Record-breaking cold in Hong Kong

Farmers report large-scale damages to their crops.


13 Jan 2021 – The temperature plunged below the freezing point in some parts of New Territories this morning, with farmers reporting large scale damages to their crops.

The mercury in Ta Kwu Ling touched 0.9 degrees – the lowest in 33 years since its record began.

The observatory pointed to a phenomenon called “radiative cooling” for the plunge.

Radiation cooling is a maximum cooling of the ground which occurs under clear skies, light winds and dry conditions. In winter, a large temperature difference sometimes exists between the urban area and the New Territories.

Another surge of the winter monsoon will affect Hong Kong early next week, with the weather becoming cold again.

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4 thoughts on “Record-breaking cold in Hong Kong”

  1. Also reports of food shortages starting in China due to earlier flooding. Gotta wonder if China is gonna see a “regime change” soon.

    • Mike, Chinese history is filled with examples of China pulling back from the rest of the World into an isolationist view. They had explored the world long before Columbus and had decided that there was nothing worth interacting with. Also, the Chinese Bureaucrats, the Mandarins, didn’t like it. I wonder if we are close to that again?

  2. meanwhile my state went from near 40c down to under 20c and under 10c nights with possible snow on high hills
    welcome to Victoria(very welcome to it frankly)

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