Record-breaking cold in northern Minnesota

6 Sep 2018 — The  temperature plunged to 28°F (-2°C) in International Falls this morning, breaking the previous record for the date of 31°F (-0.5°C). It fell to 29°F (-1.6°C) in Hibbing, breaking the previous low of 33°F (0.5°C).

Hardest hit was the tiny community of Robinson, where the mercury fell to 24°F (-4.5°C).

Thanks to Vance and Benjamin Napier for this link

5 thoughts on “Record-breaking cold in northern Minnesota”

  1. ?? what?
    or is it coldest for time of year?
    they get snow which my area doesnt and yet we have temps not far off that as expected normal winter, Melbourne the states capital had 12c this am at 9am news so it was cooler out here in the rural sticks for sure. rather cold now at 8c and dropping but you can go out in a flannel shirt(briefly) 😉 to feed chooks n get wood in

  2. Is International Falls anywhere near Frostbite Falls? I am a bit worried about Bullwinkle and Rocky. They must be fairly old by now and and older folks seem to have problems with temperature extremes. Not so much worried about Boris and Natasha, though. They are Russians, so are probably inured to extreme cold.

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