output of our Sun, and the humanity including the Earth’s ecology could perish all together.
    Earth would be happy without us humans not animals and plant-kind. Earth is an living organism therefore we need to take care of this planet by developing eco-friendly technologies in the future.

    • The problem with your last sentence is that only technologically advanced wealthy societies have the “luxury” of caring for the environment – the rest are too busy fighting for survival.

      Whilst some believe there are too many people on Earth always remember that technologically advanced wealthy societies :-

      1. Have the lowest birth rates – some are even negative.

      2. Have the highest environmental care.

      3. Have the lowest pollution rates.

      Poor less advanced societies have the highest birth rates, the worst pollution and zero environmental care or protection.

      Lifting the poor out of desperate poverty holds the greatest chance for humanity to save wildernesses.

      Perhaps instead of all the BS about China’s one child policy where western countries criticized China as a human rights abuser we ought to have offered total encouragement to China for trying to control its population – which it has partly achieved.

      We desperately need to help China and India immediately else the human population will continue without any hope of a plateau.

    • Tambora super volcano which is the same size as Yellowstone and it varied the climate for around ten of years. The eruption took place during 1815 during the latter stages of the Dalton GSM.
      The above site also refers to another 1808 VIE 7 eruption based on the SO2 records, but is not able to identify the site.
      The real difference between Tambora and Yellow stone is population density, the loss of life in the US could be significantly higher than a large island chain like Indonesia.

    • The world doesn’t care one way or another if mankind exists or not. We don’t matter to the planet. Life and death happens get used to it.

  4. Nice way to go. Promoting an ice age using the same 97% et all arguments as the warmista’s use.

    And then this “Marauder Minimum….” WTHIT?

    Are we dealing with brain dead people here or what?

    Whatever is thrown at us in terms of natural weather variations, extremes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami’s, comet or meteorite impacts or everything the sun throws at us, we have absolutely no control over it.


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