Really people, CO2 DOES NOTHING!

“When the Milankovitch cycles and the sun decide it’s time for another glacial period we will not change it regardless if CO2 is 400ppm or 500 or 600 or even a 1,000ppm.”
– Yukon Jack

Really people, CO2 DOES NOTHING!

Yukon Jack

The idea that a trace gas like CO2 can affect the thermodynamics of the planet is laughably insane. What the fools in charge fail to comprehend is that we are in an ice age right now. We never left the ice age, it is just temporarily warm as we are in an interglacial, and at the tail end of the 10,000-year warm period.

The idea that a trace gas is going to change earth’s heat equation is patently false. For instance, if the sun was blotted out for even a couple of weeks the earth would start to freeze, CO2 be damned. Really people, CO2 DOES NOTHING! (besides making plants grow better)

Now you’d might think burning a trillion barrels of oil thus far should of done something to warm the planet, but you’d be wrong. All that heat that went to furnaces, stoves, cars, factories went into the air. So why isn’t the air much warmer? Well every night the heat radiates out to space and is gone forever.

Those air molecules that we warmed our toes by eventually sent their energy right off the earth never to be seen again. The only thing that actually matters is how much sunlight gets to earth during the day, then loss at night and an equilibrium is set up keeping the earth somewhat warm.

I remember one time I was hunting elk horns in Arizona and got lost, when night came the temperature dramatically fell from the 60s to less than freezing. By the time I got to my truck the next morning I thought I was lucky not to have frozen to death that night. The heat during the day just went away out the clear skies. I will never forget that. In the desert at night the stars go horizon to horizon and you are standing on the edge of of dark space.

All that matters is the sun and the water vapor in the air like clouds that keeps the air warm. If you are in desert dry air the heat just radiates away very fast and Co2 does nothing to slow this down or anything. CO2 driven climate change is a hoax, a gigantic hoax that duped the world.

When the Milankovitch cycles and the sun decide it’s time for another glacial period we will not change it regardless if CO2 is 400ppm or 500 or 600 or even a 1,000ppm.

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  1. I love how Humans are so full of themselves they think they can stop the climate changing on a 4 billion year old planet. Our civilization is what, about 5 thousand years old, compare that to 4 billion years and you will see who will outlast who, and who is truly in control.

  2. Thank you for this reminder that the Sun is primary to our survival and CO2 is totally irrelevant to our long term survival. This needs to be said over and over as despite a vast increase in education world wide people are not using their brains. As always, they rely on charlatans selling snake oil to guide their actions.

    • Same with Venus temp at surface, distributed around the planet, +450C! surface pressure 99 bar (about 100 earth atmosphere), CO2 about same as Mars. BUT this is totally predicted by the gas laws NOT CO2 warming as NASA pretends.

  3. People like to toss around ppm – not Yukon Jack – as if they really understand it – and mostly they simply don’t get it.

    400 molecules of CO2 in one million molecules of ordinary air is so trivial it is not worth worrying about – to believe it causes global warming is stupid beyond belief !

    Less than 2 molecules of Methane in one million molecules of ordinary air is 200 times more trivial and it certainly doesn’t justify cowicide !

    Alarmists are either ignorant and stupid or liars.

    This is evidence they are plain liars :-

    “Consider, for example, the International Space Station (ISS).
    Without thermal controls, the temperature of the orbiting Space Station’s Sun-facing side would soar to 250 degrees F (121 C), while thermometers on the dark side would plunge to minus 250 degrees F (-157 C). There might be a comfortable spot somewhere in the middle of the Station, but searching for it wouldn’t be much fun!”

    The ISS orbits every 92 minutes at an altitude of 408 km.

    At 408 km the radiation from Earth is ~211 W/m2 roughly equivalent to ~minus 25°C.

    There can be no argument by alarmists about this because they say the ~240 W/m2 from the atmosphere heats the ground so 211 calculated by the inverse square law must be able to heat the ISS.

