REAL Reason For Spike in Coronavirus Cases Revealed

“Vast majority of patients are better within 2-3 days and would be described as “having a cold (a mild one at that) or symptoms related to allergies.”


Former NY Times reporter Alex Berenson exposes the real reason for the spike in Coronavirus ‘cases.’

JB Neiman, a Managing Partner and General Counsel of a Texas-based company that owns 13 free-standing ER clinics, contacted Berenson to tell him what is really going on. Neiman explained that in June, his clinics tested over 2,231 patients and saw a COVID-19 positive test rate close to 20% (was 4-6% positive in May).

The executive pointed out that the “vast majority of the cases are mild to very mild symptoms.” (or asymptomatic)

  • More testing kits means they are able to test a broader group of patients.
  • Clinically, they’ve had “very few hospital transfers because of COVID.”
  • Vast majority of patients are better within 2-3 days and would be described as “having a cold (a mild one at that) or symptoms related to allergies.
  • Most patients are given a steroid shot and antibiotics and by the time they have follow-up calls, the patients are no longer experiencing any symptoms.
  • Roughly half have been told by their employer to get a test — if they have a sneeze or a cough, their employer tells them to go home and get tested.
  • The other half just want to know if they have COVID (some have mild symptoms and some have no symptoms).
  • In reality, the hospital ICUs are filled with really sick people with NON-COVID issues. They didn’t come in earlier because they were scared and now they are SUPER SICK.

And according to Berenson, from multiple sources at different hospitals: They have plenty of capacity and no shortage of acute care beds.

Discharge planners are being pressured to put COVID as primary diagnosis because it pays significantly better, according to JB Neiman.

Neiman concluded: “… the fatality rate is less that commonly reported.”

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  1. 2020-06-29: The data from the CDC for weeks 1 to 22 in 2020: West Virginia is missing week 22 and North Carolina is missing weeks 20, 21 & 22. I’ll re-run this again when they update the data.

    For 2020 the USA has an “excess death” rate about 10.1% (124,419) higher than the previous 4 year average for weeks 1 to 22.

    I’ve added a “Monthly” folder with all the data for each month. You can view the rise and fall of excess deaths for the country as a whole or on a state by state basis. This should help see the effects of re-opening.

    For the entire USA: January -0.3; February 0.7; March 4.6; April 33.3; May 11.6

    So April was the worst month.

    The script and all related files are here if you want to kick the tires:

    • You should know also that any death data they report in the US that is on a weekly or monthly basis is considered “provisional” – meaning they know there will be places slow to report. Personally I’d take that data with a grain of salt and not read too much into it.

      The “normal” death data for the US takes as much as 2-3 years to become FINAL, because they are waiting to make sure they get all the reports. You can see that information in the titles of death data reports from CDC. CDC gets it’s data from the states and most of what gets reported is the
      resident deaths … meaning the death is reported by where the decadent was living at the time of death. That means if someone dies in another state they have to wait until state B reports the death to state A and then state A sends the info to CDC. There could be a considerably longer wait if someone dies outside the US.

      There also tend to be changes in some causes of death in the injury death data. For example when an autopsy is required – they are required to issue a death certificate within 3 days by law… but if the death is being investigated by the medical examiner and cause of injury is not obvious … they may call the cause of death “undetermined” initially/. The coroner who signed the original death certificate may go back and change that. This would typically happen if they suspect a possible homicide or suicide or if they need to send out samples for drug testing – because investigating those can take weeks or even months for results to come back.

    • We don’t know what fraction of the deaths were the disease (covid19) and what fraction were the cure (deaths from fatally postponing care for everything else while setting aside care capacity for the covid19 wave that didn’t reach predicted peaks).

  2. Fear of the “unknown” is a GREAT control method of a mass population. Yes the virus is real but I am thinking it was a “massive lab experiment” to measure its “effectiveness”. And now there are rumblings of another “swine” that could be visiting soon… which is really the one to be aware of. All the events have achieved the desired impact of damage to all lives.
    The question to really ask is what is our attention being diverted from?

    • the other swine G4 is more normal and we DO have the ability to whizz vax for the H N strains already
      if 10+% of piggery workers teseted for antibodies and 4.4% general pop
      then its NOT going to be that bad as there obviously werent large groups OR notable deaths in the last few yrs theyve know of it.
      but it made good scare em headlines for the presstitutes

    • I agree … but I believe some of what they are doing is “testing” methods for controlling us to be used in the future for things like controlling populations as it pertains to their policies about “global warming”, New World order, etc.

  3. Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports Slated to Roll Out in 15 Countries

    COVI-PASS will determine whether you can go to a restaurant, if you need a medical test, or are due for a talking-to by authorities in a post-COVID world. Consent is voluntary, but enforcement will be compulsory.

    Last year, a government commission called for the US to adopt an AI-driven mass surveillance system far beyond that used in any other country in order to ensure American hegemony in artificial intelligence. Now, many of the “obstacles” they had cited as preventing its implementation are rapidly being removed under the guise of combating the coronavirus crisis.

