Ireland – Coldest August night on record

Breaks record for the entire month of August.

A new record for the coldest August night was set on the night of 23rd/24th August for Northern Ireland.

The Met Office said temperatures plunged to a bone-chilling -1.9C (28.6F) at Katesbridge, Co Down, beating the previous record of -1.1C at Loughermore Forest in 1964.

Note: This wasn’t just the coldest in Katesbridge, it was the coldest on record across all of Northern Ireland.;storyid=6108;sess=

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  1. If it were not for what remains of the Gulf Stream current the peoples of North West Europe would get a cold reminder about how far north they really are.

  2. I live fairly close to Katesbridge and it was very cold; today Northern Ireland felt like early October (you can ignore the rain; the differences between summer rain and winter rain are the temperature, and the angle at which rain falls)

  3. Winter Is Coming: 1,097 Record Low Temperatures Broken So Far In August.

    Cold Summer: 1,025 Record Lows in First Three Weeks of August. NOAA — 1025 Low Max Records Broken From Aug 1 to Aug 21. Some records Smashed by 16F.
    A “Low Max” means that the maximum temperatures for the day was the lowest it has ever been.
    This indicates daytime cooling.

  4. The Atlantic thermo hyaline conveyer has for all practical purposes stopped? Has it not? We have a little hysteresis in here (warmth left) before the little ice age sets in full swing. The popcorn is in the oven, put your feet up and enjoy the show.

  5. Did the thermohaline current in the Atlantic stop for sure? I thought it was just conjecture… If it did Northwest Europe is on borrowed time just wait for all that heat that is currently in the ocean fizzle out which it will when the AMO switches to cold….Without that current Northern Europe is in the icebox and the increased albedo from extra ice in Europe will cause lower temperatures on the rest of the Northern Hemisphere above say 40N or if you are from the US the same latitude as Long Island….its happened before

    • I’m not sure of the outcome but I had read the Atlantic was going into Negative Atlantic Oscillation (NAO).

    • I can tell you that up through late July 2014 that on most days the air temperature at the beaches on the Jersey Shore were 10F – 15F colder than the air temps inland in central NJ. This was due to unusually cold water temps.

  6. Well since we are on the subject of a cooling Europe I have found a quite contrarian view of what most of us think when we talk about the thermohaline process in the Atlantic and its influence on climate…I have no idea what to think about this yet I have just read it…I believe the paper under estimates the ocean’s influence but you tell me what ya think I thought it was interesting anyway

  7. I appreciate this site Very much, however, some of the comments here are being as self-righteous and doom and gloom as the GBWCC supporters at the other end of the scale…

    Let’s keep the bar high please.

  8. Definitely cold here in Ireland. Have been at several evening hurling games and after the games each night my hands are purple from the chilling breeze. Temperatures are running 1.5c below normal in south central Ireland this August.

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