    But look at the lies – they expect you to believe ! Supposedly in 46 minutes the ISS cools from 121°C to minus°C and then heats back up in the next 46 minutes to 121°C.

    From 121°C to minus 157°C in 46 minutes is a rate of change of ~363°C per hour.


    The metal fatigue induced by such dramatic changes in temperature would have seen the thing break up years ago.

    NASA lies – what a comedown from its glory days !

  4. Just curious Yukon Jack ,do you have RHD negative blood?
    The reason I ask is that everyone I know who is in a consensus trance and loves to believe the official BS put out by the government, media and PC crowd has RHD positive blood and that general group makes up 85% of the global population. The whole thing might be coincidental but there might be something to it.

    • “Here, we searched for differences in the toxoplasmosis-associated effects between RhD-positive and RhD-negative subjects by testing 502 soldiers with two personality tests and two intelligence tests. … The RhD-positive, Toxoplasma-infected subjects expressed lower while RhD-negative, Toxoplasma-infected subjects expressed higher intelligence than their Toxoplasma-free peers. RhD phenotype plays an important role in the strength and direction of association between latent toxoplasmosis and not only psychomotor performance, but also personality and intelligence.”

    • My mother and my sister are both Rh negative and they are completely naive sheeple beyond repair. I and my father are Rh positive and fully awake. There is no correlation between blood types and state of consciousness.

  5. @Steven Rowlandson

    It’s so hard to tell what commenters mean. For example, although I agree with Yukon Jack that it gets cold in the desert at night, obviously we cannot use that anecdotal evidence to prove or disprove anything.

    So Steve, are you attempting to poke fun at Yukon by providing an example of loose correlation proving nothing, or are you serious?

    I am RHD positive.

    • I am not poking fun at anyone. I am saying that it is my experience that RHD positive people that I know do not believe anything or truth I tell them, they think I am the village idiot until it bites them in the ass. I am a type O negative person. The RHD positive people I know all seem to want to follow the herd and believe as the herd and its leaders do. It is like I am a different species. I literally cannot talk to RHD positive people without them trying to shutdown the conversation more often than not because they can’t tolerate the truth or the subject and it has me suspecting it might be a species or blood type difference.
      Yukon Jack came across as someone not in a consensus trance and was willing to think critically and accept truth as truth. Is that the mark of someone with RHD negative blood or not? Yes or No?

  6. Yukon Jack
    CO2 does do something. It is what plants breathe. If it drops below 140 ppm plants start dying. If plants die we die not very long afterwards. You are right though when it comes to Thermodynamic properties of air CO2 and methane don’t do much. The specific heat equations for air, which is a mixture of gases and calculate the effect of increasing the amount of temperature change going from 400 ppm to 4000 ppm and it is about .3 degrees C at SL on a 55 degree C (131 deg F) day. If you can tell the difference between 131 and 131.54 degrees you are a better man than me. For reference these equations have been used for around 100 years now to successfully design heaters and air conditioners so I do trust them more than “UN Scientists”.

  7. It was -40F in Dawson City Yukon BC last night, now it’s a balmy -9F, I fail to see how increasing a few molecules of a trace gas changes anything. It is humourous though that people living in the big cities think it is getting warmer from CO2, the Yukon is just as cold as it ever was.

    It is also funny that those down lower think the ice is melting at the poles. Dawson City is 64 north latitude, and if it is that cold am I supposed to believe the farther north I go gets warmer and the ice is melting?

    I think those packed like rats in those 5G “smart” cities should be more worried about getting a china virus that kills them off or gets them trapped in their apartment nailed shut by the biohazard police.

    I see on the internets that people are worried about the “feels like” temperature with their daily weather forecasts. Well the feels like temperature up here is feels like frickin freezing ass cold that when I spit it’s frozen by the time it lands in the 4′ of snow.

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