    The Manchester based philanthropist [eugenicist]
    MANCHESTER, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2020 / Louis-James Davis the 31 year old British tech entrepreneur who founded cyber security tech company VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE) – has today confirmed that he has stepped down from his role as the Science & Technology Ambassador to the Zimbabwean Government with effect from today, Monday 9th March 2020.

    Bottom Line:
    Ancient eugenics, the Arnold prize essay for 1913
    by Roper, Allen G

  4. So glad that you think 60,000 Death in England alone is nothing. I didn’t realise that this site was for right wing nutters. I can no longer visit.

      • They’re kind of like the “woman in red” in The Matrix. When you are talking to them, you’re not talking to them. You’re talking to the agents. You’re talking to the machines. Try it sometime. You’ll see what I mean. It’s like talking to a single algorithm that is running in millions of people’s brains.
        Understanding the People Around Us – What Are They?

    • The global population is 7 800 million and the average life expectancy is 70-75 years. Divide 7 800 000 by 72.5 and you’ll get the average turnover or death rate = 108 million/annum. Total death rate ASCRIBED to Covid-19 is just over 500 000. Even if it reaches 1 million, that is less than 1% of total deaths. Do the same math for the USA or UK to realize that this is a storm in a teacup.

    • Paul, 60000 deaths out of a population of nearly 68 million doesn’t even register on the scale.
      1600 people die every day in the U.K normally.
      Lets put this pandemic in to perspective.
      1892 110000 deaths in the U.K in 3 months due to the pandemic
      99.7% of the population survived.
      1918 285000 people dead in the U.K during the pandemic
      99.5% of the population survived, 50 to 100 million died worldwide
      1957 pandemic 35000 dead in the U.K and 1 to 2 million world wide
      1969 pandemic 85000 dead in the U.K and 2 to 4 million worldwide
      [ adjust upwards for the lower population in those times]
      These pandemics were all NEW coronavirus strains with no cure, just as now.
      Do you live in your own little bubble where no one ever dies?

    • 60,000 deaths that have been wrongly diagnosed, and hyped up by the the media. If this plandemic was real, why doesn’t India have more than 18,000 deaths with a population of 1.3 billion?

    • 60k from a pop of?? many millions
      stats wise its still low
      personally for those who lost loved ones of course its awful
      in Aus we hit 8k+ cases and 1 few over 100 deaths from 25mil or so
      youd think the world was ending but the rates are staggeringly LOW in reality

      we now have superstupids spreading it and rates rising again;-(

    • Paul,
      Is that “60,000 Death in England” with COVID19 or because of COVID19? Please provide evidence with verified numbers.

  5. The Panic of 1825 / The Panic of 2020: Poyais / Covid-1984
    So began what has been called one of the most brazen confidence tricks in history—the Poyais scheme.
    Poyais Scam Scheme Faux-ci Corona Gate(s) Scam Scheme
    The Biggest Stock Scams of Recent Time

    The Panic of 1825 was a stock market crash that started in the Bank of England, arising out of speculative investments in Latin America, including an imaginary country: Poyais. The crisis was felt most acutely in Britain, where it led to the closure of six London and sixty country banks in England. It was also manifest in the markets of Europe, Latin America and the United States.

    …soon to be listed The Biggest Stock Market and World Take-over Scams of… Ever:
    CO2 carbon scam
    CORONA Covid-1984 WW Plandemic Lockdown and Surveillance Scam

    The Role of AI Technology
    in Plandemic Response and
    Preparedness: Recommended
    Investments and Initiatives
    Rapidly discover and design vaccines and therapeutics. Researchers are leveraging
    AI to create simulations of how the coronavirus might interact with different
    therapeutics and vaccines, vastly accelerating the discovery process by exploring a great
    number of possibilities and narrowing the field of viable candidates. Others are using 34 AI-driven simulations to assess feasibility of repurposing existing drugs as a first step toward treating COVID-19. Additionally, AI can help speed drug and vaccine 35 production by enabling continuous manufacturing processes and digital twins to…

  6. Being controlled by mad humans. A never ending story of humanity. In stead of IQ tests it’s better to develop DQ tests.

  7. Meet the Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI to Profile Americans and Guide US Lockdown Policy
    Diagnostic Robotics’ efforts to predict and monitor entire populations with AI is a potent tool that can be used for many purposes that have little to do with public health. Much like “contact tracing” software that was first justified by the pandemic has subsequently been used to target and track protesters, Diagnostic Robotics’ predictive analytics and “hotspot” maps can be used for the same ends. Given the track record of the national security states of both the U.S. and Israel, such “unofficial” uses of these “digital solutions” to the pandemic are not just speculative, they are guaranteed.

    • Yes exactly. Also meet the lot that developed this thing at the UNC from a bat virus. Nothing a wee bit of gene splicing wont do to fix up a plandemic.

  8. I guess I was lucky this week not getting “counted” as a COVID case… when I went to get an X-ray… they took my temperature which was 100.0 F. The cutoff point they are using is 100.1 F. I was lucky they let me get the X-ray done.

