Record Aussie Snow – Video

Record snowfall has hit the Australian state of Victoria, according to Daily Mail Australia.

Although spring has just begun, the coastal city of Lorne and Apollo Bay were flooded with snow on Tuesday, with some houses literally covered with snow. In social networks, many pictures of winter landscapes appeared.

Meanwhile, up to 30 cm of snow fell in the mountain regions, and the temperature dropped to -7.5 ° C.

In Australia there was a record snowfall passed

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3 thoughts on “Record Aussie Snow – Video”

  1. And then we copped it a few days later here. After weeks of NZ media frothing hysterically how ™man-made climate change™ caused Harvey, and then Irma, in our very own backyard for the past 7 days we’ve had blizzards, freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall (over 2 metres in places), road closures and avalanches. Snowboarders and skiers are amped! Urban Greenies are frantically waving their arms and incessantly wailing…

    • I thought it was Anthropogenic Globull Warming? I guess they are covering their arses. Man made globull cooling, snow, hurricanes, earthquakes etc…..

  2. Australia’s spring seems to have frozen to a stall.
    I wonder how the Australian BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) explains this, or maybe they just do the usual and just do not admit it is happening. After-all their thermometers reading are ‘adjusted’ to register no lower than -10°C, regardless of the true temperature.

    See for just how mistaken a government bureau can be.

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