Real reason why Gore’s new film flopped – Video

Real reason why Gore’s new film flopped – Video

Bait-and-switch prophecies didn’t come through.

Twice as many screens, yet none of the profits.

Temperatures are lower now than when Gore won his Nobel Prize.

“It’s no longer science, it’s an agenda.”

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this video

5 thoughts on “Real reason why Gore’s new film flopped – Video

  1. when i moved here 11 yrs ago they had inconvenient truth being shown using dvds in a lot of local pubs n halls
    gold coin donation
    oddly not a soul is talking about it OR doing the gorebot minions local support scam anymore;-)
    there woudnt be many willing to go out in the cold n wet either;-) lot of bogged cars n tractors round my way recently.
    and snow is forecast for the grampian ranges as possible again.
    we are a long way to the west of melbourne and their usual high country snow areas. not unheard of but not common.

  2. Lol we had a warm weather warning lol , next day frost in Qld , yes but I am at 1200 feet market 100 km in inland .

    But all over the news watch the elderly for heat related problems. , lol

    There where forecasting 30 plus and 16 minimum.

    And we got frost lol so no warming here in Qld

    Keep upmthe honest fight guys and may the lord be with us in these crazy times ahead

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