    Mind you, my temp was probably up a bit due to walking a bit of distance from the parking lot to the office… when it was over 100 degrees F out. My forhead was sweating, and that’s where they took the temp. I took my temp again last night after I got home and was in AC for a bit cooling off… and it was all of 97.7, pretty normal for me.

  9. This article makes no sense to me. How does it prove “REAL Reason For Spike in Coronavirus Cases Revealed?”

    What is the real reason?

    Nowhere in this article does it say “the real reason for the increase in Corona virus cases is…

  10. Not wanting to sound callus… but each and every one of us who ever lived will die ONCE, from SOMETHING! And I would to this ALL deaths matter, to someone… whether it is family or friends of the loved one… for those unfortunate souls who die homeless and alone under some bush or in a war that no one else knows they died… well, it matters to them at least.

    * How to understand death data and mortality rates (by the way this basic info is also helpful to understand for a lot of things… including if at some time you see a report claiming excess deaths or high death rates are expected due to “climate change”).

    A better approach to looking at whether or not there is an excess of deaths from covid-19 would be to look at age-adjusted rates and age-specific rates… but I haven’t been seeing those! Those types of death rates allow one to make comparisons of deaths by causes between geographic areas, age groups, sex, or other demographics (in the US they use race and ethnicity rates a lot) … whenever the risk of death is expected to vary by age group. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen age-adjusted rates for covid-19 published once, for Pima County, AZ. Otherwise, I’ve only seen reported either number of deaths, crude death rates, or case-fatality ratios/rates (the later has been referred to as “mortality rates” which is misleading).

    Crude mortality rates (also called crude death rates) are the number of deaths in a given time period divided by the total “midyear” population for that same period (usually multiplied by 100,000 and referred to as “per 100,000 population” which makes it easier to talk and write about). Crude death rates make it possible to compare the death experience in populations that are different sizes (for example, CA vs. RI).

    Case-fatality ratios/rates are the number of deaths from a specific cause divided by the number of reported cases (and I prefer to multiply that by 100 to make it easier to discuss as a percentage). This is a useful tool to make comparisons of the severity of a specific cause of death compared to other causes. For example, see the column for CFR in the table shown in

    … however, I think their discussion what a CFR is compared to mortality rates is a bit misleading because the CFR denominator is the number of reported cases of the disease whereas mortality rates use total population for the denominator and you can see those details if you hover over the words. Not everyone would understand the implications of that intuitively); they aren’t explaining that they are not comparable.

    Age-specific mortality rates are the number of deaths in a given age group divided by the population in that age group, multiplied by 100,000. Those allow you to make valid comparisons of how a particular disease affects different age groups.

    Infant mortality rates are the number of deaths in babies age 1 year or less divided by the number of total live births, by 1,000. This is a better rate to use for infants because the Census does not have up to date information on children under age 1 (i.e. total live births is used in lieu of population from the Census).

    Age-adjusted mortality rates (AAMR) are considered an “index measure” and are by far the most useful type of rate if you are looking at any cause of death that varies by age… which is almost everything. These are calculated by dividing the death and population into age groups, using that data to calculate the age-specific rate (ASR), then multiplying that ASR by a constant called the “standard population” (in the US we currently use the proportion of US total population from 2000 for each age group). The resulting adjusted age-specific rates for each age group are then added together and multiplied by 100,000.

    Age adjusted rates allow you to make valid comparisons of death for populations with have different demographic structures as well as size, for example comparing Florida (which has a lot of older people) to Puerto Rico (which has a much younger age structure).

    For a good example of how these rates are used in public health practice… I refer you to a publication I was involved in writing (I’m Jean Slosek, named on the acknowledgements page v) before I left the Boston Public Health Commission.

    As always, a good report will add information on what data limitations are plus data sources. I personally wrote the sections on demographics and mortality (which included calculating all the data and rates for these sections and preparing the graphics), plus the technical notes and glossary.

    Unfortunately, age-adjusted rates for the entire world are not likely to be reported since everyone would have to agree upon what the standard population to use. You cannot compare an age-adjusted rate for the US which uses the US total Census for 2000 as the “standard population” to age-adjusted rates for England or Italy or any other place, because they would not be using the US Census data for their standard population. However, it would be valid to compare age-adjusted rates for the US by state, since we all use the same method and standard population. Hope this helps!

    • Well said Jean S.,
      It’s NATURE’S way! Any infection could cause a rise in death rates, and more so if the infection is widespread (as in this epidemic), and hits harder a particular demographic and/or those with particular health issues.
      The unknown quantity with COVID19 is will there be an increase in post infection debilitating conditions when the main infection wave is over. Time will tell.

  11. “Most patients are given a steroid shot and antibiotics”
    WTF are they giving antibiotics for a VIRUS disease? No wonder there are superbugs spreading. Super bugs (of the non viral bacterial type) are far worse than this thing ever is.
    Its still allot safer than the Black Death which there was NO survivors if you caught it you were a gonna, even now days it would kill you 100%. PS the Black Death and bubonic plaugue were different diseases as written by an informed source claiming Black Death was actually a Hemorrhagic fever not the one from rat fleas which was a bug. This is often mixed up by historians.

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